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Keyword "oil lubricator"

WIRATAMA MITRA ABADI is a national company that was founded in 2004 committed to providing services industry into the world in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of in accordance with the field we have. 
PT. Wiratama Mitra Abadi supported by staff with dedication and responsibility as well as high consistency world ready to help maintain smooth production industry through the work of overhauling, installation, maintenance, machinning, fabrication and modification. 
In connection with the passage of time and experience in the world of manufacturing industry, PT Wiratama Mitra Abadi lasting many limitations to meet the purchasing department for procurement of spare parts production machinery or other equipment. This is caused by the lack of a distributor or agent in Indonesia or indent is too long and the lack of knowledge about the techniques and equipment spare parts the engine. 
With a background in engineering and purchasing network controlled or directly import to europe, america, japan, korea and china PT. Wiratama Mitra Abadi since 2007 has helped many customers in the procurement of various spare parts and equipment as well as good production machine with rupiah currency, the euro, the yen and the dollar. Procurement of machinery and equipment parts such as Flow measurement, level sensor, gas analyzer, industrial connector, Oil skimmer, PLC, Sesnor, Clutch and brake, Servo, Bearing, hydraulic,  pneumatic, flow meters and others.

Wiratama [Indonesia]
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Wiratama Mitra Abadi(10/22/2010)

PT. WIRATAMA MITRA ABADI is company who are supported by experienced, trained, dedicated staff and also well established workshop to help industrial world in order to improve efficiency and productivity through Modification, Recondition, Over Haul, Improvement and Technical supply.

PT. WIRATAMA MITRA ABADI which has experienced and high skilled staff is supposed to participate in helping in realizing it into line of business such as : 


Flow Meter, Hydraulic Parts,  Oil Skimmer, Heavy Duty Connector, Gas analyzer,  Hydraulic Seal, Pneumatic parts, Cylinder, Seal Kit, Level control, Reflex Sensor, UPS, Spiral Bavel Gear, Clutch and Brake, Linning clutch, Belt Skimmer, Floating Oil Skimmer, Hydraulic Breaker, Hydraulic Hammer, Precission Bearing, Quick die Change, Hydraulic dies clamp, Pneumatic Gear Motor, Air Motor, Oil cooler,  Fan Blower, Axial Blower, Index units, Stepping Motor, Connector Harting, Connector Nanaboshi, Position gate, Portable Flow Meter, Ultrasonic sensor, Lubricating Pump, Diaphragm Pump, Etc

II. WORKSHOP ( Improvement, Repair, Modification and Manufacture) 

Jig & Fixtur, Dies Expander, Gear, Punch, Stamp Holder, Stamp Marking, Ejector Pin, ShearBalde, Cutting Angle, Isolator Hanger, Spot Pin, Mould, Taper Jig, Cones, Bushing, Cylinder Hydraulic, Pulley, Flange, Fitting, Shaft, Cam Slider, Shuttle Roller, Driven Roller, Bracket, etc
Hard Chrome : Crank Shaft, Rod & Tube Hydraulic, Roll Met, Alumunium, Linner, Moulding, Dies, Shaft, Screw, Jig, Stainless Steel, Rel Guide, Beading Roll, Pin Core, aksesoris, etc


Mechanical Press MAchine, Hydraulic Press MAchine, Expander, Die Casting Machine, Forging Press, Roller, Sprue Cutting, Chiller, AC Central, Screw Compressor, Drill Multi Machine, Conveyor, Shot Blasting, Boiler, Gear Box, Pump, Hydrant.


yor, Tank, Piping, Trolley, Rack, Conveyor, Canopy, Box, Table, Gate, dll

To achieve the company purpose, PT. WIRATAMA MITRA ABADI will always develop and expand cooperation with other party, through work mechanism which is supports eachother, and commitment to develop and to give satisfaction to costumers and our partners.


Wiratama Mitra Abadi [Indonesia]
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