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Keyword "furifier"
Sell multifunctional air purifier and sterilizer Sell multifunctional air purifier and sterilizer

Laminar purifying sterilizer is the best way to replace type I and II Laminar construction in operation room. The expense is just 1/10 of laminar construction.

1. Application Scope

Hospital: Operation Room, Pathology Department , Department of Cardiovascular conduit, ICU, Department of Burn, Supply House, Preparation Room, Precision Instrument and Costly Equipment Room Etc.

2. Clean level: 10,000 grades

3. Installation and usage: put it in the room, it could operate after connecting the power supply.

4. Function and setup:

(1).Three level filter system: Initial-effect, middle-effect and high-effect filter could remove most of the dust and bacteria.

(2). Electro-static absorption: adsorb the dust and germs.

(3). High-intensity ultra-violet disinfection: the ultraviolet intensity reaches 14,800 uw/cm2

(4). Photo-catalysis sterilizing

(5). Mighty activated carbon filter membrane deodorizing

(6). Oxygen anion generator: remove the peculiar smell and refresh air.

(7). Standby automatic starting devices for ultraviolet

(8). Automatic contamination detecting

(9). Design of static pressure box

(10). Level-three pressure regulating

(11). Mute purifying fan of Laoken

5. Other parameters: power supply: 220V &plusmn10%     Input power: 550w

Remarks: It is necessary to build laminar operation room in some type I and II working environment in hospitals, but the cost of laminar operation room is very expensive. The clean level of laminar sterilizer of Laoken brand reaches 10,000 grades. So it is suited to replace laminar construction of Type II operation room. And the cost of the Purifying equipment is just 1/10 of the construction of laminar operation room.

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