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H.264 1080P Mirror Remote Monitor Wireless Hidden Wifi Camera Digital Clock

This digital clock can also play the role of a mirror, but its main feature is the ability to record video with its in built hidden camera. This camera supports capturing photos, videos and sound. It has a motion sensor which is activated once something moves in front of the camera. The motion sensor also triggers the alarm which notifies you when something moves in front of the camera. You can then log into the camera and monitor to see what is happening. All of that is possible, thanks to the camera's wi-fi connectivity, and compatibility with Windows/Mac OS X and both the Android and iOS devices.
Camera records video in .avi format and with 1080P resolution. This device supports TF cards up to 32 GB in size. Along with motion sensors which activate recording, you can set up a timer, so that the camera starts recording at the exact point in time you want it to start. Captured video can be viewed using VLC, or SMPlayer media players.
This device offers high levels of functionality, it blends in with the rest of the decor, and look unassuming. You get all of that for a reasonable price.

External t f card memory HD 1080P WiFi camera
Support photo, video with sound recording, remote motion detection and alarm
Super remote monitoring function
Support timer recording, you can set the specific time which you want to record

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