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Keyword "oil color restoration"

GlobeCore GmbH is the leading European creator of environmental friendly Oil Processing Technology which allows eliminating hazardous waste. The GlobeCore’s regeneration technology can be applied by oil re-refineries, fuel production companies, oil storing depots and other companies which are engaged in oil and fuel issues. As result of investigations provided by our team of engineers, we created state-of-the art technologies for mineral oil regeneration.  The GlobeCore’s equipment is suitable for almost all types of mineral oils/fuels (transformer oil, industrial oil, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, gas condensate etc).

Today’s environmental regulations require from oil companies to be “green”. GlobeCore GmbH had developed the solution for reducing your extra charges for waste mineral oil disposal – UVR and CMM-R systems. These units will help to clean the waste mineral oil from mechanical impurities, acidity, moisture, sulphur, improve the color, increase tan delta etc.

The unique character of CMM-R machine is the mode of sorbent reactivation which can be repeatedly used over 300 times. CMM-R units were designed for transformer oil regeneration while UVR units can be applied for complete regeneration of almost all mineral oils and fuels. GlobeCore’s equipment gives a lot of benefits for our customers. These benefits include: lifetime extension of the mineral oil and oil filled mechanisms, reducing manual labor and maintenance costs, reducing the costs for hazardous waste disposal and others.

Based in Germany, GlobeCore GmbH had developed the presence at other countries. We have affiliated companies in the USA, UAE, South Africa, Russia etc. But we are very interested in developing and selling GlobeCore’s products to the APAC region.

To get more information you can visit our web-pages www.fuelcleaning.globecore.com, www.blending.globecore.com, www.biodiesel.globecore.com or contact us via e-mail: energie@globecore.de

GlobeCoreGmbH [Germany]
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