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Buying Brand Medicines

We recently acquired the company and seek to obtain the following products Frisium, Nicorandil, Phenergen, Amisulpride, Solian, Exemestane, Dostinex and Cytotec.


Suppliers of these products will be aware of the branded name however the sites will not allow us to register branded details.


Please reply with your offers, best price and quality

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We buy brand medicines

We are still seeking suppliers of the brand Lasix in oral and injectable forms.  We are also seeking Rilutek, Epilim Chrono, Nalcrom and Corgard and Remicade.


If you can supply the brand at a competitive price please contact us urgently.


We are not interested in generic variants so please do not waste our time with such offers


N Henderson

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We are seeking new and reliable suppliers of the following brand medicines:



We are also interested in bulk supplies of the Lyrica API Pregbalin

Please contact us urgently if you can offer the above at attractive prices we can pass onto our customers


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We are seeking new and reliable suppliers of oral and injectable LASIX

We are only interested in brand product. Please do not waste our time with offers of generic product.

If you can supply brand product in bulk please contact us urgently


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Buying Brand Medicines

We have a requirement to source pharmaceuticals and medicines to treat serious illnesses including multiple sclerosis and cancer.


Some brands we are seeking are:


Afinitor, Cosentyx, Diovan, Co-Diovan, Galvus, Gilenya, Glivec, Exjade, Jakavi, Lamisil, Zaditen and Zofran.


Our clients have experienced problems with another supplier and this is an opportunity for us to try and gain business ground in a very competitive market.


Packaging not a problem at this time but depending on where we are asked to send product further discussions can be had.




Steven Craig

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want to buy general medicine

Dragonmeds is a trading and sourcing company especially in pharmaceutical products. We operate offices in many countries in Asia and Australia. We are looking for a long term business relationships as we are aiming at an expansion into the Middle East and African marketplace.
Business Supply and Requirement:
We have been in the pharmaceutical business for many years and handling more than 500 clients. We cater in general medicines product. Currently, we want to expand market in many countries so we looking for the new vendors or suppliers that can be supply various general medicines and large quantity order from around the world.
We are interested in new pharmaceutical technologies or new medicines due to be released to the marketplace.
Our Requirement
Following are the product requirement with need competitive price quote.
1. Diabetes Care
2. Stop Smoking Aids
3. Stimulants
4. First Aid products
5. Best arthritis pain medications
To discuss this opportunity further please send me catalog of the products including the price to Ms. Mei Lan (Sales Manager).

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