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6, 7-dihydroxybergamottin(DHB) 6, 7-dihydroxybergamottin(DHB)


(karen at seaweedbiochem dot com)
detection method: HPLC
6,7-dihydroxybergamottin (DHB) is a naturally occurring Nettle Root that prevents the breakdown of Methylxanthines and other metabolites in the gut.  DHB also prevents the body from becoming tolerant to certain metabolites.  When you take DHB, you will need less of each ingredient to get beneficial effects, and the results you get will be even more pronounced.
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Sodium Cyclamate Sodium Cyclamate






White crystal powder

Loss on drying




Sulfate (SO4)


PH Value 100G/L

5.5 - 7.5

Arsenic (As)


Heavy Metals (as Pb)




Packed in 25kg bag,drum or carton.



Shielded from light, dry and cool placement, sealed for storage.



Our Sodium Cyclamate products are controlled under certified quality system ISO9001

and product safety are ensured by established safety system.









Full details and test method are available on request.


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Sodium Saccharin Sodium Saccharin






White powder or white granular



Acidity or Alkalinity

< 0.2%

Loss on drying

Max 2.0%





Heavy Metals (Pb)



Max. 2.0

Total CI content






25kg net per plastic woven bag with PE bag inner, drum or carton


BP2002, USP24, FCC4


Kept in a light-proof, well-closed, dry and cool place.


Our Sodium Saccharine production is controlled under certified quality system ISO9001 and product safety are ensured by established safety system.


Kosher Approved

Halal Certified




Full details and test method are available on request.


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Citric Acid Anhydrous Citric Acid Anhydrous

The specifications of citric acid anhydrous
10-30mesh/30-100mesh is followed,

The specifications is followed:
Items                   Spec
Appearance    colorless or white crystal
Identification and solubility     pass test
Clarity and color of solution 20% water solution clarity
Assay 99.5-101.0%
Humidity Max.0.5%
Sulphated Ash Max.0.1%
Sulphate Max.150 ppm
Oxalates Max.100 ppm
Calcium Max.200 ppm
Heavy Metal Max.5 ppm
Iron Max.50 ppm
Chloride Max.50 ppm
Readily carbureted substance standard color
Barium pass the test
Bacterial endotoxin Max. 0.5%
Aluminium Max.0.2%
Arsenic Max. 1 ppm
Mercury Max. 1 ppm
Lead Max. 1 ppm
Organic volatile impurity pass the test
Tridodecylamin     Max. 0.1 %
U.V.Readiation absorption value pass the test

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Citric Acid Monohydrate Citric Acid Monohydrate

Properties  &nb sp;    Specifications
Appearance: Colorless or white crystal
Identification and solubility: Pass the test
Clarity and color of solution: 20% water solution clarity
Assay: 99.5-101.0%
Sulphated Ash: Max.0.1%
Sulphate: Max. 150 ppm
Oxalates: Max. 100 ppm
Calcium: Max. 200 ppm
Heavy metal: Max. 5 ppm
Iron: Max. 50 ppm
Chloride: Max. 50 ppm
Readily carbureted substance: standard color
Barium: pass the test
Bacterial endotoxin: Max.0.5%
Aluminium: Max.0.2%
Arsenic: Max.1 ppm
Mercury: Max.1 ppm
Lead: Max.1 ppm
Organic volatile impurity : pass the test
Tridodecylamine: Max.0.1%
U.V.Readiation absorption value: pass the test

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quinapril quinapril

Quinapril hydrochloride

Quality standard : usp

Use : antihypertensive drug

Package : 5kg/tin ; 10kg/drum ; 25kg/drum

Storage: preserve in a tight container, in a cool and dark place.

C25H 30 n 2O 5 .HCl

Cas: 82586-55-8


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ramipril ramipril


Quality standard: ep iv

Use : antihypertensive drug

Package: 5kg/tin; 10kg/drum;25kg/drum

Storage : preserve in a tight container, in a cool and dark place.

C23H 32 n 2O 5

Cas : 87333-19-5

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benazepril benazepril


Quality standard : enterprise standard

Use: antihypertensive drug

Package: 5kg/tin; 10kg/drum; 25kg/drum

Storage: preserve in a tight container, in a cool and dark place.

C24H 28 n 2 O5 .HCl

Cas: 86541-74-4

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Nosmoq Herbal Ingredient Nosmoq Herbal Ingredient
Specifications: It looks exactly the same as the conventional filtered cigarettes, Only it is nicotine-free! Its powerful herbal ingredient leads you to curb the desire for cigarettes physiologically and psychologically. A breakthrough herbal formula that, not only stops you from smoking but also enhances your bodys healing mechanism, enhances vital energies, restores harmony and balanceand increases your essence. So end your terrible habit And make nosmoq a part of your new&healthy lifestyle!
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Herbal Ingredient Herbal Ingredient
Specifications: We have 200 diffrent herbal ingredient, organically produce and collected from all over the world, we also have saffran, ambergris, deer musk and etc our web site. KKHAWAJA'S NATURAL PRODUCT Other Price Terms: FOB  LAHORE Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): 100 %PURESupply Ability: 5-10 MT
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Health Supplements / Minerals / Single Ingredient Products Health Supplements / Minerals / Single Ingredient Products
Quality natural herbal supplements from the house of Qarshi. Valerian, Guggle, Ginger, Lavender, Dill, Garlic, St. John's Wort, Oyster Shell Calcium, CMZ, Coral Calcium, Zinc + Vit. C, Calcium Magnesium Zinc and Gisnovit. Very essential products to maintain a health life style. Products are available in convenient packing to carry with you everywhere you go. You can trust on quality and efficacy of the products as these products are manufactured by Qarshi which is HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025 certified company. Qarshi is producing a wide range of quality natural products since 1968. Products include food and health supplements, natural traditional remedies, juices, farm products, instant herbal teas, refreshing drinks and natural mineral water. Qarshi Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 14001, ORGANIC CERTIFICATIONSupply Ability: Any
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Healthy Ingredient Healthy Ingredient
Specifications: 1) Made from selected super quality pork, beef and ham as raw materials 2) Packing type: 300g glass bottle 3) Storage life: 12 months 4) Product standard No.: Q/ZHY0372005 5) Environmental requirement: moistureproof 6) Applies modern biotechnology 7) With a broad use, and fits for all kinds of soups or sauces 8) Also as ingredient for dish and dim sum 9) Raw materials list: extract of pork, beef, ham, salt, monosodium glutamate, cane sugar, flavoring spice for cooking, and extract of barm Summary: our seasoning is produced by advanced equipment. Using high grade seafood, we adopt delicate and advanced workmanship to make with extra care. It is suitable for cooking to prompt the fresh and delicious taste. We can also customize the product specifications as per requirements of buyers.
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Animal Or Microbial) Rennet, Cultures And Dairy Ingredient Animal Or Microbial) Rennet, Cultures And Dairy Ingredient
Specifications: We produce animal and microbial enzymes for the dairy industry such Rennet and lipases. We can supply also cultures, dairy machinery and all the other dairy ingredients.
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Cosmetic Specialty Ingredient Cosmetic Specialty Ingredient
Specifications: Arnica montana (and) propylene glycol Calendula officinalis (and) propylene glycol Chamomilla recutica propylene glycol(and)water Centella asiatica (and) propylene glycol Eucalyptus globulus (and) propylene glycol Trigonella foenum graecum (and) propylene glycol Panax ginseng (and) propylene glycol Aesculus hippocastanum (and) propylene glycol Humulus lupulus (and) propylene glycol Equisetum arvense (and) propylene glycol Hypericum perforatum (and) propylene glycol Juniperus communis (and) propylene glycol Malva sylvestris (and) propylene glycol Propolis cera (and) propylene glycol Ruscus aculeatus (and) propylene glycol Polyquaternium 7 Phenoxyethanol (and) methyldibromo glutaronitrile Phenoxyethanol (and) methyldibromo glutaronitrile (and) methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) methylisothiazolinone Diazolidinyl urea Propylene glycol (and) diazolidinyl urea (and) methylparaben (and) propylparaben Benzyl alcohol (and) propylene glycol (and) methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) methylisothiazolinone Imidazolidinyl urea Methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) methylisothiazolinone (and) magnesium chloride (and) magnesium nitrate (and) water Phenoxyethanol (and) methylparaben (and) ethylparaben (and) butylparaben (and) propylparaben (and) isobutylparaben Amodimethicone (and) trideceth 6 (and) cetearyl alcohol behenyl trimonium methosulfate Dimethiconol tea- dodecylbenzenesulfonate (and) trideceth 10 Amodimethicone (and) steareth 21 (and) cetearyl alcohol behenyl trimonium methosulphate
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Processing Ingredient ACR for PVC Processing Ingredient ACR for PVC
Processing ingredient ACR for PVC is ACR copolymer, and is the external lubricating type and fusing promoting type processing modifier, which is mainly used to improve the processing property and impact property of PVC. Meanwhile, it has excellent weatherability. Range of applications: 1) Processing ingredient is popularly suitable for rigid, semi-rigid and soft PVC products 2) It receives more visible additive effect on rigid PVC product, especially for injection moulded items and secondary processed products, and is very suitable for tubular goods, for example extruded plate, profile shapes, blow extruded film, blow and injection moulded item and foaming product 3) General dosage: 1-3phr, and it is 3-6phr in injection moulded item Application characteristics: 1) Increases the liquidity of material, decreases processing temperature, shortens processing time, and realizes the mixing uniformly 2) Improves the stability and bath strength of PVC 3) Has proportional wall thickness and bright surface, it improves the dimensional accuracy and whiteness of finished product 4) Improves heat stability and weatherability 5) Removes bad phenomena of tapping and degassing 6) Increases leg strength Storage and transportation: 1) It must be stored far from flame and heat sources, avoid from insolating and drenching 2) Do not transport them together with toxicant and lyotrope 3) Stored in clear, shady and dry warehouse with storage period of 1 year 4) Can be used if passes the checking after 1 year Physical properties and characteristics: Fengzheng Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF Payment Terms: L/C at sight, T/T in advanceSupply Ability: 500MT/month
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Herb Plant Extract Ingredient Additive Herb Plant Extract Ingredient Additive
Specifications: JRC04 Cassia Twig P. E. Ramulus Cinnamomi JRC05 Cattail Pollen P. E. Pollen Typhae JRC06 Chicken's Gizzard-membrane P. E. Endothelium Corneum Gigeriae Galli JRC07 Chinese Arborvitae Twig P. E. Cacumen Platycladi JRC08 Chinese Gall P. E. Galla Chinensis JRC09 Chinese gentian P. E. Gentiana manshurica Kitag JRC10 Chinese Honeylocust Spine P. E. Spina Gleditsiae JRC11 Chinese Ligusticum Rhizome P. E. Rhizome Rhizoma Ligustici JRC12 Chinese Pulsatilla Root P. E. Radix Pulsatillae JRC13 Chinese Taxillus Twig P. E. Herba Taxilli JRC14 Chinese Thorowax Root P. E. Radix Bupleuri JRC15 Chinese wolfberry root-bark P. E. Lycium chinense Mill JRC16 Chrysanthemum P. E. Flos Chrysanthemi JRC17 Cinnabar P. E. Cinnabaris JRC18 Clematis Root P. E. Radix Clematidis JRC19 Coastal Glehnia Root P. E. Radix Glehniae JRC20 Coastal glehnia root P. E. Glehnia littoralis F. Schmidt ex miq. JRC21 Cockscomb Flowe P. E. Flos Celosiae Cristatae JRC22 Coix Seed P. E. Semen Coicis JRG08 Great Burdock Achene P. E. Fructus Arctii JRG09 Green Tangerine Peel P. E. Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride JRG10 Gypsum P. E. Gypsum Fibrosum JRH01 Hairyvein Agrimonia Herb P. E. Bud Herba et Gemma Agrimoniae JRH02 Hemp Fruit P. E. Fructus Cannabis JRH03 Hemp seed P. E. Cannabis sativa L. JRH04 Heterophylly Falsestarwort Root P. E. Radix Pseudostellariae JRH05 Himalayan Teasel Root P. E. Radix Dipsaci JRH06 Honeysuckle Flower P. E. Flos Lonicerae JRH07 Hypoglaucous Collett Yam Rhizome P. E. Rhizoma Dioscoreae Hypoglaucae JRI01 Incised Notopterygium Rhizome P. E. Rhizoma Notopterygii JRI02 India Madder Root P. E. Radix Rubiae JRI03 Indigowoad Leaf P. E. Folium Isatidis JRI04 Indigowoad Root P. E. Radix Isatidis JRI05 Inula Flower P. E. Flos Inulae JRK01 Katsumada galangal seed P. E. Alpinia katsumadai Hayata JRK02 Katsumade Galangal Seed P. E. Semen Alpiniae JRL01 Lalang Grass Rhizome P. E. Rhizoma Imperatae
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