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Rocking Horse - Small Racing Horses Rocking Horse - Small Racing Horses
Specifications: These are the best racing horses. Guess, which one will win the race? Size:77x31x60x40cm(seat height) Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
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[Related Keywords: Rocking, horse, -, small, racing, horses ]
Coach With Horses Coach With Horses
Specifications: This gorgeous coach complete with horses will delight and astound every child giving Them hours of fun and years of use!!!!!!!! ROYAL ROCKERS
[Related Categories: Wooden Toys ]
[Related Keywords: coach, with, horses ]
Toy Horses Toy Horses
Please kindly visit our website for more items. Features: 1) Material: super soft coral 2) More colors available 3) Size: 26cm Packing: 48pcs/ctn Size: 54 x 52 x 44cm Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF Payment Terms: L/C at sight or T/T
[Related Categories: Stuffed & Plush Toys ]
[Related Keywords: toy, horses ]
Competition Horses Competition Horses
Specifications: We sell competition horses (jumping/dressage) national and international level ( csi-cdi) Our equestrian center is situated in the heart of Europe ( luxembourg) 1o min. From the lux-aeroport. We offer as well training for horse and rider as coaching on international competitions. Short and longtime training. (flats in the riding center) Join our team now: Number one in Luxembourg.
[Related Categories: Horse Racing ]
[Related Keywords: competition, horses ]
Horse Shoe For Racing Horses Horse Shoe For Racing Horses
Specifications: Patented horse shoe for racing horses. Increases the blood circulation of the hoof. Almost as effective as barefoot racing.
[Related Categories: Horse Racing ]
[Related Keywords: horse, Shoe, for, racing, horses ]
Rope Products for Horses Rope Products for Horses
Features: 1) Materials: nylon braided rope with steel rings and leather ends, PP multifilament braided rope 2) Sizes: a) H-PP38: 1/2" x 22' / 32', 5/8" x 22' / 32' b) H-PP17: 3/8" x 8' / 10' / 12', 1/2" x 8' / 10' / 12', 5/8" x 8' / 10' / 12' c) H-PP21: 3/4" x 8' / 10' / 12', 5/8" x 8' / 10' / 12' Packing: PVC bag Payment Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF
[Related Categories: Horse Racing ]
[Related Keywords: rope, products, for, horses ]
Horses Racing Rugs Horses Racing Rugs
Specifications: Rugsmaker is a departmental division of U.P groups an import & Export Company, founded in 1999 Shariq aftab, director of Rugsmaker house we has gathered together a group of expert, experienced craftsman and using the very finest materials, manufactures the kinds of leather belts We take exceptional care of our product, closely controlling each step of the manufacturing process. We mostly exports to the Europe, USA and Australians market Mr. Jean Philippe gergards from France is working with us as a quality controller The heart of the company is its peoples, our commitment and complete dedication is clearly reflection in every article we manufacture. Its this commitment and dedication that makes Rugs maker house a work of art. We enjoy watching our buyer profit and grow, making yours and Rugs maker house success absolutely worthwhile. Rugs Maker deal in all king of textile horse accessories like blanket, rugs (summer, winter and rainy), pp halter, saddle pad and other equipments. We have CD catalog of both the company with full details of our product which help you to do the marketing of it . So if you have a interest on it so then we send you our CD catalog Quotation will be presented again upon receiving your request. Any further assistance you may needs, please feel free to let me know
[Related Categories: Horse Racing ]
[Related Keywords: horses, racing, rugs ]
Horses Horses
Specifications: For sale several ridingponies and horses, usefull for recreation and sport. Interested in Dutch ponies or horses be so free to contact us.
[Related Categories: Horse Racing ]
[Related Keywords: horses ]
Rope Products for Horses Rope Products for Horses
Features: 1) Materials: PP multifilament, elastic braided rope with clamps for both ends 2) Sizes: a) H-EL25: 1/2" x 2', 1/2" x 3', 1/2" x 4' b) H-PP27: S, L, M c) H-PP40 (diameter x height): 3 x 3.5cm Packing: PVC bag
[Related Categories: Horse Racing ]
[Related Keywords: rope, products, for, horses ]
Rocking Horses Rocking Horses
Features: 1) Complete varieties available, including cetacean type, crocodile, hippo, and tiger figures 2) Can also be shaped upon customers' needs wandeplay Other Price Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
[Related Categories: Amusement Park ]
[Related Keywords: Rocking, horses ]
Horses From Fine Bloodlines Horses From Fine Bloodlines
Specifications: Looking for fine sporthorses? Just let me know. Specialising in helping you to find the right horse for you! Send me an e-mail with description of what horse(s) you are looking for and I'll get back to you soon.
[Related Categories: Pet & Products ]
[Related Keywords: horses, from, fine, Bloodlines ]
Terracotta Horses Terracotta Horses
Specifications: These lawn decor ornaments are specially hand crafted by traditional craftsmen from the native soil and whose skills and art are a family secret jealously guarded by the family and passed on from one generation to another by word of mouth at birth and initiated into the art when hardly a toddler. The pair of Palminar horses have a significance and are presented at the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. The pair symbolises the eternal unity of man and wife. Each pair is asymmetrical, the taller being the man of the house and the shorter that of the wife. No chauvinism is implied except that each have a role to play in bringing forth children into this world. The urns are no less rich in art and craft and compare equally with the Grecian or Ming, and have a down-to-earth look which will go well with the ambience of your garden. Sandra's Box
[Related Categories: Lawn & Garden Ornaments ]
[Related Keywords: Terracotta, horses ]
Laser Device For Horses Laser Device For Horses
Specifications: This apparatus is intended for carrying out an effective laser therapy of the most wide spread horse diseases in conditions of horse factories, farms and in fields. At using the Laser therapeutic apparatus(LTA)Favorite an animal doesn't feel any pain sensations and lack of medicament scent doesn't call negative memories and, hence, aggressive behavior. It differs from analogs by simple, reliable design and high therapeutic power-100 mW. 6 modes for holding different procedures Light and sound indication of working modes Microprocessor control with automatically setting procedure parameters Hermetic impact-resistant body Built-in rechargeable battery for 8 hours of continuous work At the request of the customer Favorite can be completed with rectovaginal tips. Using of the low-intensive laser radiation renders on an organism regenerative-stimulating, immune and trophicostimulating, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects and also compensate the deficiency of exchange energy. The device is maximally adapted for usage in horse-breeding. Detailed methods of treatment and therapeutic tables along with topographical maps of biologically active points on the horse body are included in the set of delivery. Petrolaser Co. Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): CE
[Related Categories: Veterinary Medicine ]
[Related Keywords: laser, device, for, horses ]
Two Horses Sculpture Two Horses Sculpture
Dimensions: 63 x 48 x 29cm Outer packing: 1pc/ctn Carton volume: 0.123cbm
[Related Categories: Sculptures ]
[Related Keywords: two, horses, sculpture ]
Bronze Horses Bronze Horses
Reproduction of running horses Totally realized in bronze. Dimensions: H.38, w.53 For pricelist and complete production please visit our website
[Related Categories: Sculptures ]
[Related Keywords: bronze, horses ]
Fiberglass Cows Horses Life Size Figures Fiberglass Cows Horses Life Size Figures
Specifications: Our production includes various decoration statues such as:- Garden figures- Ornaments- Decorative figures- Sculptures- Christmas ornaments- Animal statues- Advertisement statues, - Human statues- Plastic decoration- Casted statues- Gnome, Dwarf- Garden fountain and accessories- Windmills- Life-sizes statues Fiberglass, concrete, polyester, resin, polyresin
[Related Categories: Resinic Crafts ]
[Related Keywords: FIBERGLASS, Cows, horses, life, Size, FIGURES ]
Wall Plaque 3 Horses Wall Plaque 3 Horses
Light weight, Durable, Natural Looking, FIBERSTONE Wall Plaque for indoor and outdoor decoration Weathered Proof for outdoor Packaging: Carton with protective polyfoam Other Price Terms: FOB Xiamen Payment Terms: T/T or L/CSupply Ability: 1x40' per day
[Related Categories: Resinic Crafts ]
[Related Keywords: wall, plaque, 3, horses ]
Papercut Of Hundreds Of Galloping Horses Papercut Of Hundreds Of Galloping Horses
Specifications: Paper-cutting is a traditional fine art in China and enjoys great popularity in the World by numerous art-lovers. Zhou Family's paper-cuts are well-known for their Delicate, outstanding cutting skills and have received lots of awards at home And abroad. This is one of the animal series. It depicts hundreds of galloping horses, Which Symolize success and fortune. It's really good for retaining and decoration.Qingyunge Payment Terms: CASH
[Related Categories: Paper Crafts ]
[Related Keywords: Papercut, OF, hundreds, Galloping, horses ]
Horses In Different Styles Horses In Different Styles
Specifications: Made with pure brass, available in different styles, sizes are: 20", 12", 10".
[Related Categories: Metal Crafts ]
[Related Keywords: horses, in, different, styles ]
Craft Horses Craft Horses
Features: 1) Materials: 100% bronze or cast iron with all colors available 2) Sizes (H x L): a) Horse with cowboy: H220 x 200 x 80cm b) Pulling horse: H200 x 190 x 80cm c) Small horse: H180 x 176 x 75cm 3) Sizes as per customers' options Inner packing: Plastic bag Outer packing: Wooden crate Other Price Terms: FOB Tianjin Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sight, D/PSupply Ability: 20pcs/month
[Related Categories: Metal Crafts ]
[Related Keywords: craft, horses ]
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