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Keyword "iron ore"

Please note we as sourcing person provide solution to buyer and seller in meeting their demand and supply for commodities.


We can cover their interest with sourcing right terms and condition and procedure as mutually acceptable and agreeable between buyer and seller organization.


We beleive in providing present existing and avaialble market prices and with focus on quantity assurance and specification met with timely delivery.


We work on commission and we are flexible on commission in order to secure every body involved interest.

OneApproach [Germany]
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MINING [China]
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AEMS RSA Profile

AEMS is an international export and export company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We offer specialists sourcing and business facilitation services as well as mitigating risks associated with international trade.

AEMS provides business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services in wide ranging products from office consumables to heavy duty mining and electrical products.

Our core business is to help our client overcome the challenges and risks associated with sourcing globally.

We play the role of an intermediary between businesses in Africa and remote sourcing and showcasing their products and vice versa; Access and source products needed by companies in Africa.

AEMS services has associate branches in the UK, China and Australia and Malaysia.

Our goal is to provide efficient, seamless and cost effective 'end-to-end' procurement services to our clients globally.

AEMSRSA [South Africa]
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International Trade Broker(05/19/2013)
I am a broker and I find Buyers for suppliers. Contact me if you need anything as I will probably find it for yourselves. We have lots of things for you. .
International Trade Broker [United Kingdom]
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importer, exporter and trader of minerals and metals in all the world. copper ore, iron ore, lead ore, steam coal, nickel ore, mercury ore,

EuroAmerican [Spain]
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Sajal Corporation(12/31/2012)

Sajal Corporation, an ISO certified, award winning, global sourcing company of mines and minerals.

WE are expertise in coal and iron ore mines.

Sajal Corporation [India]
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ARPZ GmbH(10/26/2012)

We are an international production and trading company founded 1872 in Germany. Our focus is on petrochemical products such as JP54, Diesel as well as vegetable based oils.

Another major devision is raw materials for the steel industry and our main market for these is Germany and neigbouring countries.

We are produce own products such as Ristosorb.

Another focus are non-wood cellulose such as bleached bagasse, bleached bamboo and other bleached pulps.

ARPZ GmbH [Germany]
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Enviro Waste Partners LLC(08/03/2012)

 Enviro Waste Partners was established 2011.  Our areas of focus including Iron Ore, Copper, NIckel, Metal Scraps & HDPE.

Enviro Waste Partners LLC [United States]
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International Ore(11/23/2011)


Our company works with the buyers and suppliers of ore to help them get into business.

We offer an intermediary service that allows both parties, being the buyer and seller, to have an intermediary organize all items relating to the contracts of the current supply and demand for commodities.

International Ore [Australia]
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Joint Trade Development(10/22/2011)

Joint Trade  Development (JTD) internaionals mission is grounded its values. Its our beliefs that teamworks makes the dream work

Joint Trade Development [Philippines]
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Australian Resource Mining Company(10/17/2011)

 Australian Resource Mining Company is affiliated to Australian Federation Freetrade Organization PTY LTD, which registered in Sydney. Its main function is promoting all sorts of Resource and mineral products of Australian companies.

Australian Resource Mining Company [China]
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MJR Management(10/03/2011)

Our direct relationships with manufacturers and trading companies in all of Asia, particularly Thailand, Philippines and China enable us to market commercially & competitively.Our core business includes mediating the buying and selling of scrap materials, building materials and heavy equipment including power generation, Iron ore, Tin,Sulphur,Copper Cathode,Sugar,Cement,Urea,Electronics,Computers,Trucks,Trialers,Dozers

Our own unique Trident tricars and are a leading consultant and exporter of Tantalite and Columbite.We Proudly maintain a high profile in aircraft sales and leasing.Experience, professionalism & efficiency is what drives us to succeed in all our activities.


MJR Management [United Kingdom]
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[Related Keywords: iron ore, tin, Sulphur, Copper Cathode, sugar, cement, Urea, electronics, computers, trucks, Trialers, Dozers ]



From our direct Suppliers, we can supply and buy  standard grade columbite (45-55% CPO, 4-5% Ta205) and  Tantalite with min. 28% Ta205, typically 30% Ta205. kindly let us know your required order qty. per month 


Geoffrey Okeh

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Used Rail dealers Inc(08/18/2011)

Hello everyone we are the no1 used rail seller, ingot, red copper berry, hms, and we do ship in bulk, our shipping take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver anywhere in the world thanks.

Used Rail dealers Inc [United Kingdom]
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Indonafrique Business Consultancy and Trading(07/23/2011)

Acts as Agents to Mineral Miners in Indonesia, The minerals include Coal, Nickel Ore, Iron Ore. We provide information to genuine buyers and take them to the mine.

Indonafrique Business Consultancy and Trading [Indonesia]
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[Related Keywords: coal, nickel ore, iron ore ]
IG Enterprise(04/29/2011)

We Specilaized in Seller and Buyers needs. Plese Inquire.

If you have a product that you need  to sell and you don\\\'t have a buyer send us your soft offer and we will help you to close the deal. We have more than 3000 contacts in our data base looking for real suppliers. If you are looking for any type of commodities please let us know. Our network of suppliers and contacts can assist you in all your commodity needs as well. In this arena, it\\\'s not who you know, it\\\'s who they know! Networking is the key! Thank you.

IG Enterprise [United States]
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[Related Keywords: iron ore, Manganese Ore, Steam Coal, scrap metal, Ric Variety, sugar ]

Our company now urgrently need iron ores , the purity is over 65 % ,the si percent is about 8%.

perfect-best [China]
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[Related Keywords: iron ore, Personal care, household, health food, beauty & skin care ]
GLWoodley Building/Trading(04/16/2011)

AGENT, indenting - outsourcing major companies globally, products selected for authenticity, supply capability and favourable price. Trading since 1979, well known in China, I have some of the worlds largest company groups in my clientele, most mail answered, I usually work direct, products include, Oil products, sulphur, urea, iron ore, coal (steam , coking, & thermal) alt. email sulphur@mail2world.com

GLWoodley Building/Trading [Australia]
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[Related Keywords: Mazut, Sulphur, coal, iron ore ]
Lore Trading(04/12/2011)

Looking for direct buyers and sellers of the following materials: iron ore, scrap metal, gypsum, bauxite, calcium carbonite, nickel, m100, coal, urea and vermiculite.

Lore Trading [United States]
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Alianca Export(03/20/2011)

We are a trader of Iron Ore, Copper Cathode, Gold, Diamond, and buyer too.

We are totally focused on international business, import and export of manufactured goods and raw materials for industries in general.

We work with partners in strategic sectors to enable all operations, and satisfy our customer\'s satisfaction with the end.

Alianca Export [Brazil]
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[Related Keywords: iron ore, Copper Cathode, nickel, diamond, gold ]
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