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Keyword "organic fertilizer production process"
 Organic fertilizer ferment process and equipment features: Organic fertilizer ferment process and equipment features:

Organic fertilizer making process and equipment features:
Organic fertilizer ferment flow process:
Organic fertilizer production process main used to uniform mix organic solid waste and accessories(plant stalks) with low than 60% water content, microbial fermentation agents, etc. Through aerobic continuous fermentation tank make it completely maturity, sterilization, deodorant, dewater. After maturity, material water content generally at the range of 30-35%, after magnetic separating can be directly used for granulating produce ball shape organic fertilizer, or through next step dry production powder organic material.
Organic fertilizer making machine features:
1. Organic fertilizer making machine for sale with widely raw material adaptable: suitable for ferment animal manure, sugar filter mud, urban slurry, paper making slurry, distiller's grains, straw and other coarse fiber organic waste with 30% water content directly granulating, can produce ball shape granule purity organic fertilizer, organic&inorganic fertilizer, biomass organic fertilizer, etc.
2. Organic fertilizer making equipment with high balling rate and biological bacteria survival rate: new process can make balling rate as high as 90-95%.
3. Organic fertilizer making plant made in china has features of short process, low cost, this process selected organic material no need drying, crushing and other pre-treatment, short process, low cost.
4.Organic raw material after ferment water content at about 30%, if adopt pan granulator or drum granulator and other traditional granulating process, you should make sure the organic material with low than 13% humidity, size more than 80 mesh and organic material content can't more than 30%.

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