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FoshanQiruideAdditivesCOLTD [China]
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BaojiZhipuNonFerrousMetalsProcessingCoLtd [China]
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Baoji Hong Ya Da Nonferrous metal materials Co., ltd is a integrated enterprise, which specializing in processing, marketing and distributing titanium, nickel, zirconium,tungsten, molybdenum,tantalum, niobium materials and other nonferrous metals in forms of plate, bar, tube, wire, pipe fittings and so on. 

BaojiHongYaDaNonferrousMetalMaterialsCo [China]
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Sunny Elite Industrial Limited (03/24/2014)

 Our factory is located in Luoyang, which had ever been capitals of nine dynasties of ancient China. We have experienced technical engineers,skilled workers, advanced equipment,and strict quality control system.

The molybdenum and tungsten products we provide include rods, bars, plates, sheets, foils, tubes, wires, disks, boats,targets, electrodes, crucibles and other fabricated parts.They are widely used in many fields such as thermal field, Vacuum Coating,Solar, Sapphire crystal , Optoelectronics, Semiconductor, Special ceramic,Illumination, Mechanical components, Glass, Glass fiber,Fire-resistant fiber, Rare metal smelting and Industrial furnace.
High quality, prompt delivery, competitive price, and excellent service are always our principle. Through our efforts during the past years,we have built good relations with many customers from different countries, such as USA, Canada, Australia,UK, Germany,France, Japan and Malaysia, etc.

Sunny Elite Industrial Limited [China]
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Baoji Dongyang Metal Co.,Ltd.(11/18/2013)

Dongyang Metal Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest motivated non-ferrous metal fabricators and exporters in China. We specialize in Titanium ,Nickel, Tungsten , Molybdenum material and Non-standard equipment for more than eight years. They are widely applied in the fields of chlorine alkali, pure alkali, salt manufacturing in vacuum, heat exchanges, boilers, condensers, evaporators, oil and gas, chemical-petrochemical processing, marine, thermal processing, offshores, pharmaceutical, architectural, medical instruments, medication sports equipments, bicycles as per the technical standards of ASTM or ASME.


We have a young, snappy and innovative team and the advantaged predominance of region, material and scientific research. We have 15 senior engineers ,11 technicians and more than hundreds of employees. The company covers 6,000 sq.m include 3,500sq.m construction area. production of Titanium, Nickel, Tungsten, Molybdenum materials amounted to 1,200 tons.The company offers comprehensive range of superior quality product made of finest material,competitive price with credible quality for you. All our material has full traceablity and is rigorously checked by our quality department. We have passed ISO9001:2000 certificate.


Whatever your requirements , we are keen to provide you with the highest standards of quality and service and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Baoji Dongyang Metal Co.,Ltd. [China]
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[Related Keywords: tungsten products, Tantalum, Molybdenum, nickel, titanium ]
Wowtech Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.(03/21/2013)
Since we can supply and be strong in Titanium and Nickel Based alloys products, I am writing hereinafter the details of our company to introduce Wowtech Titanium as your business partner and one-stop supplier for these products.
We major in Titanium business.

Wowtech Titanium Co., Ltd is a leading stockist and distributor for CP and alloyed Titanium products as well as Nickel-based alloys products.
We stock and distribute sheet/plate, bar/rod, tubing/piping and forging according to ASTM, AMS, DIN, BS, ISO etc. world-wide recognized standards.
As a BV certified AS9120B company, we provide top quality materials to out customers in aerospace and military industry with professional service and guaranteed satisfaction.
Our most advantage is the short lead time for all Titanium order and the most favorable prices.
Relying on our well-established sourcing network and proficiency we are able to support you with short lead-time, competitive price and top quality according to international standards.
We equip ourselves with the most efficient service tools.
1. You can track your orders' status from our interactive web-site.
2. ERP system provides accurate information and real-time data.
3. Delay Shipment Recovering Fund allows us to ship the late shipments by air instead of by sea to you at our cost and turn the late shipments to be on time.
4. Replacement will be made at our cost if our products fail the contract quality requirement.

Wowtech Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. [China]
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Enviro Waste Partners LLC(08/03/2012)

 Enviro Waste Partners was established 2011.  Our areas of focus including Iron Ore, Copper, NIckel, Metal Scraps & HDPE.

Enviro Waste Partners LLC [United States]
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[Related Keywords: iron ore, COPPER, nickel, metal scraps, HDPE ]
Loh Recycle Enterprise(11/07/2011)

Established in 2001, Loh Recycle Enterprise is a leading trading company specialized in collecting, processing and distributing recycled materials to worldwide markets.  Renowned for competitive product offerings, quality management and total customer satisfaction, Loh Recycle has been earning a well-known reputation and industry recognition over the years.  

With 20,000 sqm of factory area, advanced machineries and equipment, a team of experienced, professional and dedicated workforce, we are specialized in collecting a wide range of industrial scraps including ferrous metal scrap (steel, stainless steel, iron), nonferrous metal scrap (aluminium, brass, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, antimony, alloys), plastic scrap (ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PBT, PC, PE, PET, PP, PU, PVB, PVC, TPU), waste paper, electrical and electronic waste, processing them into reusable materials and reselling to customers.  Loh Recycle is a reputable recycler in Malaysia partnering with various leading organizations including agents, exporters, sizeable corporations, associations and government bodies (eg.Manjung Municipal Council), etc.  With strong logistics, expertise and investment, we have been standing at the forefront of the recycling industry in Malaysia handling more than a million tons of recyclable materials each year. 

We have devoted ourselves to recycling industry, gaining valuable experience over the years and making us a professional in the industry.  We are committed to delivering the best products and services to our customers.  Such commitment, dedication and professionalism, which enables us to make great strides in quality management and service enhancement over the years, will continue to lead Loh Recycle to a greater success in future.

By selecting Loh Recycle, you will gain unparalleled competitive advantages with our competitive product offerings, superior quality management and customer services

Loh Recycle, Your Recycle Business Partner!

We are delighted to provide more details about our products and services to you, please free feel to contact us.

Loh Recycle Enterprise
Office Address:  Lot 3363, Kampung Cina, Pantai Remis, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel:  +6014-3434899 / +6016-5530651
alan4888@hotmail.com / lohrecycle@hotmail.com
Website:  http://www.lohrecycle.weebly.com

Loh Recycle Enterprise [Malaysia]
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Joint Trade Development(10/22/2011)

Joint Trade  Development (JTD) internaionals mission is grounded its values. Its our beliefs that teamworks makes the dream work

Joint Trade Development [Philippines]
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[Related Keywords: Hms 1 &2, USED RAILS, iron ore, nickel ]


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Baoji Rare Titanium-Nickel Co., LTD(04/12/2011)

Baoji Rare Titanium-Nickel Co., LTD is a professional alloy manufacturer, providing various products such as precision & expansion alloy, high-resistant electrothermal alloy, high temperature alloy, and heat-resistant alloy. Our leading products are Kovar, Invar 36, Alloy 42, Alloy 52, 33Ni-Fe and other related products. They are manufactured in accordance with strict production standard and requirement, and have passed rigorous factory test. Therefore, they are widely used to many areas such as aviation, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemicals, and high-energy industries.

Baoji Rare Titanium-Nickel Co., LTD [China]
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[Related Keywords: nickel, alloy 52, alloy 36, alloy 42, Invar, Kovar ]
Alianca Export(03/20/2011)

We are a trader of Iron Ore, Copper Cathode, Gold, Diamond, and buyer too.

We are totally focused on international business, import and export of manufactured goods and raw materials for industries in general.

We work with partners in strategic sectors to enable all operations, and satisfy our customer\'s satisfaction with the end.

Alianca Export [Brazil]
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RG Coal Associates(04/21/2011)


RG Coal Associates can PROVIDE and POTENTIAL BUSINESS in Indonesia Coal businesses.

At the same time, We are inviting to cooperation, develop and operate a new small coal mine in Indonesia with us. If required big area, like coal, Interest parties wish to join us are welcome for further discussion in Singapore.

We ready and able to offer business collaboration with your company or Individual, Its affiliation or its parent company, in MINING SECTORS in and within the mineral location area in Indonesia. Subject to your organization capability, investment size for coal mine business or other related mineral products.

If you not a Coal Exploration& Production Company. NO PROBLEM, If you have a good connection with them. can recommend to us.  Or you also can proposal to join us, start with new small coal mine.


You can write to rgdirect@gmail.com OR Can call me at is no: \"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\" (65) 90033913

RG Coal Associates [Singapore]
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