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 angfang Tibell Chemical Co., Ltd is a leading and professional manufacturer and exporter of chemical raw materials in north China, which has two subsidiary factories “Langfang Pairs Horses Chemical Co., Ltd ”and “Langfang Rainbow Pigment Product Co., Ltd”. Our factory was founded in 1997, located in “Beijing-Tianjin corridor” Langfang City with convenient transportation. We have set up good business relationship with the vast number of customers both at home and abroad.


We specialize in the production of Titanium dioxide, Lithopone, Iron oxide, Barium Sulphate, Kaolin, Rutile Sand etc, these products are widely used in coatings, paints , plastics, ink, paper, rubber and so on. Our products have passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Control Systematic Certificate. Our annual production is more than 50000MT. And 70% of our products have been exported to South America, North America, Middle East, Europe,Asia, Africa etc, more than 70 countries and regions . The volume of exports occupies 30% of Langfang area for chemical products..


We aim to be the trustful Chinese chemical supplier and with the advanced equipment and technics, Langfang Tibell will be your preferred chemical products supplier.


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Yucheng Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd.(07/02/2013)

Our corporation grew out of the State-Owned Enterprise-Yucheng Titanium Dioxide Factory, a producer of Titanium Dioxide R/A with a long history of more than 50 years. As a middle maunufacturer of titanium dioxide in China, our capability is about 4000Mt Rutile and 6500Mt Anatase per year, and the quality is strictly according to the sandards of GB/T 1706-2006, our product is famouse for its high covered capability and easy to disperse. 

Our strong products are as follows:

Titanium Dioxide,   Iron Oxide , Lithopone B301/B311,   Petroleum resin,   Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP), Sodium Hexametaphosphate(SHMP), Caustic soda, formic acid, acetic acid, boric acid, borax, acetic acid and so on.







Yucheng Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. [China]
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deshipu chemical(12/10/2012)

Hangzhou Deshipu Chemicals Co.,Ltd is specializing in manufacturing chemical raw materials in China. We have our own factories,first class equipment,modernized warehouses and outstanding staff.Our mainly products are Titanium Dioxide,Caustic soda,SLES and so on.Which widely used in paint,rubber,plastic,paper and detergent industry.

Our products have been exported to many areas in the world,such as Europe,America,Middle East and South Africa.All of the products have won the highest reputation from the customers.

In line with the spirit of good quality,competitive price and cpnsiderate service,Deshipu Chemicals hope we can start and establish long-term business relationship with all the friends over the world!

deshipu chemical [China]
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[Related Keywords: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, lithopone, Caustic rosin, PARAFFIN WAX, PP\\PE\\PVC\\PET resin and so on. ]
Xuzhou Lejin Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd(08/24/2012)

Xuzhou Lejin Chemical  Technology Co., Ltd is a ISO9001: 2000 quality approval enterprise,specialized in Inorganic/Organic chemicals in China. It lies in Xuzhou city, Jiangsu province of China. With
advantages of owning our large scale capital-owned factories, we attribute our success to our enduring efforts to supply quality and cost-effective chemicals to our customers, capacity is 50,000 MT per month.
Our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa, enjoying high credibility and popularity in the international community.
Warmly welcome to establish various business connection and cooperations in virtue of good reputation with friends both at home and abroad.

Xuzhou Lejin Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd [China]
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[Related Keywords: iron oxide, chrome oxide green, lithopone, Pentaerythritol, Titanium Dioxide Anatase & Rutile ]
dadaochem co.,ltd(06/14/2012)

Tai'an Dadao Chemical import &export Co., Ltd. is specializing in providing our customers with inorganic chemicals raw materials, With advanced management and persisting development, up to now, our market has covered three quarters of countries all over the world, such as the Middle East, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and America.     In order to improve pre-sales and after-sales service, our company has cooperated with a number of research institutes to offer our customers technical support and comprehensive solutions......

dadaochem co.,ltd [China]
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[Related Keywords: caustic soda, titanium dioxide, lithopone, Soda Ash, CARBON BLACK, iron oxide ]
Tianjin Guangfengyuan ImpExp Trading Co., Ltd(03/26/2012)


1. Pigments: Iron Oxide Red, Carbon Black, Lithopone, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Chrome Oxide Green
2. Additive: Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium (CMC) for food and industry. Citric Acid Anhydrous for food.
3. Acid:   Oxalic Acid, Formic Acid, Phosphoric Acid (Food Grade), Glacial Acetic Acid ,
4. Alkali:  Caustic Soda Flake and pearl
5. Detergent raw material:  Sodium Hexametaphosphate / Calgon Sodium Tripolyphosphate, carboxymethylcellulose sodium (CMC)
6. Wax&Fat : Paraffin Wax

Tianjin Guangfengyuan ImpExp Trading Co., Ltd [China]
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[Related Keywords: Paraffin Wax Email:ananniebaby(at)hotmail(dot)com, caustic soda, formic acid, oxalic acid, Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium . Citric Acid, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, lithopone, CARBON BLACK, Iron Oxide Red ]


Acid: Formic Acid , Glacial Acetic Acid , Sodium Formate
Pigment : Titanium Dioxide , Iron Oxide , Lithopone,
Rubber chemicals : Carbon Black, Zinc Oxide,
Other chemicals : Soda ash , STPP,SHMP, Caustic Soda etc.

[Related Categories: Dyestuffs, High Polymers, Lab Supplies, Pigment ]
[Related Keywords: Acid: Formic Acid, GLACIAL ACETIC ACID, Sodium Formate Pigment : Titanium Dioxide, iron oxide, lithopone, Rubber chemicals : Carbon Black, zinc oxide, Other chemicals : Soda ash, stpp, shmp, Caustic Soda etc. ]
Qingdao Max.Source Industry Chemical Co.,Ltd(02/24/2012)

Qingdao Max.Source Industry Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacture of chemicals raw materials and chemicals products in the agricultural science and technology development, production and sales of large enterprises.. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. The good faith, the strength and product quality for the industry's approval. Our company has professional technicians,  to provide the products research and development, professional technical support. 

Qingdao Max.Source Industry Chemical Co.,Ltd [China]
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[Related Keywords: My company produces carbon black, zinc oxide, iron oxide, titanium, lithopone, stpp, SHPP, CMC, PVC and other chemical products ]
henan allrich chemical co.ltd.(02/13/2012)

Henan Allrich chemical co., ltd.  was established in 1999,our company is by the provincial department of commerce approved and grant us export collection of foreign trade and domestic trade in an intergrated company,the company has abundant capital actual strength and professional sales team.   Our company is set research and development,production and sales and service as one of the company,and has own subsidiary and share-holding companies.Now we are the leading professional manufacturer and supplier of Formic acid in Henan province.   We can produce more than 4000 MT formic acid,4500MT Glacial acetic acid per year,we also can supply STPP,SHMP,Caustic Soda,Pentaerythritol,PVC,DOP etc.Stability quality of product,and reasonable management good service,products sell well in Europe and America,South Korea,Taiwan,Dozens of countries and regions.  

henan allrich chemical co.ltd. [China]
[Related Categories: Coatings, Food Additives, Plastics & Products ]
[Related Keywords: chemical.tio2, lithopone, zinc oxide, feed additives, DCP, L-Lysine, etc. ]
Xuzhou Aimei Chemical Technology CO., LTD.(11/16/2011)

Company profile:

Xuzhou Aimei chemical technology Co., Ltd has been on the chemical market for many years. As a main Chemical Supplier in China, our products include: Zinc OxideTitanium Dioxide, Sodium Formate, Caustic Soda, Lithopone, Oxalic acid, Formic acid, STPPCarbon Black, Sulphur Black, Borax,  SHMP and PAC etc. 

The belief of our company isCustomer is the God and quality is the life of our enterprise. Hence, we offer our products with excellent quality and best price. We would like to step an honest, trustworthy and both-win relationship in future with you. Please contact me: am2 (at) chemam (doc)net

am2 (at) chemam (doc)net

Xuzhou Aimei Chemical Technology CO., LTD. [China]
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Tianjin Meilian Chemicals Co.,Ltd.(10/21/2011)


Tianjin Meilian Chemicals Co., Ltd. located in Tianjin where it is an important place of producing industrials chemicals, is a professional chemical corporation which consists of six chemical factories.

Tianjin Meilian Chemicals Co., Ltd. Jinan Branch, with the help of convenient transportation, specializing in producing and exporting industrial chemicals for more than 20 years. Our products are now popular in America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We mainly engage in titanium dioxide, lithopone , DOP. DOA . PE, etc. The best and cheapest products have won a high reputation and consistant praise at home and abroad

Tianjin Meilian Chemicals Co.,Ltd. [China]
[Related Categories: Dyestuffs ]
[Related Keywords: Pigments/Dyestuff: Titanium Dioxide, Pentaerythritol Iron Oxide, lithopone, red lead, etc. : Carbon Black, zinc oxide, Magnesium carbonate, etc. Acids: Formic Acid, GLACIAL ACETIC ACID, phosporic acid Oxalic Acid, etc. Other Chemicals: caustic soda, Soda Ash, aluminium sulphate, calcium chloride, shmp, sodium metabisulphite, CMC, etc. ]

UNION TITANIUM ENTERPRISE (SHANGHAI) Co.,ltd is a privately operated high tech enterprise.By right of chinese huge resource,We focus at developing various

compound rutile grade titanium dioxide,anatase grade titanium dioxide, lithopone, super fine synthetical barium sulphate, calcium carbonate , calcined kaolin

ect. Our products widly used in to coating, paints, plastic,print ink,rubber, paper industry,enamel and ceramic industry, glass...

Now,We produce/supply 10,000 tons each rutile and anatase grade titanium dioxide, 5,000tons lithopone, 8,000tons super fine synthetical barium sulphate and

15,000tons calcium carbonate series annually.Our products have covered most regions of China and have been exported to foreign countries and regions such as

South America, Europe, USA ,North Africa,Middle East and Southeast Asia etc.We still can adjust to produce special requirement product according to

customer's demand.

"Quality is the spirit of the development of our company" is the adage of us. From the beginning,We adopt advanced equipments and technology for surface

treatment on the basis of development concept “High start, high orientation and high science & technology”. All critical equipments are imported. It adopts

advanced DCS control system and has many professional talents in research of process for inorganic white powder chemicals, production management, technology

development, equipment management and strategic research etc with long-term experience. Our own brand rutile grade MBR9668 and MBR9666 have already achieved

the first quality level of the word market.The quality is as good as some famous company such as Dupont, Kronos, Tronox, Cristal etc. Ours super fine

synthetical barium sulphate,The quality is famous of its high whiteness, high concentrate purity BaSo4, Low oil absorption, Narrow particle size distribution

and Super fine particle size (D50=0.6-0.8um). It is the main product to replace "Blanc fixe" which produce by "Sachtleben" from Germany.

Be established in Today, Looking forward to future, with high quality, high-tech products and excellent services, UNION TITANIUM ENTERPRISE (SHANGHAI)

CO.,LTD. warmly welcome the visit of friends from around the world for mutual development!

[Related Categories: Oxide, Inorganic Salt ]
[Related Keywords: pigment white, titanium white, TiO2, titanium dioxide, titanium oxide, lithopone, Barium Sulphate, BaSO4, precipitated barium sulphate, kaolin, calcium carbonate ]
Beijing Mountains Tiancheng Chemical Products Co.,LTD(09/22/2011)

Beijing Mountains Tiancheng Chemical Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture with import and export licenses which is located in Beijing, the capital of China.

Established in 1998, our company has a factory with floorage up to 3000 mand nearly 300 employees. Being a specialized manufacturer of pigment, dyestuff, rubber ingredients, acid and other chemicals such as Aluminium Hydroxide, Magnesium Carbonate etc. with integrated operation of development, production and marketing.

Beijing Mountains Tiancheng Chemical Products Co.,LTD [China]
[Related Categories: Activated Carbon ]
[Related Keywords: lithopone, tianium dioxide, iron oxide, Sulfur Black, chrome oxide green, copper sulfate pentahydrate, etc.; ]
Shanghai Yuejiang Titanium Chemical Manufacturer Co., Ltd.(09/19/2011)

Shanghai Yuejiang Titanium Chemical Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, engaged in technical research, industrial manufacture and commercial trade.

We mainly produce rutile and anatase grade titanium dioxide, super fine and precipitated barium sulfate, alumina and aluminum hydroxide, zinc oxide, and manganese carbonate. Our customers are involved in such fields as high-grade plastics, rubber, paint, coating, ink, chemical fiber as well as pharmaceuticals and food products.

In order to even better serve our customers, we have been continuously perfecting our sales network and improving our enterprise image, and continuously increasing the varieties of our products. We enjoy a first-class management of warehouse and logistics and have a chemical marketing team with rich experience.

Moreover, we have hired a number of experienced senior technical consultants, providing our customers with various technical services.

Shanghai Yuejiang Titanium Chemical Manufacturer Co., Ltd. [China]
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[Related Keywords: titanium dioxide, lithopone, zinc oxide, barium sulfate ]
HeBei FuLian Chemicals Co.Ltd(09/13/2011)
 Dear sir/madam,
Have a good day!
I am Monica from HeBei FuLian Chemicals Co,Ltd,HeBei,China.
I got your information  on the intermet,I suppose maybe you need our products,for your company ,various products are provided for your choice:



Plastic Raw Materials,

Iron Oxide & other dyestuffs,

Copper Oxide/Sulphate,

Chemicals for pesticide/food/pigment/coating/detergent/water treatment,etc.


Our company specializes in manufacturing chemical raw materials for over 10 years. In 2008,

 we obtained qualification of ISO2001,9000. Quality guaranteed. Price competitive. Reputation assured.

Welcome to our website,if you have any question,pls feel free to contact me, you will be valued and replied asap!




Email:003at cnhbflchem dot com


MSN:li785176ming at msn.cn


HeBei FuLian Chemicals Co.Ltd [China]
[Related Categories: Chemical Reagent, Paints & Coatings, Activated Carbon, Coatings, Dyestuffs ]
[Related Keywords: lithopone, titanium dioxide, copper xoide/sulphate, raw plastic materials, coatings, pigments, and so on ]
Shenyang Bowente Trading Co.,Ltd.(10/26/2011)

Shenyang Bowente Imp & Exp Trading Co., Ltd is a chemical raw material import & export company.Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality system authentication manufactures and agent kinds of import & export business including chemicals and technicals.We are committed in supplying products used in Paint, Textile, Leather, Cleaning industries.
Nowadays, our products have been sold in Euro,southeast Asia.Mid Asia and Middle east and more than 30 countries.We have a long and stable business term with them and also acquired consistent high praise from our foreigner clients.
It's our principles and purpose --- " To better serve our customers in advanced technology ".

Shenyang Bowente Trading Co.,Ltd. [China]
[Related Categories: Organic Acid, Oxide, Inorganic Salt, Alkali ]
[Related Keywords: caustic soda, titanium dioxide, calcium carbide, CARBON BLACK, calcium sulphate, zinc oxide, ferric oxide, lithopone, Phosphoric acid, formic acid, etc ]
Tianjin Jinxiang Chemicals Co ., Ltd(07/01/2011)


Tianjin Jinxiang Chemicals Co., Ltd.,which is one of the largest raw chemicals manufacturers and exporters in China, our products related to organic and inorganic chemical raw materials, pigments and dyestuffs, mainly used in paints & coating industry, rubber industry, leather industry, etc, focusing on developing the overseas market, our products have been sold to Southeast Asia, EU, South America, Middle East, etc.
For many years innovation, our advanced production skills, perfect inspection method, excellent product quality and good after-sales service has awarded high reputations from our clients all over the world.......

Tianjin Jinxiang Chemicals Co ., Ltd [China]
[Related Categories: Chemicals Stocks ]
[Related Keywords: lithopone, Stearic Acid, chrome oxide green, caustic soda, sodium bicarbonate, stpp, Iron Oxide Red, Iron Oxide Black, CARBON BLACK, oxalic acid, formic acid, PARAFFIN WAX ]
Weicheng Chemical Co. ,LTD(06/29/2011)

Hohhot Weicheng Chemical Co., Ltd is specialized in chemical raw materials. We save no efforts to serve our customers with consistent quality, competitive price, punctual shipment, strictly after-sales quality trace. Paying more attention to customers benefit , and to find more economical solution for all our customers is our company mission.  Our company mainly produces organic and inorganic chemical materials such as Caustic Soda, Glacial Acetic Acid, Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Lithopone etc. Our products are widely used in painting & coating, Food Additives, Water treatment, Fertilizer, Leather, Rubber materials, Textile industry etc. Our products have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc. We have established long term business relationship with our clients. We can provide high quality products with competitive price, ensuring you reliable purchasing activities. We have a highly experienced and professional team including engineers, technicians and sales staff. Started as a manufacturer company, over the years, we have become one of the leading companies in the field of chemical business. Welcome to contact us for more detailed information if you have any interest in our products. It is honor to cooperate with you and faithfully hope to make a win-win situation. 

Weicheng Chemical Co. ,LTD [China]
[Related Categories: Lab Supplies, High Polymers, Others ]
[Related Keywords: caustic soda, Soda Ash, titanium diioxide, lithopone, zinc oxide, iron oxide, copper sulfate, CARBON BLACK, shmp, STTP, formic acid, BORIC ACID, oxalic acid etc. ]
Shenyang Zhuochuang Chemicals.,Ltd(06/23/2011)

we are the manufacturer of chemical raw materials in Shenyang China, and we have been in this line of business for more than 15 years, pls touch me to get further information if you are interested.

Shenyang Zhuochuang Chemicals.,Ltd [China]
[Related Categories: Dyestuffs ]
[Related Keywords: stpp, sodium carbonate, SLES, formic acid, GLACIAL ACETIC ACID, sodium formate, aluminium sulphate, shmp, CARBON BLACK, Pentaerythritol, iron oxide, zinc oxide, lithopone ]
shanghai loman chemicals co.ltd(06/16/2011)

We are please to inform you that We are one of the reputed manufacturers of titanium dioxide,lithopone, barium sulphate from China, being in the field for many  years. We produce more than 12 kind of different chemical, yield more than 150,000.00 tons each year. Our quality controlling system has passed ISO 9001:2008 systems. It would be our honor to work together with your esteemed company.

shanghai loman chemicals co.ltd [China]
[Related Categories: Pigment ]
[Related Keywords: titanium dioxide, lithopone, zinc oxide, barium sulfate ]
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