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Pre-passivated aluminum plate and oxidized aluminum plate Pre-passivated aluminum plate and oxidized aluminum plate

With more and more usage of imported Titanium-Zinc Plate, the people have to face one problem: Titanium-Zinc is very expensive and has a long time of delivery period.

Our company adopts special technology to do pre-passivated treatment on the surface of aluminum plate so as to form strong and dense protection layer and prevent outside oxides and lining aluminum from further reaction and extend the usage life of aluminum(4 times as spray-painted face of aluminum plate). The most important is that the plate effect of pre-passivated aluminum plate has already been up to the imported titanium-zinc plate effect from the visual perspective, which solves the difficult problems that the developers and designers not only desire to achieve beautiful surface effect as imported titanium-zinc plate, but save the costs.


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oxide copper plate (coppery,bronze,patina.) oxide copper plate (coppery,bronze,patina.)

We provide three colors of products for the copper plate(ancient copper), bronze and patina(green copper).

Contiguity of copper and air can form gradually strong and dense oxide layer, as time goes on, the color of oxide layer will turn into deeper then copper(ancient copper) color, then copper (ancient copper)color will oxidize continuously till appears to patina(green copper). Copper (ancient copper) and patina (green copper) color are the favorite for designers and owners, which manifest some kind of classic and nobility. However, under natural conditions, the oxidized process of copper is very slow and uncertain. So after more than one year’s research and development, our company introduces elaborately oxidized copper plate series. No matter whatever the original copper plate from 0.1mm thickness to 1mm thickness, or single surface and double surface, we can make the surface of copper plate oxidized till appears copper(ancient copper) or patina(green copper) color.


With more and more usage of metal plate materials such as copper (ancient copper), patina (green copper), etc. in China, are you still worried about the expensive imported copper (ancient copper) and patina (green copper) plate materials? Are you still in the trouble of a long time delivery period of 3-4 months? You can know more about of our oxidized copper plate products in detail.


At present, we provide two modes of cooperation: 1. you provide original copper, we are in charge of processing it into copper (ancient copper), patina (green copper) and charges only low processing fees. 2. We directly provide you with the finished copper (ancient copper) plate and patina (green copper) plate. Welcome to telephone and write to us.



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[Related Keywords: metal roof, metal curtain wall, oxide copper ]