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Keyword "intrusion alarm system"
32 Wireless LED Defense Zone Burglarproof Home Alarm Security System 32 Wireless LED Defense Zone Burglarproof Home Alarm Security System
SA-I  32 Wireless Zone Burglar Alarm System  POPULAR!!!

1. LED display of 32 defense zones; exact localization of alarming zone;

2. Built-in keyboard, built-in siren;

3. Telephone line anti-cut function;

4.  Message recording time: 10 seconds;                                                              

5. Up to 6 telephone numbers can be pre-stored in this system and dialed to summon help in priority order.

6. Remote command and access to the system from anywhere via a telephone/mobile (with user identification);                      

7. Emergency/Panic button available for 24 hours;                              

8 Back-up rechargeable battery available for 36 hours in power failure;

9. Link to the Monitoring Central Station with an ID code.

10 Each defense zones can be armed/ disarmed independently;

11. Exit /Entry delay (delay to arm) programmable 0-99 seconds;

12. Siren hooting time programmable 0-30 minutes;

13. 7 group pre-programmed alarm phone number;

14. Keypad anti-tamper function (password protection)

Standard Unit:1×control panel with built-in siren, 1×advanced PIR,1×door sensor, 2×remote controls, 1× back-up battery, 1×adapter.
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