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Keyword "military"

We Alpha Defence & Security Co., is developing cutting edge equipment in order to counter against various dangerous tasks and illegal conducts which threats safety of the national security. 

Attack by terrorists, criminals, cranks or pranksters, to cause death, injury, damage or inconvenience for the purposes furthering of political ends, publicity, revenge, extortion or mischief. 

We are supplying homeland security gears for Military, Police , EOD Squads and Rescue Forces to achieve fruitful out comes and protect the citizen national wide.

AlphaDefence [Korea]
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China Xinxing Guangzhou Import & Export Corporation(08/07/2014)

Reliable quality, perfect ballistic performance, comfortable wearing, and more safety;                                                                                                                                                                                    
Good chemical resistance, high heat resistance, negative heat expansion;                                                                                                        
Outstanding properties of holding up the high speed bullets from semi-automatic machine pistol, submachine gun and light scatter-gun;                                                                                                                                        
Advanced performances such as decreasing harmful menace from the excessive impact, angular shoot, blunt injury and so on;    

China Xinxing Guangzhou Import & Export Corporation [China]
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INTIMEX and TRADING(07/11/2011)


    1. Company History


INTIMEX & TRADING, a Sole Proprietorship Import & Export Based Trading Company was formed in the year 2010.


    1. What the company does


Basically the Company carries out its import & export trading to support wholesalers, corporate purchase, local market deficiency and export of own country origin products to and from the globe.


  1. Strategy


    1. Vision statement


To be number one choice in the market as Indenter, Importer, Export agent & Trading house.


    1. Mission statement


Be financially viable as Trading company and gain 80% preference in the market.


    1. Business strategy


Over the next 10 years the company should be integrated with following diversifications which are not limited to:

1.    Solar Energy re-using high quality media industry.

2.    Nano-Technology based industry.

3.    Most modern Packaging industry.

4.    Agro based advance technology proving industry


INTIMEX and TRADING [Bangladesh]
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