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Keyword "fep powder"
FEP Powder FEP Powder FEP PowderCAS No.:25067-11-2FEP is the copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and hexafluoropropylene (HFP). FEP Coating Powder is a fine powder made of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene. FEP powder is low in melt viscosity and excellent in melt fluidity that can give a coating free of pinholes. FEP coating powder is ideal for use as corrosion resistant linings because of excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties.GradeSQ-082PSQ-204PSQ-408PSQ-812PSQ-2024PSQ-2428PAppearanceWhitePowder,HighPurityMelt flow rate(g/10min)0.8~2.02.1~4.04.1~8.08.1~12.020.1~24.024.1~28.0Bulk Density(g/l)300~ 550Particle Size(μm)20~ 35Melting point(℃)255~ 275Package, storage & transportation:FEP powder is sealed with two layers of polyethylene sack, packed in hard paper drum with net weight 20kgs or 25kgs per drum; FEP powder should be stored in clean and dry warehouses to avoid pollution from impurities; The processing temperature should be below 400℃ to avoid releasing toxic gases.

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