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 2019 Asia-Pacific Flooring Brand Conference & Exhibition (FMT 2019) 2019 Asia-Pacific Flooring Brand Conference & Exhibition (FMT 2019)

2019 Asia-Pacific Flooring Brand Conference & Exhibition (FMT 2019)

Date: May 9th-11th, 2019    

Venue: Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Complex (Area B)

Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China


China, a Major Exporter of PVC Floors

Recently, PVC floors are capturing a increasingly large share in China’s flooring materials exports. It has been reported that a lot of PVC floors products that sells in the millions globally are actually made-in-China. Experts observe that most PVC floors manufacturers cluster in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai, and etc, whose long-stretching coastlines are perfect for exporting.  


Review of FMT 2018

FMT 2018 and its co-located relevant trades shows together received 350+ exhibitors on a 33,000 sq.m show floor. Our feature exhibitors included 3trees, Carpoly, Supe, Widehigh, Linsu Floor, Ipaul, ACT, Jiangli, Yuanheng, Haoyuan, KCC, Vivaturf, MONDO, Tonwell, Lianchuang, Zhengbang, Bander, Canfast, Hancai, SPR, Topu, and etc. The show recorded 18,000+ visits in 3 days, marking the highest record in the show’s history. 


Preview of FMT 2019

FMT 2019 and its co-located events are expecting 500+ exhibitors to spread over the  joint show floor of 40,000 sq.m. The live activity 2019 Asia-Pacific Flooring Brand Conference is the biggest highlight of the show, estimated to attract the whole nation’s attention!


Co-located Trade Shows

FMT 2019 with its co-located trade fairs will give you the most comprehensive set of flooring solutions!

  • The 9th Asia-Pacific Floor Fair
  • 2019 Guangzhou International Paint & Coatings Fair
  • 2019 Guangzhou Sports Venues & Floor Suppliers Fair


Exhibition Scope

  • Elastic Flooring
  • Sports Flooring
  • Carpet
  • Floor Materials: Industrial & Commercial Flooring
  • Flooring Equipment
  • Supporting Facilities
  • Floor Production & Maintenance


Contact Us

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group


Tel: +862029806529

Mobile & What's App: +86 13169641676

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 China Guangzhou International Floor Fair 2018 (CGFF 2018) China Guangzhou International Floor Fair 2018 (CGFF 2018)

China Guangzhou International Floor Fair 2018 (CGFF 2018)

Date: May 9th-11th, 2018

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex.Area B



Oversea Floor Paint Enterprises Scrambling for Chinese Market

According to, by 2022 global floor paint demand will hit 23.58 billion USD, of which the Asia-Pacific region will account for at less 30%. Believing that China will be the epicenter of Asia-Pacific market growth, oversea enterprise like KETCH, BASF, etc are now scrambling to launch their products in China.


Review of CGFF 2017

On a show floor of about 20,000 sq.m, CGFF 2017 received about 15,000 professional visitors (up by 30%) and 180 renowned exhibitors like Ecan, Merrock, Yayao, Topu, Daer, GNT, SPR, etc. Followed by Grinding Tools (29 exhibitors) and Flooring Machinery (23 exhibitors), Floor Material was the best represented sector with 66 exhibitors. What’s more, from 0 to 8 exhibitors, decorative floor paints saw a tremendous breakthrough this year.


About CGFF 2018

To satisfy old exhibitors’ request for booth expansion, as well as to receive increased new exhibitors, CGFF 2018 is scheduled to expand to 2 exhibition halls, totaling 30,000 sq.m (activity area included)! We welcome exhibitors in all sectors, especially in decorative floor paint and sports floor, two of the most talked about products in current China’s floor industry. CGFF 2018 will continue to strive for a leading position in the Asia-Pacific floor industry!


Exhibition Scope

  • Floor Material: acrylic, waterborne polyurethane, epoxy resin, pigment and etc;
  • Floor System: epoxy self-leveling, polymer Mortar, non metal aggregate wear resistance floor, silicon carbide wear resistance floor, steel fiber reinforced concrete floor;
  • Floor Machinery:no gas spraying machine, shot blasting machine, grinding machine, milling machine, cutting machine, mixer, cleaning machine, pouring machine;
  • Cleaning Equipment: washing machine, cleaning equipment, construction tools and other related equipment and construction and other accessories;
  • Other: the floor maintenance agent and curing materials, etc.


CGFF 2018 is now open for registration. If you are interested, please sign up now as our exhibitor for the best positioned booth or as visitor for your free digital ticket!


Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Oversea Organizer: Sarah


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 Marble Slabs Marble Slabs

We offer all pakistani marble for your flooring of your home and offices. People that loves nature why not bring nature inside their homes

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 SBOOD wax-polishing for marble tile and countertop! Hot sell! SBOOD wax-polishing for marble tile and countertop! Hot sell!


It is one of special protection wax for protecting the luminous effect of the marble surface. It can enhance the brightness of marble surface durably. There are many colors such as transparence, red, black, brown, green, yellow and so on.




1 Make the marble surface clean and dry, spread the wax on the stone surface with dry cloth.

2 Polish the surface by using the small-gauge wire cotton or the flannelette.

3 The product should be kept in cool and ventilated place and prevented from sunshine.

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SBOOD marble archaize water makes marble tile flooring and bathroom ti SBOOD marble archaize water makes marble tile flooring and bathroom ti


SBOOD ancient liquid is one kind of chemical liquor that can be directly spurted on the face of stone to make the stone as ancient one. The effect of SBOOD ancient liquid can appear quickly and the process is simple. Moreover, it can make diversiform and different real effects, suitable to any kinds of materials, such as marble, so on.



1. Clean the surface completely.

2. Paint the agent on the stone\'s surfaces with a brush or spray it with a watering pot directly.

3. Base on requesting, spray some water ten minutes later.

4. One hour later (you can re-increase some agent depending on the effect in the process), use water rinsing. When achieving the ideal effect, use a great deal of water to rinse the stone.

5. For the sake of different archaize effect, depending on different stone, use different dose and do it again. Perhaps you can use the DONGSHENG archaize brush burnishing the surface from wide to thin. It can make a new and ancient feeling when painted with SBOOD DR23 gloss repellent.

6. Please have a try before using in all the materials.


Standard: 25kg/barrel 

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 SBOOD D27 granite cleanser for tile and granite product SBOOD D27 granite cleanser for tile and granite product

 Introduction: SBOOD D27 is a granite cleanser based on non-ion surface active reagent, without hydrochloric acid. It can transform rust to active constituent, renew stone luster rapidly and it can remove white stain, rudimental cement paste, old dust and dirt. The left can be cleaned with water easily. It is a transparent and light aural cleanser for granite and its products.



Apply the rust remover on the stains and cover with plastic wrap to prevent fast evaporation, prolong the time if the rust still exists. Add more if necessary. Rinse with water thoroughly if the rust has been removed from the surface. Please have a try in small area before using it.



1L, 1kg, D80*250mm/bottle, 12bottles/box, 350*270*260mm/box

4L, 4kg, 115*175*275mm/bottle, 6bottles/box, 370*370*290mm/box

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