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Aier Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd(08/24/2015)

Zhangjiagang Eyre environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in environmental engineering, environmental protection equipment, production of high-tech enterprises, Chinese Gas Association member units, bag type dust committee member units, environmental protection industry backbone enterprises, the most dynamic innovation oriented enterprises.
     Company production plant covers an area of 6000 square meters, 40000000 yuan in fixed assets. Company existing staff nearly 100 people, scientific and technical personnel account for 35% of the number of employees. Including systems for industrial applications provide: dust removal system, welding smoke and dust collection system, pneumatic conveying system and other related system design, installation, commissioning and operation of all. Treatment: chemical dust dust cover, rubber dust, welding fumes, powder metallurgy, coating, medicine powder, nonferrous metal. Used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, iron and steel, pharmaceutical and other industries. The company's main products are: filter cartridge type dust collector, the traditional type bag filters, Fold bag type dust collector, roof, self-cleaning filter, and the filter cylinder, model Fold bag core filter element.
     The company set up environmental protection equipment R & D center, research and development of specialized in sinter board dust, bag dust, and pneumatic ash conveying system, close technical cooperation with Zhejiang University, Tongji University and other colleges and universities and research institutes, international companies and the introduction of American, Australia and other countries of the technology, the new technology and the new structure into the conventional products, to improve the technological content of products, realize the core value of the company. The company also has a dedusting equipment installation engineering department, for the user to check and debug fault diagnosis of precipitator, low dust removal efficiency and operation is not normal, on the dust removal system can give suggestions and schemes, and the user recognition after the implementation of.
     For innovative technology companies, a number of national patent of invention. The fold bag and special supporting bone cage technology, to fill the domestic blank, consistent with the international advanced level, effectively solves the difficulty of bag type dust collector "high resistance, high filtration velocity, high emission". At present in the domestic electric power, cement, electrolytic aluminum and iron and steel industry have been applied, access to customers. There are annual number of patents published. Products in addition to domestic market, but also to American, Middle East, Australia and Southeast asia. Advanced production equipment and strict production management to ensure product quality, company for each order has a complete set of operation mechanism, from the technical, technological requirements to plan, production arrangement, construction organization, quality control and other links are controlled strictly, strictly according to ISO900 quality system requirements to organize production to quality; in order to guarantee, taking innovation as the guide, the company has quite a reputation in the environmental protection industry.
    The company is located in the country's most livable city of Zhangjiagang, North pillow Yangtze River, Shanghai Nanjing Railway South, Beijing Shanghai high-speed, the Shanghai Nanjing high-speed, high-speed along the river, tin Zhang highway, water and land transportation is very fast. The company has always been adhering to the professional, quality and service enterprise values, to the quality of survival, to science and technology innovation, efficient development, to the credibility of the concept of the market as the guidance, are consistent with the colleagues and customers. Research and development, we will continue to focus on Environmental Engineering, environmental protection equipment, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, as a meager strength for the purification of our blue sky.

Aier Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd [China]
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Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd(02/07/2012)

Zhangjiagang air environmental protection equipment co,.ltd is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise, consists of research,development, sales and production, located in our National Environmental Protection Model City, Zhangjiagang, convenient transportation, beautiful environment and Prosperity Industry have laid a good foundation for the corporation.

Main products: duse collector, self-cleaning filter, Welding fume dust collector. Spare parts: long fiber polyester filter cartridge. Membrane filter cartridge, welding fume filter cartridge, pulse pleated filter cartridge, thermos table filter cartridge. Antistatic filter cartridge, Flame resistant filter cartridge, sand blasting filter cartridge, shot blasting filter cartridge, bag house. Tobacco-specific filter cartridge, which is widely, applied to mechanical, chemical, electricity, metallurgy, steel, pharmacy, food, tobacco and automobile industry.

Zhangjiagang Aier Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd [China]
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[Related Keywords: dust collector, filter cartridge, bag house ]