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FAST & POWERFUL with new formula & SPRAY gun


• For automatic choke, linkage, throat, PVC valve, intake valve & combustion chamber; also for engine surface, spare parts and can be used during engine overhaul to remove sludge, grease, gum, varnish & carbon.


• Improves engine performance & acceleration, reduces fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions. Recommended for use once every 5,000 to 6,000 km.


• CFC-Free - Ozone Friendly

Note: Be careful! Strong liquid. Do not spill on painted surface, rubber or certain plastics. Immediately wipe to dry if spilled & rinse thoroughly with water.



How to use:

1. Carburetor & linkage: with engine turned off, remove air filter & spray entire carburetor\'s outer surface, including rod & choke linkage. Leave for about 1 minute, then repeat spraying to rinse off all dirt, grease & deposit.


2. Automatic choke: with engine turned off, spray both ends of choke valve while opening & closing by hand. Spray vacuum cylinder to remove dirt & gums.


3. PCV valve: with engine turned off, remove PCV valve at the crankcase end, insert tip of can into the open end of the valve and spray while moving the valve. Start engine & repeat spraying to clean off all dirt.


4. Carburetor throat & throttle plate: with engine running, spray all inner parts of carburetor throat to remove adhered deposit/dirt within throttle plate area & other parts.

It is recommended to work out the cleaning process in an open and well ventilated area. Avoid contact with painted surfaces, rubber, plastics or car body. If contact occurs, imme­diately wipe with clean & dry cloth. During application, it is normal if the engine turns unstable and there’s white smoke coming out from the exhaust.


Packaging: 500 ml Aerosol Can

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