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Integrated Locomotive Safety System Integrated Locomotive Safety System
Specifications: UILSS is designed for installation on locomotives to provide the control of trainmoving by monitoring the motion parameters, by using the GPS/GLONASS, by providingdriver's vigilance control etc.
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Outdoor Integrated Cabinet Outdoor Integrated Cabinet
There are three main types according to temperature controlling: 1) Air conditioner type outdoor cabinet 2) Heat exchanger type outdoor cabinet 3) Fan filtering type outdoor cabinet The main performances and characteristics: 1) Temperature control: multi kinds of temperature control solutions, and two-layer structure design for heat preservation 2) High protection rank to IP55 3) High erosion resistance, perfect performance for anti ultraviolet radiation, antifriction and erosion resistant 4) Good electromagnetic (EMC) compatibility protection 5) Mechanical protection design 6) Integrated monitoring system 7) Distribution system 8) AC, DC power supply system
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Integrated Distribution Cabinet Integrated Distribution Cabinet
Features: 1) Box: a) Cold rolled steel and aluminum-based box with plastic sprayed surface, which has attractive shape and firm structure b) Thin box which is suitable for wall-mounted (clear) and inside wall (unclear), and optic cables can be conveniently led in from both the top and bottom 2) Module: a) Function: supply AC for various equipment in box b) Capacity: 3 - 6pcs/module 3) Fibers inlet fixing set: a) Function: cables inlet, fiber fixing and grounding b) Capacity: 1 - 3 pieces of fiber 4) Splice tray : a) Function: fibers and pigtails are spliced inside it b) Capacity: 12 cores/tray 5) RJ45 connection unit : a) Function: high frequency distribution b) Capacity: 6pcs/module c) 24pcs (4 modules)/unit 6) 110 distribution modules: a) Function: high frequency distribution b) Capacity: 10-pair module, 50-pair module c) Plastic objects in the box are all fire retardant, and contact objects are gilded or tinned in order to improve their reliability d) Prefect grounding device G&B Telecom-Optic Other Price Terms: FOB Shenzhen
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Indoor Integrated Multimedia Screening Terminal Shell Indoor Integrated Multimedia Screening Terminal Shell
The surface is treated with shot blast cleaning, nickel plating and tin-cerium alloy plating for an attractive glaze. Equipped with precise plastic, the plug stamping processing gives a more reliable plug/pull force and elastic property. The dimensions are 50 x 14mm. Yuchi Other Price Terms: FOBSupply Ability: 100,000pcs/month
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Merlin Magix Integrated System Merlin Magix Integrated System
Specifications: The Merlin Magix Integrated System delivers industry-leading communications capabilities in a powerful public branch exchange (PBX) that supports everything from basic voice to Internet access, all from a single platform, helping to make it highly cost-effective and easy to install, service, maintain, and grow. Programming is quick and simple with Windows-based System Programming and Maintenance (WinSPM) software, a user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) which provides on-screen icons and menu choices to guide you through the administration process. You can easily enhance your Merlin Magix Integrated System by adding any of a growing number of e-business, customer service, or computer telephony integration (CTI) applications, giving you the leading-edge communication capabilities you need to compete successfully in today's marketplace. Full communications capabilities via the phone, Web, video, or e-mail "Always on" high-speed Internet access Call center support for personalized, around-the-clock customer service Comprehensive messaging Support for wireless phones for mobility management *includes a one-year advance replacement warranty.
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Integrated Cable Or DSL Modems With WiFi And VOIP Integrated Cable Or DSL Modems With WiFi And VOIP
Specifications: VoIP Technology inc. offers a complete line of VoIP solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into any existing phone system or network infrastructure. All prices are FOB Vancouver, Canada Payment upon order 3 weeks delivery
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Mio A701 Pda Navigation Phone Integrated Gps Mobile 5 Mio A701 Pda Navigation Phone Integrated Gps Mobile 5
Specifications: Mio a701 pda navigation phone integrated gps mobile 5. Item specifics - cell phones Phone brand: Mitac mio camera:1-2 megapixels Phone model: Mio a701 Features: Bluetooth enabled, calendar, e-mail, gps navigation, internet browser, mp3 player, pda-pc sync, sms-text messaging, speakerphone, unlocked Technology: Gsm condition: New Works on 900mhz/1800mhz/1900mhz gsm networks. The phone is completely unlocked from factory. I have used it w t-mobile and other carriers while traveling. Works in europe, asia, africa, north america, south america, new zealand and australia this the smallest pda phone with an integrated gps on the market. It works perfectly. Complete navigation solution!!! It comes with all accessories: Mio a701 2 stylus pen Original carry case Mini-usb cable Ac adapter (uk & eu, us adapters) Window shield mount Device holder Car charger Stereo headphones
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[Related Keywords: Mio, A701, PDA, navigation, Phone, integrated, GPS, Mobile, 5 ]
Integrated Bluetooth Dongle (Phone + Audio + USB) Integrated Bluetooth Dongle (Phone + Audio + USB)
Specifications: DESCRIPTION First come out product in the world bluetooth goods. Combination of cellular phone + audio + USB in One device. Our multi-functional bluetooth dongle can be applied for all non-bluetooth devices such as cellular phone, PC, PDA, MP3 (mpeg4), TV, and mini-components With only one set. FEATURES * Combination of audio, mobile phone, & USB dongle * Software upgradeable * Built-in antenna * Small and light one * Easy to apply at user's convenience * Bluetooth v.1.2 compliances * Software upgradeable * Compatible with USB 1.1 * Class 2 operation SPECIFICATION * Range: Up to 10meters (peer-to-peer) * Security: Support bluetooth v.1.2 security mode * Frequency: 2,400 ~ 2,484.5 MHz ( USA/Europe/Japan ) 2,446.5 ~ 2,483.5 MHz ( France ) * Profile: Advanced audio distribution profile Remote control profile Audio gateway profile * System requirements: Pentium class PC with USB port / windows 98se, me,2000, or XP * Size : 27 x 43 x 10 (mm) * Weight : 14g BE-ON Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): ISO 9002 / CE / UL / FCC
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Integrated Mobile Dispatching System Integrated Mobile Dispatching System
Specifications: Professional mobile radio users today such as security and logistics companies are more demanding and sophisticated. They expect to have mobile data services, Internet based fleet management program, and various selections of peripheral and seamless voice and data coverage at low operating cost. These are now the benchmarks for world class companies. Integrated Mobile Dispatching System (IMDS) can meet all these service expectations and more. IMDS makes use of the seamlessly covered GSM/GPRS network, the Internet and Global Positioning System (GPS) to link vehicles with IMDS M2 wireless device to their Dispatching Center enabling cost effective two-way voice and data exchanges such as delivery contacts, job scheduling, delivery confirmation, invoicing, vehicle poisoning information, etc.
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Garmin Ique M3 Pocket PC With Integrated GPS Receiver Garmin Ique M3 Pocket PC With Integrated GPS Receiver
Specifications: Product description: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Navigation at your fingertips The ique m3 is a user-friendly automotive GPS navigator in a sleek, lightweight pocket PC design. The attractively priced ique m3 features larger, more-intuitive icons that make it easier for consumers to select navigation applications using their index finger, rather than a stylus. No other unit on today's market combines straightforward in-car navigation with pocket PC applications like the ique m3. This powerful time-saving tool is ideal for anyone who wants to simplify their life with one integrated device for their automobile, home, or office. The ique m3 features microsoft's windows mobile 2003 professional edition software package, windows mobile 2003 second edition, which supports portrait/landscape screen orientation for easy viewing of multimedia content. Incorporating garmin's proven, easy-to-use c-series automotive navigation software, the ique m3 provides premium in-car navigation capability with automatic route calculation to any destination. The intuitive, point-screen interface requires little input from the user. Users can easily see where they are on an electronic map, and look up an address or point of interest and route to it. An integrated speaker gives voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions to your destination. Users are also able to choose between a three-dimensional navigation view or the more traditional 2d overhead view. The 3d-navigation perspective lets drivers see an uncluttered view of what's down the road. A built-in basemap of North and south America shows major highways, thoroughfares, railways, lakes, rivers and borders. Garmin includes its mapsource city select DVD as a standard accessory, so users can download detailed street-level map data, look up nearly six million points of interest (pois), and navigate to addresses throughout the u. S. And Canada. World travelers can also add a European or pacific rim basemap from the installation CD and purchase detailed maps separately. As an added benefit, you can now import customized points of interest with the help of garmin's free poi loader software. The possibilities are endless - upload safety cameras or school zones, and you will receive a warning if you are traveling too fast. In addition, an optional proximity-alert feature notifies you of upcoming custom pois. Product specifications Manuals Software updates Faqs Package includes: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ique m3 handeld USB synchronization cable AC wall charger Mapsource city select DVD (us only) Companion CD or DVD (us only) Quick-reference guide Dashboard disk Metal stylus Protective flip cover Automotive windshield mount w/integrated charger
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Aluminum Carabiner Key Ring with Integrated Compasses Aluminum Carabiner Key Ring with Integrated Compasses
Features: 1) 40mm liquid-filled built-in compass 2) Solid Zinc. carabiner 3) Big area for printing of logos; great promotional item Inner packing: 1pc/bubble bag / white box KAITAI Other Price Terms: FOB Shanghai / Ningbo Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sight
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[Related Keywords: aluminum, Carabiner, key, ring, with, integrated, Compasses ]
Motus M990TL Treadmill With Integrated 15 Motus M990TL Treadmill With Integrated 15
Specifications: Product Description Motor - AC 3.0 HP, continuous duty Speed - 0.1-10 m/h, Incline - 0~15%, 0.5% Increment Console Size - 15" Samsung LCD TV panel Signal Coaxial, RCA, S-VIDEO 7-segment, FND Time, Remaining Time, Incline, Used Calorie per Hour, Distance, Used Calorie, Speed, PACE(min/km), H/R System Wireless System Optional Programs Built-In - 5 Accessory Tray - 2(Water Pail, MP3, Mobile, etc.) Emergency Switch Button(Push),Magnetic Key(Pull) Handle for Medical Use Optional One Touch Speed Control and Incline Maximum User Weight 410 (lbs) Weight 450 (lbs) Features 1. Excellent Performance High-quality AC motor and precise motor control. Higher torque even in a low speed, decreased noise from in low to high speed, and minimized vibration. Prevent belt s leaning. Formed highly hard frame structure.2. Large size LCD Monitor (M990TL, M995TL) Mounted 15 LCD monitor in display console. Allow user to enjoy exercise with watching TV, VCR, and DVD. Support headphone function. 2. Scientific and customized programs Preprogrammed various exercise programs (intensified cardiopulmonary programs, fat burn, and stamina promotion programs. Built-in goal-oriented programs. Built-in H/R program which is connected with H/R and adjusts incline automatically. 3. Consideration of user s safety and convenience Belt near ground as soon as possible for user s stability Multi-shock absorption system Nano-silver antimicrobial handle bar Touch sensitive switch (Switch brightness control is available.) Ergonomic design 2 kinds of emergency keys. Wide space accessory tray. Product Features 3HP AC Mitsubishi Continuous Motor 15" Integrated Samsung LCD TV Monitor Hyundai electronics and Inverter Multiple Shock Absorption System 'Quiet Running' treadmill and Minimized Vibration Motus Other Price Terms: free shipping Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 50
[Related Categories: Fitness & Body Building ]
[Related Keywords: Motus, M990TL, Treadmill, with, integrated, 15 ]
Color Integrated Camera Color Integrated Camera
Features: 1) Image device: 1/4" Sony Super HAD CCD 2) Valid pixel: a) PAL: 500 (H) x 582 (V) b) NTSC: 510(H) x 492 (V) 3) Horizontal definition: 420 TV lines 4) Min. illumination: 0.1 Lux / F1.2 5) 22X zoom (3.9 - 85.8mm) 6) OSD auto / manual focus switchable 7) Day and night 8) Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 59mm 9) Power supply: DC 12V / 150mA KOMSA Other Price Terms: FOB Shenzhen Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 20,000pcs/month
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
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22X Color Waterproof IR Integrated Camera 22X Color Waterproof IR Integrated Camera
Features: 1) Image device: 1/4" SONY super HAD CCD 2) Valid pixel: a) PAL: 500 (H) x 582 (V) b) NTSC: 510 (H) x 492 (V) 3) Horizontal definition: 420 TV lines 4) Minimum illumination: IR on 0 lux 5) 19pcs IR LED, IR 80m 6) 22X zoom (3.9 - 85.8mm) 7) Protection rate: IP66 8) Dimensions: 80 x 150mm 9) Power supply: DC 12V / 120mA 10) Elegant design, aluminum alloy, heat dispersion KOMSA Other Price Terms: FOB Shenzhen Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 20,000pcs/month
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: 22x, Color, waterproof, IR, integrated, camera ]
Weatherproof Integrated Color Ccd Camera Weatherproof Integrated Color Ccd Camera
Tp-777vic-mir Features: All-in-one concept 1/3 inch interline transfer ccd Up to 500tv lines 3.8~9.5mm japanese aspherical vari-focal DC drive a. I. Lens with 36 LED d/n solution Auto gain control, auto white balance Dual power design Weatherproof housing for indoor& outdoor use Unique mounting bracket with hidden cables to avoid being cut-off TOPICA Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): ISO-9002Supply Ability: 10000
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: weatherproof, integrated, Color, Ccd, camera ]
Digital Video Recorder - PCI Integrated Board Type Digital Video Recorder - PCI Integrated Board Type
DVR (Digital Video Recorder), one of main high-tech digital security equipment does not only solve the weak-points of CCTV, but also innovative technology dreams come true. It makes possible remote surveillance and many other various & convenient functions. This strong points make DVR as a major digital security equipment. * Model : iNetDVR-0430(4CH, 30fps) / 4120(4CH, 120fps) / 1630(16CH, 30fps) / 1660(16CH, 60fps) / 16120(16CH, 120fps) / 16120R(16CH, 120fps) / 16240(16CH, 240fps) / 16240R(16CH, 240fps) / 16480(16CH, 480fps) * Key Advantages + Pre-Alarm : Capable of recording the data (Max. 5 sec and 3fps) prior to occurrence of the event + External Device Link : Link with POS, ATM, Access Control Device, etc. + Changeable Replay Speed : 1/16x, 1/8x, 1/4x, 1/2x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x + Remote Schedule Recording : Max. 256 sites x 16 Cameras/sites = 4,096 Cameras + Dual Monitor : The user can monitor and control Max. 32 Cameras simultaneously. + Easy integration with other system : The user can easily integrate with other system through the application of WebAgent components. * Compression technology + Two kinds of the advanced softwares to compress the motion pictures and audios + 'MPEG-4' for the minimization of storage and 'MJPEG' for the high quality of the picture + Easy to select its suitable compression method by a click * Recorder + Remote Communication Speed (iNetDVR-16480): Max 240fps + MPEG4 Recording Speed (iNetDVR-16480): Max 360fps + MJPEG Recording Speed (iNetDVR-16480): Max 480fps + Support of PAL Resolution Recording : 768 x 576, 384 x 288 + Limitation of User & Channel: The administrator can set the connectable images of remote connector to each user and channel + Support of the Changeable Audio File when alarm occurs: The user can adjust the replay time of the changeable audio file when the alarm occurs + Set-up of Alarm-Out Duration in the unit of second + Multi-Language Support * Local Viewer (Search) / Backup + Very High Image Quality of Monitoring Screen + Limitation of Connectable Images by User & Channel + Insertion of Data and Time on the Image (when the user saves each sheet of image) + Support of Variable Backup Device: CD, DVD, USB Backup + Multi-Language Support * Remote Viewer / Web Agent + Remote Communication Speed (iNetDVR-16480): Max. 240fps + Limitation of User & Channel: The administrator can set the connectable images of remote connector to each user and channel. + Warning Sign Control + Multi-Language Support + Hidden Camera: If the user sets a certain camera to hide, the camera will not appear on the remote site iNetDVR Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: DIGITAL, video, recorder, -, PCI, integrated, board, type ]
Integrated PTZ Camera Set Integrated PTZ Camera Set
Specifications: 1.Indoor PTZ camera set 2.32mode preset position 3.16x/22x optical zoom 4.8x digital zoom 5.RS-485/422 daisy chain 6.Auto panning 7.Built-in receiver and driverSmart PTZ Camera Other Price Terms: FOB  Pusan
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: integrated, PTZ, camera, set ]
Integrated Camera Integrated Camera
Specifications: Model no. Fo-eo 670h(day/night) Dc12v, x22 zoom rs 485 Pick-up device:1/4 " Sony super had ccd TV system: Pal/ntsc Horizontal resolution:380tv lines Minimum illumination:0.1lux/f1.2 Synchronous system: Internal synchronization Auto focus. Osd menu Material: Aluminum alloy. We'd like to introduce ourself to you. We have dealed with CCTV camera business for many years, We can supply: 1. Mini dome camera 1/4" sharp ccd,420lines,0.8lux 2. Back focus box camera(c/CS mount) 1/3" Sony super had ccd,420lines,0.5lux 3. Eclipse/high light controd w/d/w switch, box camera 1/3" Sony super had ccd, f1.2, dc12v/ac24v,530lines,0.05lux 4. Ir camera:25m, ip66,24pc 1/3" Sony ccd,420lines,0lux 3 kinds of crust for chose. 5. Fire sprinkler camera 1/4" Sony ccd,420lines,0.5lux Etc. We assure our close cooperation at any times. We do hope to have a good business relationship with you.
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: integrated, camera ]
Integrated ScanDome Integrated ScanDome
Specifications: Features HSGN-502 Pendant type Indoor housing for ScanDome HSGN-502SH Pendant type outdoor housing with sun shield, fan & heater for ScanDome
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: integrated, ScanDome ]
Integrated Outdoor Middle Speed Dome Camera Integrated Outdoor Middle Speed Dome Camera
Features: 1) Integration of digital camera, lens, receiver, variable speed pan/tilt motor and dome enclosure 2) Integration of the following components: a) Digital camera and lens, high Res.18X color or color/B&W, 22X color, 27X color/B&W b) Variable high-speed pan/tilt:0.5°-60°/S pan and 0.5°-40°/S tilt c) Dome housing: optional indoor in-ceiling/pendant and outdoor pendant d) Back box: aluminum e) Dome drive: aluminum, ABS plastic f) Lower dome: acrylic, clear or smoked color. Vandal proof optional 3) On-screen-display programming 4) 360°continuous pan rotation 5) 2° to -92° continuous tilt run, automatic 180 ° flip 6) 128 preset positions, with preset frozen optional 7) Preset speed: 60 °/S 8) Programmable pattern and auto scan 9) Zoom adjusted programming 10) Surge and non-volatile protection 11) DIP setup for protocol, baud rate and address ID 12) Pelco P/D Control protocol 13) Baud rate: 2,400B/4,800B/9,600B Mechanical: 1) Back box: aluminum 2) Dome drive: aluminum, ABS plastic 3) Lower dome: acrylic or polycarbonate 4) Pan movement: 360° 5) Tilt movement: +2° to -92° 6) Manual pan speed: 0.5°-60°/s 7) Manual tilt speed: 0.5°-40°/s 8) Preset speed: 60 °/S 9) Input voltage: 18-30VAC 10) Input power: 18W (indoor) 11) 40W (outdoor) 12) Fuse: 1.6A 13) Operating range: -5° to 60° (indoor), -40° to 60° (outdoor) 14) Heater kit included for outdoor pendant mount type Dome drive model: FCB-EX45CP 1) CCD: 1/4-inch interline transfer CCD 2) Optical zoom:18 3) Digital zoom: 12 4) Signal system: PAL / NTSC 5) Total pixels number: 811 (H) x 508 (V) 410K (NTSC), 795 (H) x 596 (V) 470K (PAL) 6) Effective pixels number: 768 (H) x 494 (V) 380K (NTSC), 752 (H) x 582 (V) 440K (PAL) 7) Horizontal Res.: 480TVL 8) Lens: F1.4 (f=4.1 -73.8mm) 9) Min. illumination: 1.0 Lux 10) S/N ratio: 50dB 11) Shutter speed: auto/manual, 1/50-1/100,000 12) White balance: manual/auto 13) BLC: on/off 14) OSD (on screen display): on/off 15) Gain ctrl: auto/manual 16) Video output: 1.0 Vp-p (75 ohms, composite)
[Related Categories: Surveillance Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: integrated, Outdoor, middle, speed, Dome, camera ]
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