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Keyword "injection mould"
3K Mold (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd(04/17/2014)

 Shenzhen 3 k mould co. LTD. established in December 2012, is specialized in plastic mold design and production, plastic products production and processing of the service enterprises, the company to provide clients with one-stop services, including mold development, injection molding, spray printing, assembly packaging, etc.

Company production mold product category is widespread, mainly related to automobile, electronics, packaging, consumer, medical products, etc.Main mold products are: injection mold, rapid mould, plastic mould, die-casting mould, double color mould, etc.
In injection molding production and processing, our company has a size of different tonnage injection molding machine production for the customer.
Company focused on the production of high precision/high quality export mold, has a group of high quality and experienced design and manufacturing and project management personnel, our master HASCO, DME, MISUMI standards, etc.We put the exquisite hot runner technology, adiabatic flow technology, mold flow analysis technique, gas assisted injection molding technology, widely used in mold design and manufacturing, is well received by the customer.
Company customers, throughout Europe, the americas, Asia and other parts of the world.
We adhere to high quality, low cost, efficient business philosophy as the foundation, on time to customers as the center, based on cutting-edge science and technology industry, to provide customers with high quality and low price, efficient service on time.

3K Mold (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd [China]
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Tech Mould Co.,Ltd(12/06/2013)

 Tech mould co.,limited was founded in 2004, most of the equipments are made Japan and Taiwan, for example: FANUC, SELK high speed machine, SODICK wire cut and EDM machine.TATUNG OKUMAP plane grinding machine. MITUTOYO Three-coordinate measuring machine. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality certification and we have formed our quality procedure by ourselves in our company to control the mould quality and part quality, and there are 20 experienced engineers and excellent manager team, these assure the high quality for each mould and punctual lead time. Furthermore our price is competitive, our communication is professional, and all these make our company develop rapidly.

Tech Mould Co.,Ltd [China]
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Xindao Precise Mould Co., Ltd(12/03/2013)

 Xindao Precise Mould Co., Ltd is a professional, export-oriented manufacturer of injection molds and custom parts, serving for the automotive, appliance, electronics, household products, etc industries. As a family owned and operated enterprise, Xindao Mould has built its reputation by high-quality products, outstanding services, on-time delivery and competitive prices. We are a lean efficient company that will let you have highly personal attention and accomplish your work quickly and efficiently. With our well trained and experienced teams and advanced facilities, Xindao Mould is capable of meeting your specific expectations and high standards requirements.

Xindao Precise Mould Co., Ltd [China]
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Taizhou monmould Facotry(05/19/2013)


Taizhou Mon Mould is one prominent injection mould maker from China.

Mon mould had over 20 years experience in plastic injection Mold,and keeps focusing on houseware Mould, Commodity Mould,Pipe Fittings Mould.We use the latest moulds software,technology to built best mould to satisfy our customers.

Mon mould is your right supplier,why?

We design moulds according to customer need.
1.If high vulome mould is request
we use modern design(design strong mould,add famouse hot runner,concentrated cooling system)
good material(China famouse steel company,Inported Eroupean steel)
with best treatment,processing(Quench,nitriding,high speed CNC,high speed carved)
to ensure customer will get good quality,high efficient, strong tools.
2.If lower vulome mould is request
Upon to vulome,we will recommend and choose normal,cheaper material for mould,
As 45# P20,718 and so on .
Our option is "Trying to save cost for customers"
Anyway,whether high vulome or lower luome mould,our promise is that:
"75-80% cost will be add on mould built"As this is mould quality request.

Mon Mould follow its honest ,Become strong step by step,and sand out!


Taizhou monmould Facotry [China]
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Hongchao Mold & Technology Co.,Ltd.(05/08/2013)

   In short, Hong Chao Mould Technology Co., Ltd. is both a professional mold maker and molder in the famous town--Tangxia, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province in China.We provide an extensive integrated operational ability from design to production of moulds 100% by ourselves.

  Hongchao is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection mould, mainly including electronics mould, home appliance mould, automotive mould, medical equipment mould, power tool mould, etc. We can provide molds with different structures: normal mould, point gate mould, hot runner mould, 2K mould,over mould, stack mould, unscrew mould etc. We can not only supply the mould but also the final plastic products to meet all customers' requirement.

Hongchao Mold & Technology Co.,Ltd. [China]
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Taizhou Huangyan Micon Plastic and Mould Company(04/24/2013)

Micon Mould is dedicated in plastic thin wall mould and labware mould manufacturing. We have rich experience in manufacturing different kinds of thin wall moulds, such as thin wall food container mould,thin wall bucket mould, thin wall cup mould, thin wall ice cream box mould, thin wall tub mould, thin wall tray mould, thin wall parts mould etc.


Micon Mould successfully develops a series of labware mould,such as petri dish mould,sample container mould,measuring cup mould, centrifuge tube mould etc.


Range of mold manufactured:

Plastic food packing mould: thin wall container,thin wall box,thin wall cup etc;

Plastic industiral packing mould: plastic bucket,paint bucket, plastic pail, plastic bin, plastic crate etc;

Plastic labware mould: petri dish, centrifuge tube,test tube,sample container,measuring cup etc;

Welcome to get more information.

Taizhou Huangyan Micon Plastic and Mould Company [China]
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Shiny Mould(09/29/2011)

we are one of the leading plastic & injection mould maker which was located in Huangyan Taizhou city.

we have rich experience in crate mould,pallets mould,thin-wall container mould,chair mould,pail mould,cap mould,PET preform mould,hanger mould,pipe fitiing mould.

Shiny Mould [China]
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Hangzhou Dedui Machine Co.,Ltd(08/11/2011)

Welcome to Hangzhou Dehui Machine Co., Ltd.

Quality and Safety:
We have implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each product can meet quality requirements of customers. Besides, all of our products have been strictly inspected before shipment.

Your Success; Our Glory:
Our aim is to help customers realize their goals. We are making great efforts to achieve this win-win situation and sincerely welcome you to join us.

Hangzhou Dedui Machine Co.,Ltd [China]
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Aigrand Plastics Co.,Ltd(06/14/2011)

Aigrand Plastics is specialized in injection moulds and molding of thermoplastics to automotive, consumer electronics, packaging, medical and other interrelated plastic industries.

Keeping all aspects of the tool build in-house saves your time and money. Drilling, EDM, CNC, wire cut and polishing work are all done at our plant to keep close control of project schedule and maintain our customers' quality standards. From initial consultation to delivery of your tooling, we work hard to determine your needs and accelerate both the tooling and molding process. "Done by Aigrand Plastics" will be a quick and efficient way to improve your operations and become more competitive on your global market. 

Our fields of expertise
•  product development & rapid prototyping
•  injection mould design, fabrication and maintenance
thermoplastic injection molding



•  professional consultant on part analysis, tooling feasibility and optimization

•  high-efficiency project supervision

Aigrand Plastics has rich experience in the engineering and building of all

types of plastic molds, including 
•  multi-cavity mould
•  precision mould                                                                         
•  big mould
•  family mold
•  hot runner mould

•  three-plate
•  insert-molding
•  unscrewing
•  overmolded
•  2 shots


We also offer secondary process service as 
•  painting, silkscreen & pad printing
•  hot stamping
•  parts assembly


Aigrand Plastics Co.,Ltd [China]
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