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Refuse sacks, Bin liners, layflat tubing, sheet,films Refuse sacks, Bin liners, layflat tubing, sheet,films

 Refuse sacks, Bin liners, layflat tubing, sheet,films

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4,4'-dihydroxybenzophenone 4,4'-dihydroxybenzophenone

English: 4.4 \'-dihydroxy benzopheno ne
Alias: 4.4 \'- dual-benzophenone DHBP
CAS-NO :611-99-4 formula C13H10O3&nb sp;molecular weight 214.22
Appearance: white crystalline   melting point :211-213 ° C

content:> 99%


Benzophenones are used as a&nbs p;starting material for the manufacture&n bsp;of pesticides, drugs, and dyes. the main application of  4,4\'-dihydroxybenzophenone is its use as  a UV light stabalizer. It is u sed extensively in cosmeticsplastics, films, adhesives and coatings, optical fiber, and printed circuit boards.&n bsp;4,4\'-dihydroxybenzophenone works by absor bing the < span style=\"font-family: \'Arial\'; background: rgb(255,255,255); color: rgb(0,43,184); font-size: 10.5pt; font-weight: normal; mso-spacerun: \'yes\'\">Ultraviolet radiation and preventing the formation&n bsp;of free radicals

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Hologram Plain& Color Films Hologram Plain& Color Films
Specifications: Introduction Hologram is THE GOODS made by the technology that presents reflections with aiming at indirect patterns originated on collision between the two lights. Properties 1.Cubic effects When there are exisitng pictures to present reflections with light & dark shades, HOLOGRAM makes it possible to represent three dementional cubic reflections with applying indirect patterns to two dementioal plane. 2.Color effects. The incidence of the lights makes it available to have brillient changes of rainbow colors. Application Metallic yarns for textiles. Spangle for textiles.Metallic powder.Stamping foil Polyester thickness(Mic) thickness width roll film 75 1020 500 52.5 50 1020 1000 71.4 38 1020 1000 54.2 23 1010 2000 65 16 1020 3000 68.5 12 520 4000 34.9 Stamping foil 16mic 1040 1000 23.3 1540 1000 30.2
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Metallic Yarn & Films Metallic Yarn & Films
Specifications: M, MX, MH/SJ, MR, MHS, ST type of various polyester metallic threads for yarn-dyed woven, knitted fabrics, embroideries, velvets, ribbons, spangles, and interior decorations, fishing lures, etc.ADDFIL Payment Terms: L/C,T/T Certification(s): ISO 9001Supply Ability: No limit
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PET Holographic Films for Sequins PET Holographic Films for Sequins
Features: 1) PET spangle films: quality with hologram and plain colored types 2) Excellence in high temperature and spangle process, strong in color and brightness, stable chemical and mechanical property 3) Anti- high heat and anti solvent Specifications: 1) Size (W x L): 125mm x 500m/roll 2) Material: 150micron PET 3) Style: dot-dot 4) Colors: silver, gold, or any colors available Inner packing: 1 roll/polybag Outer packing: 2 rolls/ctn Carton dimensions: 36 x 36 x 28cm N.W.: 13.2kg/roll, 26.4kg/2 rolls G.W.: 28kg/ctn/2 rolls Many designs for your selection, and your designs are acceptable. Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Textile Accessories ]
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PET Spangle Films PET Spangle Films
Specifications: 1) Material: PET film 2) Thickness: 50, 75, 150 micron 3) Max. width: 1,460mm 4) Normal sizes: 50 micron x 1,120mm x 500m/roll; 75 micron x 125mm x 500m/roll; 150 micron x 125mm x 500m/roll 5) 50 and 75 micron can be coated with glue 6) Colors: hologram (more than 15 colors), plain colors (more than 20 colors), multicolor (more than 11 colors), rainbow color 7) PET-based embroidery sequins. Compliant with European environment protection standards. Can be used to adorn any kind of cloth, which can be made into attractive garments (dance dresses, gowns), bags, shoes 8) High color brightness, high temperature endurance, washable 9) We also can supply you spangle film in PVC material Packing: 2 rolls/carton, 56 cartons/pallet Conveyance: Qty/20' FCL: 12 pallets/container Other Price Terms: FOB, CNF Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sightSupply Ability: 10,000 rolls/month
[Related Categories: Textile Accessories ]
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PVC Spangle Films PVC Spangle Films
Specifications: 1) Material: PVC film 2) Thickness: 200mircon to 300mircon 3) Regular Width: 165mm 4) Normal dimensions: 220mic x 165mm x 500m/roll 5) Colors: hologram (more than 25 colors), plain colors (more than 20 colors), multicolor (more than 11 colors), rainbow color 6) PVC-based embroidery sequins Other Price Terms: FOB, CNF Payment Terms: T/T, L/C at sightSupply Ability: 10,000 rolls/month
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Anti Blast Films For Buildings Anti Blast Films For Buildings
Specifications: Whether accidental, as in an industrial gas leak or an intentional political or terrorist act, the results are always the same: Massive devastation. A government report concluded that 27 lives were lost in the Oklahoma City bombing with the primary cause of death being flying glass. An explosion displaces air and creates a shock wave or as more commonly known: Over pressure. This over pressure results in a vacuum being created where the blast has pushed air away from itself generating the shock wave. Almost instantaneously, a vacuum created by the over-pressure causes an immediate rush of air back to the point of origin, causing the glass to flex back towards the original direction of the shock wave. The results are that glass flexes from both positive and negative pressures resulting in catastrophic breakage. Our film on glass can dramatically reduce the effects of an explosion. Our films polyester has the ability to stretch without tearing and also has the characteristics to absorb a large portion of the shock wave. In many cases the glass may break, but due to the strength of our acrylic adhesive and the film itself, the glass remains adhered to the film and frame by over 95% adhesion.
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Reflective Heat Transfer Films Reflective Heat Transfer Films
Features : 1) Reflective thermo-transfer film 2) Configuration: microscopic glass beads 3) Size: 140cm x 100m/roll 4) Use: safety garments, caps, gloves, shoes, belts, bags 5) Performance: 250 ~ 550CPL 6) Complying with EN 471 Calss II Note : Our film is stretchable when applied to elastic materials
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Heat Transfer Films Heat Transfer Films
Specifications: This is gold/silver heat transfer films Featutures: 1. The heat transfer films ' color is special and the image is vivid. 2. It can be washed at least 500 times. 3. It is suitable for printing on T-shirt, jeans, kinds of garment and handbags. 4. It can make your garment more beartiful and more attractive, it can help you attract more customers and inlarge market. 5. Specifications:40*60cm. We can make the transfer films according to your pictures or photos. And then post to you.
[Related Categories: Transfer Printing ]
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Big-Dimension Films Big-Dimension Films
We can print the materials which is 2m wide and can be used for window curtains, bath shades and leather. Disclaimer: The intellectual property shown on the listed products(s) belong the third parties. These products are only offered as examples of our production capabilities, and are not for sale. Zhengxing Hongye Other Price Terms: FOB Xiamen Payment Terms: L/CSupply Ability: 10,000,000MT/month
[Related Categories: Transfer Printing ]
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Heat Transfer Adhesive Colored PU Films Heat Transfer Adhesive Colored PU Films
Specifications: 1) Materials: PU 2) Size:100cm width ( could be custom slit according to your desired width ) 3) Thickness:0.10mm +/- 0.01mm 4) Standard colors: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Black & Silver 5) Corporate colors are welcome for lab dipping. 6) Environmental friendly 7) Films are soft & Flexible 8) Films could be used as LOGO, as Decoration on the outer side of the garments or products and to replace stitches on garments. 9) Applied by Heat Pressure Machine. 10) You are most welcome to visit us for more products detail. Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Transfer Printing ]
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Transfer Films Transfer Films
We can provide all kinds of transfer films for transfer printing.
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DVD Films DVD Films
Specifications: We have here hundreds of dvd films ready for dispatch to you, please ask for the list and prices to see what is on offer. Other Price Terms: PayPal only please Certification(s): Top GradeSupply Ability: infinate
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Iridescent Films Paper Iridescent Films Paper
Features: 1) We can supply cast coated paper cover VMPET, C1S duplex board cover VMPET, cast C1S solid bleached and board cover high brightness VMPET 2) Rolls width: 500mm-1,100mm 3) Basis weight: 50g-400g/sqm
[Related Categories: Packaging Paper ]
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POF Shrink Films POF Shrink Films
It is widely used in the packing of food, beverage, drugs, textile products, stationery, AV products, floppy disks, handcraft products and toys, particularly for irregular shape of products, satisfying the demand of packing and marketing for damp free, dust-free, anti-thief and transparency and meet the requirement of cost saving and environment protection. Features: 1) The three-layer extrusion POF film is light, non-poisonous, smellless and has advanced property of high strength, high heating shrinkage rate, good gloss and the capacity of heat sealing or welting 2) Can also be recycled 3) With the excellent function and characteristics, it is widely used in the packing of foods, beverages, drugs, textile products, stationery, AV products, floppy disks, handicrafts and toys, particularly for irregular shape of products, satisfying the demand of packing and marketing for damp free, dust-free, anti-thief and transparency, and meet the requirements of cost saving and environment protection Hainan shiner POF Shrink Film Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF, C&F Payment Terms: L/C, T/T in advance Certification(s): ISO9001:2000, FDA, EECSupply Ability: 3,500MT/year
[Related Categories: Packaging Product Stocks ]
[Related Keywords: POF, shrink, films ]
PVC Shrink Films & Labels PVC Shrink Films & Labels
Specifications: We Offer High Qualit PVC Shrink Films, Multi Colured Reverse Printed Labels, Profile Sealed Bags, Shrink Packaging Machines Shrink Tunnels Cap Seales Multi PAck and promotion Shrink Wrap materials
[Related Categories: Shrink Wrap ]
[Related Keywords: PVC, shrink, films, &, labels ]
PVC-PVC Protective Films PVC-PVC Protective Films
Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.05 - 0.15mm 2) Width: 1.5m, 1.24m, 1.03m or as per your request 3) Length: 200m, 300m, 500m or as per your request 4) Colors: transparent, blue, ivory-white, black, black-white or other colors as per your request 5) Adhesion: low adhesion, medium adhesion, high adhesion, and super high adhesion 6) Paper core diameter: 3" 7) Easy to peel 8) Applications: stainless steel, aluminum, AL composite panel, furniture, glass, electronic, components, screen, sandwich-panel 9) Without residue after peeling-off 10) It can protect against pollution, corrode and scraping during the process of installation, transportation, storage and course of use
[Related Categories: Protective & Cushioning Materials ]
[Related Keywords: PVC-PVC, protective, films ]
PVC Protective Films PVC Protective Films
Features: 1) Content: PVC bottom film + adhesive + PVC cover film 2) Thickness: 0.15mm, different thickness is available 3) Width: 500 -1,400mm, length: 100-200m, or as per your request 4) Color: transparent, blue, black, ivory-white, white, or custom 5) Peeling strength: 7.2N/25mm 6) Features: easy to peel, without residue after peeling off 7) Application: PVC protective film is the assistant protective material for the deep machining of glass-carving crafts, granite plates, advertising, upholstering and other carving crafts. It can protect the material surface against being polluting, corroding, and scratching during the process of machine, transportation, storage and the course of use Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
[Related Categories: Protective & Cushioning Materials, Protective & Cushioning Materials ]
[Related Keywords: PVC, protective, films ]
PE Black and White Protective Films PE Black and White Protective Films
Features: 1) Thickness: 0.06mm - 0.10mm 2) Width: within 1.27m 3) Length: 200m - 1,000m per roll 4) Paper core diameter: 76+/-1mm 5) Color: black and white without logo printing, (blue, white, black, black and white and other colors also available) 6) Habitus of rolls: with flat rolls and edges, no repousse things, no folding 7) Paper core with no deformation 8) Quality standard of glue: glue is forbidden to move to the back side of base material when opening film, and absent glue is forbidden neither 9) Can print characters and patterns on it 10) Applications: stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum composite panels, furniture, glass, electronic components, and screens Outer packing: Corrugated board cartons Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Certification(s): SGS
[Related Categories: Protective & Cushioning Materials ]
[Related Keywords: PE, black, and, white, protective, films ]
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