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GV3 : A Voyage Into The Iconography Of Graffiti Art GV3 : A Voyage Into The Iconography Of Graffiti Art
Specifications: In GV3, Bryan steps away from the traditional storytelling format this time around and reinvents himself by using contemporary musical idioms from different countries to proclaim the narrative. Sometimes communicating to us in Italian, Malaysian, Latin, Pygmy, African or English; the Ethnic, World, Hip Hop, Techno, Metal, Fusion, Ballads and House music all conspire to disorient our sensibilities and preconceptions about this underground art form.
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How To Turn Your Passion Or Hobby Into A $100,000 A Year How To Turn Your Passion Or Hobby Into A $100,000 A Year
Specifications: I have a great gift worth $197 for you today! I've arranged for my subscribers to get a complimentary copy of a brand new e-course by Martin Franzen, a marketing expert who has been doing business online for the last 9 years. Take a look at this: Martin regularly charges $1,000 an hour for personal consulting - but today, he's generously agreed to give my subscribers access to some of his most powerful marketing strategies, at no cost to you! In the free e-course, you'll get some of the best techniques from Martin's great home study course, "The Internet Marketing Master Plan: How to Turn Your Passion or hobby into a $100,000 a Year Business on the Internet." This is a *very* generous offer. It was initially designed to be sold for $197 so it would be a good idea to reserve your complimentary copy right away. (He's doing this as a test so I'm not sure how long it will be available.) Here's what you can expect: In this email course, Martin shares some really powerful strategies for setting up your own automated profit machines online, while working with something you love. The focus is on big picture stuff - generating passive streams of income so you get the freedom to take a step back and enjoy life, instead of being a slave to your business. Are you fed up with wasting your time on techniques that don't work? Tired of having a thousand things to do and getting lost in the process? Then you need to get yourself a copy, because Martin's new e-course can help you get rid of those problems, for good. It helps you get the overall strategy right and only do the things that generate massive results. You'll know exactly what works - and how to complete each step at the right time, in the right order. This is valuable information! If you want to focus on the big things in marketing and free up your valuable time to do what you like - to be able to spend your time where it counts - then get this e-course right away. It can really open your eyes... P.S. When a $1,000 an hour marketing consultant offers to share his strategies with you at no cost, it's smart to take advantage of it. Remember, the e-course was meant to be sold for $197 so I highly recommend reserving your complimentary copy right away, while it's still available.Martin Franzen, marketing expert Other Price Terms: All for free Payment Terms: CASH
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Autoresponder Into A Cash Cow Autoresponder Into A Cash Cow
Specifications: Discover how to sell your products like hot cakes, transform your leads into paying customers. Get the autoresponder into a cash cow e-book now!Autoresponder into a Cash Cow! Payment Terms: D/D,CASH Certification(s): Full resale rights of Autoresponder Into A Cash Cow!Supply Ability: 5
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Bags Packed into Boxes Bags Packed into Boxes
Features: 1) Material: HDPE, LDPE, PP, OPP, CPP 2) Sizes: HDPE: 100-1,000cm width a) LDPE: 50-1,000mm width b) PP: 50-600mm width c) BOPP, CPP: 50-500mm width d) CPP: 50-500mm width e) Co-extrusion: 50-1,000mm width 3) Print: 1-10 colors from clear to rainbow The pictures relevant to this product have been provided for reference only. We do not have any intellectual property rights over the trademark(s) displayed, and are not selling any products containing this/these marks.
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Pe-film Pressed Into Bales Pe-film Pressed Into Bales
Specifications: We are a trading company located in Germany, near to the border of Belgium and netzerland. We can deliver different qualities of pe-film such as Pe-film 98/2 (more than 5 container per week) Pe-film 90/10 Pe-film 80/20 And other plastic-scrap qualities. Please offer and quote us your best price CIF your mainport. Pictures are available.
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Ebeam Projector - Turn Your Whiteboard Into A Digital Workspace Ebeam Projector - Turn Your Whiteboard Into A Digital Workspace
Specifications: Attach the eBeam receiver to any flat surface, aim your projector and away you go. The entire system weighs less than a pound and can be set-up and calibrated by anyone in a matter of minutes. The three included mounting brackets give you the flexibility to mount it on just about any surface, so you can have an interactive whiteboard wherever you go. An interactive stylus that behaves like a mouse. The small, lightweight, and comfortable pen includes left-click, right-click, and a special button for accessing the innovative on-screen tool palettes. Please visit for more info. eBeam
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Tinplate or Cut into Size Strip Tinplate or Cut into Size Strip
Features: 1) Surface: as bright as a mirror 2) Standard: complies with national standard or according to clients' requests 3) Widely used in home appliances, packaging and vehicle fitting Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.15 - 0.4mm 2) Width: 150 - 580mm 3) Steel grades: SPCC 4) Hardness: T2.5 - T4 5) Tin coating mass: 2.8/2.8 Packing: In rolls, covered by antirust paper and weaving bag (according to customers' requirements) TaiFu Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 50,000MT/year
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Knocks Into The Type Inflation Screw Knocks Into The Type Inflation Screw
Product description: 1. Same as the majority nature and the bolt type 2. To use in the wooden, the column pressure zone 3. Easy to install
[Related Categories: Fasteners ]
[Related Keywords: Knocks, into, the, type, inflation, Screw ]
The Bolt Type For Compels Into Inflates The Nail The Bolt Type For Compels Into Inflates The Nail
Product description: 1. The stick material is suitable. 2. Wooden body of head, simple construction. 3. After drill hole directly knocks into. 4. Convenience and simple.
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[Related Keywords: the, Bolt, type, for, Compels, into, Inflates, nail ]
HBXGF Heat (Poured into the Series) HBXGF Heat (Poured into the Series)
Features: 1) Used in not sucking the angry tea 2) HBXGF of beberage production of fruit juice 3) HBXXGF series, 3& 1, 1 of 4&s 4) Whose name is to 3000-20000 bottle in output / hour suitable for user's choosing
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Diversified Vacuum Forming into Conductive Tray, Antistatic Diversified Vacuum Forming into Conductive Tray, Antistatic
Specifications: Various vacuum forming into conductive tray, antistatic tray and PS, PP PET G, A PET tray In-house mold making Made of plastic Customized designs accepted
[Related Categories: Integrated Circuits ]
[Related Keywords: diversified, vacuum, forming, into, Conductive, Tray,, antistatic ]
Mobile Power Kit - Plug Into Your Wheelchair Mobile Power Kit - Plug Into Your Wheelchair
Specifications: Wouldn't it be great if all that stuff you can plug into your car could simply be plugged into your wheelchair or scooter? Extends driving range 25% & triples battery life Be prepared for an emergency or power outage - laptop, tablet PC, PDA - assistive communication devices (dynavox) - cell phones, digital video & still cameras - MP3 & DVD players, satellite radio, even portable TV - psp, even playstation, or nintendo with a portable screen! Emergency light, AC power converter - italk voice controlled cell phone system (enables completely hands-free voice control) - powered wrist-hand orthesis Indispensable for any small electronics that utilize battery power! Never worry about the hassle of recharging multiple devices every night! Charge your wheelchair or scooter and you're ready to go all day long! Quickly mount your device to your wheelchair with the "3rd hand" wheelchair mounting system. Features - provides 2 standard 12 volt automotive style power outlets (commonly known as a cigarette lighter adapter) to run low-power consumption devices from your wheelchair or scooter's 24v battery system - no modifications to your wheelchair or scooter so installation should not affect warranty. Simple installation by anyone using only a wrench to loosen battery terminals slightly. - power consumed by most devices will not even be noticeable on two large power wheelchair batteries - in fact, improvements to battery life will probably extend range - more than 80% efficient, important for higher power devices like laptops and assistive communication devices (dynavox) Extends driving range 25% & triples battery life - go farther per charge - pays for itself twice on the savings from only set of batteries (est. Replacement cost $250) - independent testing at southern california edison Be prepared for an emergency or power outage - charge from any automobile during a power outage in an emergency. Optional charging cable available to charge from interior cigarette lighter socket or use standard jumper cables in an emergency - great for camping and rv'ing (not recommended for extended periods of time) - charge from a standard automotive bartery charger (suggested maximum 2a) if wheelchair charger forgotten or failsGimp Gear Other Price Terms: FOB  USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Payment Terms: CASH Certification(s): American-MadeSupply Ability: Please contact regarding needs
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Tailor-Made Vacuum Forming into Conductive Tray, Antistatic Tailor-Made Vacuum Forming into Conductive Tray, Antistatic
Specifications: Various vacuum forming as conductive tray, antistatic tray and PS, PP PET G, A PET tray In-house mold making Made of plastic Customized designs accepted
[Related Categories: Plastics & Products ]
[Related Keywords: Tailor-made, vacuum, forming, into, Conductive, Tray,, antistatic ]
Air Freight / Cargo Into & Out Of Thailand Air Freight / Cargo Into & Out Of Thailand
Specifications: We are a privately owned shipping and forwarding company established in 1980, situated close to Bangkok docks, airport and custom house, specialising in: (a)imports: Customs clearance and distribution (b)exports: Full export documentation, letters of credit, certificates of origin, export certificates, marine insurance.. Etc... Etc... In Thailand we also offer a comprehensive warehousing service, economically and securely de-vanning, storing, sorting, palletising and shrink wrapping freight of all kinds. In addition we offer a reliable, cost effective full and part load delivery service nationwide on a daily basis. All our staff, many of which are native English speakers are fully trained and are able to cater for individual customer requirements, whilst maintaining close personal contact ensures dedication and prompt response to our customers. Being placed between large impersonal companies with high overhead costs and small companies/individuals with limited resources we believe that we offer extremely competitive rates for the knowledge and range of services that we provide. Our long term aim is based upon development and maintenance of personal relationships, combined with diversified services. We are committed to delivering client satisfaction through the quality of our work.
[Related Categories: Cargo & Storage ]
[Related Keywords: air, freight, /, Cargo, into, &, out, OF, Thailand ]
7 Inch Widescreen Car Video Monitor Built Into Headrest 7 Inch Widescreen Car Video Monitor Built Into Headrest
Seven Inch Car DVD/Video monitor built into a high quality headrest for driver or passenger seat. Features: 1) Resolution: 234 x 480 2) Clear image: available to order immediately from China in any quantity including samples (please order in pairs) 3) Display format: 16:9 4) Video: dual video input 5) Full function remote control included 6) Display size: 7 inches 7) Display format: 16:9 8) Power output: 6W 9) Power supply: DC 12V 10) Video: dual video input 11) System: PAL/NTSC both supported 12) Pixels: 234 (H) x RGB x 480 (W) 13) Specify what color you need in the orde: gray, beige, black 14) Distance between posts: 14.7cm
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Mushroom In Brine Or Vinegar Into drum Mushroom In Brine Or Vinegar Into drum
Specifications: We are one of the vegetable such as mushroom, processor and exporter in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China. We have been in this line for many years, high quality and competitive price help you win markets. As you know that it is just the peak time for fresh mushroom harvest in China, we hope we can have chance to cooperate with you in this good crop. And set up our friendly long-term business relationship. We sincerely welcome you visit our factory in your convenient. Your detailed inquiry will be our high attention. Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
[Related Categories: Mushroom & Truffle ]
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