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Buy Nylon / Polyester Taffeta In 210t
We require nylon/polyester taffeta in 210t. Genuine manufacturers should only contact who are ready to send in samples for approval.
[Related Categories: Polyester Fabric ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Nylon, /, polyester, Taffeta, in, 210T ]
Buy Fabrics In Monstrous Style Tor Mid-old Ladies
I am interesting in buying the monstrous style fabrics for mid-old ladies, it is suit for the spring&summer garment. The components is opend. If you have some monostrous fabrics, pls contact me freely. Waiting for you quick reply.
[Related Categories: Polyester Fabric ]
[Related Keywords: buy, fabrics, in, Monstrous, Style, Tor, Mid-old, Ladies ]
Buy Recycled HDPE & PP Plastic Material In Pellet
We are looking for the supplier of the First Recycled HDPE& PP Plastic Material in pellet abroad for the purpose of injection plastic Pallets,turnover box and garbage bin. If you are in this line, please contact us with your best C&F SHANGHAI (China) port offer, we will buy a great deal annually.
[Related Categories: Others ]
[Related Keywords: buy, recycled, HDPE, &, PP, plastic, Material, in, pellet ]
Buy Pulp Used In Baby Diaper And Sanitary Napkin
We seek to import the pulp used in the baby diaper and sanitary napkin at the fixed monthly order. we are experienced supplyer of raw material for hygienic products and was placed constant order from our customer .
[Related Categories: Pulp & Paper Agent ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Pulp, USED, in, baby, diaper, and, sanitary, napkin ]
Buy Testliner Paper In Rolls
Please send us your offer for the following item: - Testliner paper in rolls, weight 120 - 140 g/m2, white/brown, width 1 m. Quantity:40 tons/month. For details, don`t hesitate to contact us.
[Related Categories: Paperboard ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Testliner, paper, in, rolls ]
Buy C Channel in Korean Grade
We are looking for the Steel material made in Korea Grade or Japan Grade, Here below is the spec. 1. 125x65 c-channel. The thickness is 6mm on the web and 8mm on the flange. The weight is 13.4kg/m. The yield strength is 245n/mm2. 2. 100x50 c-channel. The thickness is 5mm on the web and 7.5mm on the flange. The weight is 9.36kg/m. The yield strength is 245n/mm2.
[Related Categories: Iron & Steel ]
[Related Keywords: buy, C, channel, in, Korean, Grade ]
Buy Scrap In Iron Or Steel
We want to buy Metal waste Special in Iron ir Steel Scrap any where in the World.We are interested in the imports of metal wastes like stainless steel, casting iron, steel, brass, Aluminium and copper scraps . World wide exporters send specifications, supllying capacity per month, quote CFR and CIF prices per M/t in us$ with berif details.
[Related Categories: Iron & Steel ]
[Related Keywords: buy, SCRAP, in, IRON, or, steel ]
Buy Shaving Foam Or Gel In Aerosol Cans
We are sourcing agents with an established buyer looking for a container of shaving foam or gel. Aerosol cans only. Approx. 400ml cans. Please provide price quote, qty per container, other details and images.
[Related Categories: Razors & Shaving Products ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Shaving, foam, or, Gel, in, Aerosol, Cans ]
Buy Gelim Persian Rug Hand Made In Silk
We are one of distributer of gelim ( persian carpet) original from iran, hand made with high quality and elegant design wiht grantee and natural colors, silk
[Related Categories: Rug & Mat ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Gelim, Persian, Rug, hand, Made, in, Silk ]
Buy Gelim Persian Rug Hand Made In Silk
We are a one distributer of gelim ( persian carpet) original from iran, hand made with high quality and elegant design wiht grantee and natural colors, silk
[Related Categories: Rug & Mat ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Gelim, Persian, Rug, hand, Made, in, Silk ]
Buy Olive Oil In Bulk
We are seeking the soure of olive oil in bulk. We want the smaller packing, so we can load it easier. If you want to creat long term cooperate with us, please contact me asap.
[Related Categories: Cooking Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: buy, olive, Oil, in, bulk ]
Buy Black Natural Olives 340 / 370 In Drums
We need 2 fcls per month. - we invite you to quote for them, cif valencia c2%. - Jesus aguilar. - Aguilar export/import, s. L.
[Related Categories: Canned Food ]
[Related Keywords: buy, black, natural, Olives, 340, /, 370, in, Drums ]
Buy Nescafe In Tins
We are looking for competitive prices for nescafe in tins with plastic top cover 50,100,250 gr. Of Brazilian origin Buying full container loads only.
[Related Categories: Beverages ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Nescafe, in, tins ]
Buy Coffee In Retail Packing
We are leading importer of foodstuff in China,and would like to buy coffee in retail packing,which specification is within 300g, and which packing is pouch,tin, plastic bottle or other fancy and nice packaging. Its price should be medium or lower. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
[Related Categories: Beverages ]
[Related Keywords: buy, coffee, in, retail, packing ]
Buy RAM - Kingston In Big Quantity
We are looking for suppliers of RAM in big qty. At the moment we have the current needs: Kingston RAM 1000 pcs. KVR400X64C3A/512 512 400 1000 pcs. KVR400X64C3A/1G 1024 400 DDR2 1000 pcs. KVR533D2N4/512 512 533 1000 pcs. KVR533D2N4/1G 1024 533 We can take big qty, on regular basis. Only serius suppliers please. I look forward to hear from You.
[Related Categories: Hardware Components ]
[Related Keywords: buy, RAM, -, Kingston, in, big, QUANTITY ]
Buy PC, ABS, Hips In Regrind Form
We are currently looking for PC, pmma, ABS, PS, PP in regrind / crush. Please make an offer c & f Penang, Malaysia if you are in position to supply.
[Related Categories: Chemical Waste ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Pc,, ABS,, HIPS, in, Regrind, form ]
Buy PET Bottles In Bales
We introduce ourselves as importers, exporters&indenters of Plastic, Metal, Carpets, Waxes, MDF&Chip Board, Edible Oils Paper scrap etc. We do about 700 containers per month of different products, worldwide. We need PET Bottle Flakes(Natural and colored) about 1200 MT each month. We can enter into contract for 6 months. Please quote your best rates in USD/MT FOB your port. We are also interested in Clean&Natural scrap in LDPE/HDPE/PP/Acrylic etc scraps.
[Related Categories: Chemical Waste ]
[Related Keywords: buy, PET, bottles, in, BALES ]
Need Technology To Upgrade Fe In Iron Sand
We need technology to upgrade fe content in our iron sand
[Related Categories: Technology Transfer ]
[Related Keywords: need, technology, TO, upgrade, Fe, in, IRON, sand ]
Find A Reliable Shipping Agent In Romania
We would like to find a reliable shipping agent in romania. We have stable goods export from china to romania. We hope the agent have long term history & rich experience for sea & air area. In the same time, have trade 7 clean custom experience.
[Related Categories: Cargo & Storage ]
[Related Keywords: find, a, reliable, shipping, agent, in, Romania ]
Looking For Garment / Scarf Agents In Europe And Usa
We are one of the biggest garment and scarf manufacturers and exporters in HangZhou China. All of our products export to French famouse wholesales stores and retail stores via trade company. Now we are extending the market of Europe,Canada and USA. We have huge advantages in design and making casual wear,lady fashion and all kinds of scarves. We are looking for some person or company which can help us to develop new customers. Welcome interested candidates to contact us. We will supply strong product support and good commission.
[Related Categories: Apparel & Fashion Agents ]
[Related Keywords: looking, for, garment, /, scarf, agents, in, Europe, and, USA ]
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