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Keyword "iron scrap"
Superb Quality Recycling Company(05/15/2013)

 Established in 1980, Superb Quality Recycling Company is a leading waste and recycling company in China providing all kinds of scrap recycling supply. We supply a variety of recyclable scrap materials to worldwide markets including metal scraps, plastic scraps, waste paper and e-waste. Over the years, Superb Quality Recycling Company has been striving to fulfill its commitment as a reliable and professional recycling supplier emphasizing the continuous enhancement of its product quality management, service support, industry expertise and customer satisfaction, thereby earning a long lasting support and recognition from its customers with growing reputation in the industry.

Supported by advanced recycling facilities and machineries, strong expertise and a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, Superb Quality Recycling Company supplies a wide range of recyclable materials to worldwide markets including:
1) Ferrous Metal Scraps - Steel, stainless steel, iron.
2) Nonferrous Metal Scraps - Aluminium, brass, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, antimony, alloys.
3) Recycled Plastic - ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PBT, PC, PE, PET, PP, PU, PVB, PVC, TPU.
4) Waste Paper - Old newspaper, waste paper, waste cardboard / paperboard, etc. 
5) Electronic and Electronic Waste - Used batteries, used computer circuit boards, used computers, etc. 

As a reliable and professional recycling company, Superb Quality Recycling Company is committed to continuous improvement in quality management and customer service support to provide maximum values and benefits to our customers and guarantee a higher standard of customer satisfaction. Such commitment and professionalism is always a major advantage differentiating us from our competitors, earning us a longstanding win-win partnership with our customers and sustainable growth over the years.


Superb Quality Recycling Company [China]
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ISI (Beijing) Golden Age International Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd(04/26/2013)

  ISI (Beijing) Golden Age International Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd has been concentrating not only on railway parts but also research and development. As a result, we are expending our business steadily. Sticking to be the best and keeping our promise with customers faithfully, we are ahead of others in our field, which can fulfill your development and make the best quality products in the shortest time. Our products include rail fastening ,rail jointing, train carriage, train parts , minerals & metallurgy steel rails, steel scrap ,iron scrap ,other metals & metal products ,aluminum parts, metal injection molding, CNC milling & turning, gear hobbing & grinding,cold roll forming, production tooling, FRP railway products and the other special usage parts for railroad construction or train, locomotive, container, special Transportation manufacturing etc.We have long-term cooperation and business relations with domestic research organizations and train manufacturer in Chia and also foreign professional train companies, as well as well-known railway parts application companies in the world. All parts have been passed European EC certification and American AAR certification. We focus on the greatest spirit of co-operation to guarantee supply of the products on time and with quality and cost in line with the expectations and requirements of the client. Please tell us your needs, we will provide you a comprehensive solutions and meet your demand. info(at)isi-groupe(dot)com yangkai(at)isi-groupe(dot)com 

ISI (Beijing) Golden Age International Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd [China]
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we are genuine seller of rough diamond,gold dust,sugar,iron scrap.

we are equally looking for genuine buyers.

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We are authorized by the Federal Ministry of Transport to dispose all the available reference subject that has been located at different Cameroonian Railway co-operation (NRC) Yards in various locations in Cameroon We exports Used Rail scraps materials to most Africa countries, USA, Europe and Asia.
You see the system in Africa is too good when comes to exporting of HMS1 & 2 scraps. Iot only international businessmen enjoy the country more like people in the country who are into export of scraps like what we are doing since our inception from 1982 (exporting scraps Worldwide) . I hereby wish to introduce our country as a stockiest for Used Rail metals, dealing in metals like used rails and aluminum, Meanwhile, the Used Rails were estimated over One Million Two Houndred Thousand Metric Tons (1, 200, 000. 00)

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Kameido Sendirian Berhad(06/02/2011)

Kameido sdn bhd deals in all types of aluminum products,aluminum scrap,copper scrap,metal scrap,iron scrap,steel scrap and zorba scrap.Currently we have 400mt aluminum ingot 99.7% available for sale to serious buyers around the globe.For more details call +60166109985.


Kameido Sendirian Berhad [Malaysia]
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mineralogy co.ltd(03/25/2011)

We are a based established company in Cameroon and we are responsible for the production of these minerals and chemicals.we do have an annual production capacity of over over 60.000MT.If you are requesting for more detail information about our company we will be very pleased to send to you our company registration documents,certificates as well as export license.As for our location we are based in the northern region of Cameroon precisely in Ngoundere. for more inquiries , you can contact us through mineralogy1@hotmail.com

mineralogy co.ltd [Cameroon]
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