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Keyword "hemp seed oil"
high quality natual hemp seed oil for cooking high quality natual hemp seed oil for cooking

Hemp Seed Oil Introduction:

The color of hemp seed oil is similar to dark olive oil, and the taste is like sunflower oil.The content of unsaturated fatty acid is 90% or so, including 80% essential fatty acid, and someγ-linolenic acid. Some studies have shown that hemp seed oil is a kind of high profitable functional oil and plays a prominent role to decrease cholesterol, resist aging, clear free radicals.Hemp seed oil boasts of abundant Omega-3 fatty acid. It helps to prevent syndromes like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, etc. In addition, Omega3 fatty acid improve the condition of brain. Hemp seed oil also provides a lot of VE, Mg, Zn, F and P.


Benefits and application of hemp seed oil:

1)Reduce the blood pressure and blood lipid. 

2)Anti-thrombotic, Lowers cholesterol.



5)Improve the optic nerve and brain function, improve memory and learning ability.

Storage and duablity:

The hemp seed  oil should be stored at cool(10-15℃),dry place and protected from light and heat.In the unopened plastic drum, the durability of the oil is 24 months (from the date of production).Once opened the drums have to be refilled with nitrogen, closed airtight and the oil has to used up within 6 months.

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