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Keyword "oils"
Volga-Dnepr Gulf(05/19/2013)

 Volga-Dnepr Gulf is a supplier of spare parts and consumables for both

Russian and Western aircraft. All the items are duly certified
with quality certificates issued by the manufacturer. On-request
purchases are also available. We sell the following products:
 oils and grease by leading worldwide brands (NYCO, BP,
Exxon Mobil, Skydrol)
 aviation wheels and tires for different types of aircraft
(Russian and Western-made)
 brakes and brake discs for different types of aircraft (Russian and Westernmade)
 emergency equipment (life rafts and vests)
 accumulator batteries (HBL, Varta, Saft, and Russian-made batteries)
 rubber goods and fasteners

Volga-Dnepr Gulf [United Arab Emirates]
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[Related Keywords: Tyres, lubricants, oils, Russian-made aircraft spare parts ]

Foudatrading.inc is a holding company, which engages in the production of agro products and renewable energy. It operates in the following businesses: Farming; Sugar, Ethanol, and Energy; and Land Transformation. It is subdivided into the following business areas: Crops, Rice, Dairy, Coffee, and Cattle. The Crops business area provides a range of agricultural commodities, which includes grains, oilseeds, and fibers. The Rice business area involves a rice operation, which produces rough rice. The Dairy business area comprises the production and sale of raw milk. The Coffee business area includes the cultivation and production of coffee. The Cattle business area consists of the purchasing and fattening of beef cattle for sale to meat processors. The Sugar, Ethanol, and Energy business involves the cultivation and harvest of sugar cane, which is processed to produce sugar, ethanol, and electric energy. The Land Transformation business includes the acquisition and transformation of underdeveloped or underutilized farmlands for productive capabilities

foudatrading.inc [Gabon]
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[Related Keywords: oils, Beans, POWDERS, Logs ]
Gorens Negocios, Scp.(09/27/2011)

Gorens Negocios is a Spanish trading company with his office in Spain; we are active in import and export worldwide of vegetables, fruits, oils, beverages, cereals, coir products, woods, solid minerals and metals. Working with our partners since 2007, and has built up a consistently solid reputation among EU, U.S, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Middle East and China.

Gorens Negocios, Scp. [Spain]
[Related Categories: Agriculture Product Stocks, Beverages ]
[Related Keywords: vegetables, fruits, oils, Beverages, Cereals, coir products, Woods, crude oil, solid minerals and metals. ]
Lidest Agricultural Trading Co(08/28/2011)

Lidest Agriculture Trading Company Limited ® 100% Cameroonian Owned registered  was established in 1993 for the first time in North West Province by Alhadji Musa Ndawara The Founder of this company after succeeded during four years in that province, then we decide that we should increase network of our activities in all of our country, In 1998 our company transfer to Capital and we started our new business in the Ndop plains with full services for our beloved & main economy pillar of our Country “FARMERS" .Lidest Agricultural Trading Co. Ltd is committed to provide economical strategy to agricultural growth (Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Rotenticides),Livestock, Honey Bee, Aqua culture, Agriculture Machinery, Laboratory Equipments, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Agro-Consultancy Services, Nursery Farm Services, Saplings Services, Under Ground Fresh fruit stocking, Warehousing System Giertsen Norwegian, etc firm powered by strong network of PhD, BBA, B.com holders & providing a full range of A-Z services in Agriculture sector, Consultation and has a successful track record of delivering project on- time within budget with state of art-Agriculture solutions that meet your needs.

Lidest Agricultural Trading Co [Cameroon]
[Related Categories: Beans, Grain, Agriculture Products Processing, Plant Seeds ]
[Related Keywords: Beans, grains, oils, peas, kernels etc ]
DAE-A CO, LTD(08/17/2011)

DAE- A CO., LTD is a leading South Korean Direct Wholesale Supplier, located in Busan, Korea created to represent Korean manufacturers in the automotive batteries, tires and motor oils industries in the International Market.
Our strong industry partnerships and relationships with logistics providers, have enabled us to keep costs to a minimum, respond to industry needs, support developing trends, and simplify complex business models and proudly offer the most competitive prices in the market today.


QUICK SUPPLIES  Due to it’s goodwill along with long-term strong industry partnerships our company enjoys the highest Factory Priority Codes with it's orders being of top priority for partner factories. (Within a short period of 7 to 10 days after payment and upon completence of associated paperwork, the goods will have been loaded on board the ship.
TOTAL EXCLUSIVENESS Upon signing the Dealer Contract a dealer is granted an exclusive right to solely distribute Premium Class automotive batteries under the trade name SUPER PRESIDENT within the assigned dealer territory.
100% QUALITY GUARANTEE All products are guaranteed for top quality and performance by Kumho, South Korea's seventh-largest conglomerate.
NUMEROUS PROMO-SPECIALTIES We also support our dealers with the unmatched variety of promo materials and advertising items. From inexpensive giveaways (like pens, posters, catalogs, flyers, calendars, stickers and plastic key tags) to expensive high-quality acid resistant protective clothng and accessories for techinical staff (such as acid resistant two-piece suits, aprons,  gauntlet type gloves, safety glasses e.t.c) and embroidered corporate apparel for shop staff (such as printed hats and T-shirts).

DAE-A CO, LTD [Korea]
[Related Categories: Auto Batteries, Wheel & Tire Parts, Lubricant ]
[Related Keywords: Lead acid sealed MF and AGM batteries, tires, oils, lubricants ]
Sunrise Exports International(07/22/2011)
To    The Purchase Deppt
Dear sir/mam                                    
           Export offer of Cullinary Herbs & Spices From India





     We are Pleased to inform you that We are dealing in Export of Cullinary Herbs,Herbs Extracts,SPICES,SEEDS,Essential Oils,Flavours, Dried Flowers and All Agricultural Commodities(Sesame seeds,Flax seeds,Mustardseeds,Cottonseeds,Corn,Sorghum,Millet,Wheat,Soyabeans,Top Quality Indian Basmati Rice) Herbs are Mainly Used in Ayurvedic Medicines,Cosmetics,Pharmaceuticals & Spices are commonly used in Preparation of Delicious Foods with Enchanting Aroma..
On Receipt of yours Query we shall send you full range of Products list & Price List

Sunrise Exports International [India]
[Related Categories: Agriculture Product Stocks ]
[Related Keywords: Herbs, spices, oils, Seeds, Extracts, agro Commodities ]