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 We make superior and diverse copier staples We make superior and diverse copier staples

 Follow the process of high-technology, most photocopiers which own the finisher possesses the
function to staple all papers into a book. We call this consumptive product as copier staples or
staples cartridge, it is one of important and required product to photocopier nowadays.

Copier staples or staples cartridge are very precision products which are not easy to make it.
However, we, TEW Industry Co., Ltd. developed this successfully in 2005 and have been selling
and exporting them to worldwide. The quality level has been approved by foreign buyers and got
the qualification that the quality same as some famous brands like Max, Swinglineand Kangaro.

Our copier staples or staples cartridge have diverse specifications and can fit to most photocopiers.
If you are interest in knowing which staples should be applied to your current photocopier, please
send your inquiry to us. 

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Sell glass bead projection screen Sell glass bead projection screen
Electric motorized projection screen
1). Trendy and elegant color selection: The aluminum alloy casing is simple and the trendy design.
2). Easy installation: The installation is easy and user-friendly. The versatile design gives the user the choice of either a ceiling installation or wall mount. Once installed, it remains
3). Top-quality motor: Equipped with the world-renowned power motor made by Somfy System. It is quiet, secure, and precise.
4).Resolution: Originated in the USA, the matte white material provide different brightness and viewing ranges, flexible to suit every setting. The matte white allows a wider view range and soft colors.
5). Smooth surface:Our screens are made with American fiberglass materials, allowing only a 1% contraction, compared to a contraction of 33% on other screens. This allows the fiberglass screens to remain smooth, hold its shape, and last longer.
ii ). Electric Screen detailed parameters Details:
1).Synchronous or tubular motor runs quietly, and equipped thermal protection system in order to last using time of motor. Aluminum or steel white color or black color case for choosing, beautiful housing.
2).Very good quality fabric, matte white or glass beaded or video fabric, high gain,which can let you enjoy clear and vivid picture on the screen.
3). Wireless remote controller is optional, and changes the traditional way, which makes operation is easy.
4). Gain: Glass beaded (2.5), matte white (1.1)
5).View angle: Glass beaded (35 degrees), matte white (55 degrees)
6). Size: 60-300inchs, we can produce according to your demands
7).Motor style: 110-240VAC 50/60Hz, synchronous motor or tubular motor.
8).Packing: 1pc/ctn ; Outer packing: Carton
9).Different Sizes Available.
Manual Screen:
1).Self lock: Advanced self-locking system is easy to use. Pull down to the appropriate height, hold for 3 seconds, and release. The screen will stay at the desired spot. 
2). Resolution: The matte white material is provided with different brightness and viewing ranges. The matte white allows a wider view range and soft colors.
3). Wrinkle-free: Normal manual screens get creased when being retracted back into the casing because the spring system keeps pulling the screen tighter against the metal casing. Our system prevents this and our screens are always wrinkle-free.
4).Safety assurance: Some manual screens have locking systems that secure screens into place but do not have speed-reducing mechanisms. Screens may retract too fast and damage both screen and casing. It may cause rips in the screens or the bottom bar to detach. In more serious cases, the whole screen may fall. Our series are equipped to control both the speed and self-lock, which prevents damage to screen and casing.
5). 1: 1 ratio (max. 244 x 244mm)
tr ipod projection screen:
Outer packing: Standard export double carton
1). Highly bright matt white screen
2). With a gain of more than 1. 0
3). High contrast and resolution
4).Excellent vision effect
5).Wide viewing angle and soft light
6).No visual fatigue after long time use
7).Screen surface is free of smell and suitable for air conditioning area
8).Professional tripod screen with super quality is safe to use and durable
9). The operation is flexible and the height of screen can be adjusted, as needed by using unique tripod connection and lock devices.
10). Can be put in any location and used for many times
11). Standard black border
12). Fabric: matte white and glass bead
Portable screen£º
1). The exterior is made with lightweight aluminum alloy that is easy to carry. The surface is specially treated for a sophisticated look. The spring system allows safe use. The screen is well protected in the casing, delivering high-quality images, each time. The stand is adjustable for a desired height, and the tripod can be folded up for easy carrying and transportation. Everything can be folded up into a compact package that is easy to assemble.
2). Light weight: The design is compact and lightweight, ideal for a portable unit. Even though the screen is 80 inches, it only weights approximately 6kg.
3). Smooth surface: Our screens are made with American fiberglass materials allowing only a 1% contraction, compared to a contraction of 33% on other screens. This allows the fiberglass screens to remain smooth and last longer.
Following is projector ceiling mount Specifications:
Positioning lock-up design
Made of high-quality aluminum, durable and reliable
Loading capacity: 25kg
Easy to adjust clutch length and angle
Compatible with over 90 percent of projectors in the market
No adaptive plate to cause ventilation problems
Safe and convenient in cable management
Adjustable height: 43 cm-65 cm
Arm length option (standard length): 30cm-53cm
Color: White
Caution: Keep installation balanced and secured Installation temperature must be between -10 degrees and +40 degrees C, while the relative humidity must be less than 95 percent Keep clean of corrosive gases and dust
Warranty: 12 months
In retail packaging
Standard Certification:RoHS, CE
Export Carton:
1 unit per carton
Size: 32x12x6 cm
Weight: 1.6 kgs
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