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Glass Sheet Glass Sheet

Name: 3.2mm ,4mm primary solar glass  Module No.HH-P01  Thickness: 3.2mm /4mm Corner: Cut  Surface patterns: Patterned Name: 3.2mm ,4mm primary solar glass  Module No.HH-P01  Thickness: 3.2mm /4mm Corner: Cut  Surface patterns: Patterned

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laminated glass laminated glass

 Specification: MAX 2440mm x 366 0mm;

Thickness of laminated glass: 4-35mm;& lt; /span>
Thickness of PVB film: 0.38mm, 0. 76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm, and 3.8mm;
Colors of PVB film: transparent,  blue, green, grey, milky white, bron ze, French grey and different color.
Monthly productivity: 30,000 square me ters or 30x20ft container.
Quality Standard: conform to GB9962-19 99 State Standard of Laminated Glass  and AS/NIS 2208-1996 Standard.

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Float glass Float glass

Float Glass sheet
There are clear float glass and tinted color float glass sheet. Float glass is made by high-quality sand, natural ores and chemical materials by mixing them and melting them at high temperature; The molten glass flow into tin bath where the float glass is spread, polished and formed on the molten tin.

Float glass sheet characteristics:
The float glass has smooth surface, excellent optical performance, stable chemical capability, and high mechanism intensity. It is also resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.

Clear Float Glass
Flat surface, high light transmittance, easy cutting, temperable and suit for other processing.
High performance color Float Glass
Following colors of glass are available: Tea, pink, red, F Green, Ocean Blue, Euro Grey, bronze, lake blue, dark grey. It has perfect solar control function, moreover, it match well different beautiful buildings. Float glass is coatable and can be further processed.

Float glass sheet dimension
Thickness: 1.5mm~30mm
Length cutting on line: 680mm~10000mm
Max. Width: 3660mm

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