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Keyword "non-ferrous metals"
Noor Metal International Co.,(P).Ltd(06/11/2014)

Noor Metal International Co is one of the main leading exporter and importer of all kinds of Non-Ferrous Metals In Iran and Middle East.

Noor Metal is established by Mr. Hokmollah Noori in 1975 year.

At the moment, Noor Metal Intentional Co has 3 warehouses in Tehran and Qom and a building for marketing ,exports and imports purposes with motivated and responsible staff.

Noor Metal International provides primary and secondary Copper Ingots, Pure / Refined Lead Ingots with 99.98 and 99.985% Pb purities, Antimony Lead Ingots with various SB content, Remelted Lead Ingots with 97 and 98% Pb content, Primary Zinc Ingots with grades 99.95% , 99.96% and 99.97% Zn, Stainless Steel Scrap with series 300 specially ( 304 and 316 ).

Noor Metal International Co.,(P).Ltd [Iran]
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Hangzhou Zhuokai Metal Co., Ltd(08/29/2012)

Hangzhou Zhuokai Metal Co.,Ltd is a complex enterprise which integrates production, research and development, marketing. Mainly products like Non-ferrous Metals Materials, Rare Earth Materials, Chemical Raw Materials and so on. 

Hangzhou Zhuokai Metal Co., Ltd [China]
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Hengjin Group (holding) Co.Ltd(10/12/2011)

HengJin group (holding) Co., LTD, is a professional production of non-ferrous metal and chemical raw materials of large companies limited by shares. The company has set up the right market orientation and management idea, the good enterprise image and reputation, and has won the general customers approval.

HengJin group (holding) Co., LTD, has passed the ISO9001/2000 quality certification system. After a long hard, forming a professional production, copper ingot,aluminium ingot ,zinc ingot, lead ingot and  the organic and inorganic chemical raw materials and the joint stock limited company.

HengJin group (holding) Co., LTD.  Beijing, shijiazhuang, tianjin has large city sales...... society Office, our products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions including the United States, Australia, Arab, Europe etc.

Hengjin Group (holding) Co.Ltd [China]
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