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Keyword "frozen seafood"

We can supply Seafood from India.



Best Regards


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Blessing Seafood Trading(05/09/2014)

Dear All,

We are dealing with the co-operation of quality controllers from Yemen.

We can supply Frozen Indian Mackerel WR, Chub-Mackerel WR, Sailfish DWT, Cuttlefish WR, Ribbonfish WR, Sardine Wr, Travelly, All types of Tuna, Catfish to all asian countries from Yemen.

Kindly let me know, if you could interested.


Ranchi Mon

Blessing Seafood Trading

blessingseafood (at) gmail (dot) com

Skype: ranchi.blessing

Blessing Seafood Trading [Yemen]
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Our Company specializes in the production and distribution of high quality processed and fresh seafood, with a focus on value added fast-food seafood products. We distribute to many countries and regions around the world such as Africa, Russia, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan ... for wholesale and retail. There are advantages of long coastlines, Vietnam has recorded the name on the world map as a country with a very diverse seafood selection and has a strong international seafood exports. With the purpose of “HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION STANDARDS, SAFETY, HYGIENE AND PROFESSIONALISM”, we use industry standard processing technology, strict quality control and Vietnam traditional flavors. The company strictly follows HACCP production management processes and regulations on the production and processing of seafood exported products to the ISO, GMO, and EU code. We have a wide variety of packaging and label options, suited for every distribution need. Our company motto is, "LOVE SEAFOOD, LIVE LONGER"


- Value added seafood (Processed, fastfood)

- Seafood for dieters and weight loss

- Fresh seafood

- Free design for importer labels

- Free advice for market and frozen shelves at the supermarket

- We offer a variety of product items in the full container loading

- Direct distribution to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and distributors

- Fast manufacturing process and shipping times

- Flexible payment according to customer requirements


- Products have been inspected and radioactivity by international industry standard bodies

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Dong Phuong Seafood Ltd.(01/02/2014)

We are DONG PHUONG SEAFOOD COMPANY LIMITED - AFISHDEAL, established from 2007 as a company specialized in Pangasius Fish from Viet Nam. Recently we have expanded our product lines to Shrimp, Tuna, and other fishes such as Barramundi and Tilapia. We supply high quality products at good prices and stable quantity.

Our fishes are processed following international standards and safety certifications, such as: HACCP, ISO, GAP, IFS, BRC, HALAL, GMP, Global GAP, and others.

We present to you:

  • Responsive and Faithful customer services and care
  • Constant Update and Report of your products' process, also available at our Customer Page
  • Regular alert of market's Price and Trends
  • Special Discount and Gifts

Our friendly and passionately team members can fulfill all your needs. We are dedicated to working for your satisfaction.


We look forward to a prolonged and prosper business relationship with you.

Dong Phuong Seafood Ltd. [Viet Nam]
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Sea Star Aquatic Food CO LTD(05/25/2013)


Skype : maggie19880125



Sea-Star Aquatic Food co.,ltd. was founded in 2006, we are professional frozen seafood manufacture in China .


We can supply many kinds of seafood products,such as frozen squid tubes, squid rings, squid carvings, breaded squid rings, etc .


We have been exported to many countries and regions in EU, USA, RUSSIA ,Middle-EAST,and South-Asia with high reputation .


If you have any interested in our products, please feel free to let me know. We will offer the high quality products and satisfied service to you with best price directly. 




Sea Star Aquatic Food CO LTD [China]
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MQ SEAFOOD CO., LTD(10/14/2017)

We are one of the reliable, highly-experienced fish and seafood processor, supplier in Vietnam.

We operate mainly in farming, producing and exporting all types of Pangasius/Basa/Swai/Dory and sea marine fish from Vietnam to global markets. 


Our product is being processed under the closed production line from farming to finished product.

Our factories is using updated machineries, equipments complying with global food safety standards such as HACCP (DL 811 & 488), HALAL, ISO, BRC, IFS, FDA, Global GAP.


Our main products:


Pangasius Hypophthalmus/ Basa:

- Fillet: untrimmed (red meat on, belly on, fat on) | welltrimmed (red meat off, belly off, fat off) | semi-trimmed

- Steak/ Slice: skin-on, bone-in, gutted & fin off

- HGT/ Chunk: headed, gutted & tailed

- WR (whole round) – WG (head on, gutted) – WGG (head on, gutted, gilled)

- Butterfly: bone-in & bone-out

- Valued added: portion cut, industrial block, cube, roll, loin, nugget, skin & belly block,…


Black & Red tilapia: WR, WG, WGS & Fillet


Farmed & Sea fish:

- Indian mackerel, horse mackerel, short body mackerel, round scad, layang scad, sardine, black & golden pomfret,

- Barramundi (seabass), red snapper, parrot, red promfret/pacu, catfish, skipjack, bonito, bullet tuna, frigate mackerel,...


If any enquiry, pls send us inquiry details ( size, packing, destination...), we’ll arrange best offer for establishing our initial cooperation.

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Changle Kinghong Foods Co.,Ltd.(02/17/2011)


We are a manufacturer, specialize in producing frozen seafood and aquatic product .And we could supply you high quality product with competitive price.Our main product as follow,
1.Frozen fish:tilapia,barramudi,black pomfret,butter fish,chub mackerel,eel,four finger threadfin,oilfish fillet,seabass fillet ,flesh water catfish,horse mackerel,indian mackerel,monkfish,pacific cod,hake fillet,ribbon fish, skip mackerel,round scad,spanish mackerel,white pomfert,yellow croaker etc .

2.Squid & Octopous: squid tube and rings,cuttlefish,baby octopus etc.                       
We have excellent developing and manufacturing ability based on many years' operation in China We will meet all your requirements in price,quality and delivery.
If you are looking for a reliable factory open to all your needs that you can easily communicate with,please try us.

Changle Kinghong Foods Co.,Ltd. [China]
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Imperio Brands(02/09/2011)

We are importers and distributors. Main market is Panama. Also reexport for several countries in the region.

Imperio Brands [Panama]
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Sovimex Co.,Ltd(01/14/2011)

We are SOVIMEX CO.,LTD  which deals in processing and exporting a wide variety of Vietnam Seafood, ranging from frozen seafood : pangasius fillets, squids, cuttle fish, crab, shrimp…and surimi) to foreign market. We have been serving our customers since 1998, during this period, our good seafood products have exported to many countries over the world such as Germany, Denmark, Japan, Korea and Australia….

Sovimex Co.,Ltd [Viet Nam]
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Kingmax Seafood Limited(04/18/2011)
Kingmax Seafood Limited mainly export products: tilapia,squid,eel fish,crawfish,roasted/seasoned seaweed,surimi crabsticks etc. We export to EU ,USA market, Mexico and Isreal, South Africa,Ghana,Canada,Ukraine,Russia ...

1.Black/red tilapia( Tilpaia Mossambica/Oreochromis Niloticus)fillet,IQF,IVP/bulk packing,boneless, co treated or no co treated, 100% net weight, 22lb/ctn, 2-3oz,3-5oz,5-7oz,7-9oz

2.Black/red GS tilapia,HGS tilapia fish/GGS tilapia fish, IQF, IWP,90%NW, 40lb/ctn,250-350oz,350-550oz,550-750oz,750oz up.

3.Todarodes/loligo/Bartrami/illex squid Tubes, whole cleaned, tip on/tip off, U5,U7,U10, IQF or block frozen

Squid Rings, whole cleaned, 3-5cm diameter, 1-1.5cm width, IQF (round shape or oblated shape)

Squid T+T, about 70% tubes and 30% tentacles, block frozen, tubes length 3-5inches & 5-7inches
Froze blanced/raw squid carve,size 2x3-6cm, IQF,IWP/bulk packing

 4.Baby squid(Loligo Chinese,Loligo Japonica),whloe cleaned,3-5cm,5-8cm,black frozen,
5. Frozen whole eel fish(Anguilla Anguilla,Anguilla Japonica),gutted, block frozen/IQF,size: 200-400g, 400-600g, 600-800g,800g up,10kg/ctn
    Frozen eel fish fillet, IQF,headless,gutted,back cut, 100-300g,300-600g,600-800g,800g up
    Frozen Roasted Eel (Unagi Kabayaki),headless/head on,IQF,vucuum pack/bulk pack
    3pcs/kg, 4pcs/kg, 5pcs/kg, 6pcs/kg, 8pcs/kg, 10pcs/kg, 12pcs/kg, 14pcs/kg, 15pcs/kg,
6.Block Frozen Cooked Crawfish Tailmeat,both fat on/off
Frozen Cooked Whole Crawfish
Size:10/15,16/22,22/28 pcs/1b
IQF/Block Frozen Raw Crawfish Meat PD
Size:U120,120/200,200/300,300UP pcs/lb
Frozen Cooked Whole Crawfish(Swedish Style)
Size:8/15,16/22,23/28,28/35 pcs/kg
Frozen Cooked Whole Crawfish(Onion Soup)
Frozen Cooked Whole Crawfish(Cajun Style)
Size:10/15,16/20,21/25 pcs/1b
7.Frozen Surimi Crabsticks,crab claw,lobster, IQF, 20%surimi,25%surimi,33%surimi,36%surimi,40%surimi etc, Vacuump pack, Wrap pack etc.
8. Yaki Nori/Yamamotoyama Nori,Yaki sushi nori, Ajitsuke nori, Momi nori, Kizami nori,  sushi nori, roasted seaweed, seasoned seaweed, dried seaweed, slice seaweed etc,
       100st*40/ctn, 50st*80/ctn, packing as requested.
9.Catfish steak,catfish whole gutted,catfish fillet are all available
Skype: kingmaxseafood

Kingmax Seafood Limited [China]
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