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TONGUN [Turkey]
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JiangsuFGYEnergyStorageResearchInstituteCoLTD [China]
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Lukoil (/ˈluːkɔɪl/; Russian: Лукойл; stylized as LUKoil) is Russia's second largest oil company and its second largest producer of oil as of 2005.[2] In 2012, the company produced 89.856 million tons of oil (1.813 million barrels per day.[3]

Headquartered in Moscow, Lukoil is the second largest public company (next to ExxonMobil) in terms of proven oil and gas reserves. In 2008, the company had 19.3 billion barrels of oil equivalent per SPE standards. This amounts to some 1.3% of global oil reserves. The company has operations in more than 40 countries around the world

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Nozhan polymer co , established In Esfahan, Iran, on the year of 2006 As a leading company specialized in paraffin wax , snow white petroleum jelly Vaseline , white mineral oil ,foots oil (residue wax ) and as a supplier of  slack wax , RPO , greases and other oil product  We began to concentrate on the overseas marketing since 2007 and we have attracted many capable , experienced , professional staffers who can satisfy the customers with comfortable services and competitive prices Believing that based on the mutual profits, we can develop the prosperous business corporation and closely friendship with customers all around the world.

This company is proud of exporting the oil products to countries such as U.A.E, turkey ,Georgia ,Saudi Arabia , Syria , India , Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, south Korea , Mexico , Tanzania ,Kenya , Mozambique , Ethiopia , and .....

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GLOBAL ENERGY CO.(10/16/2012)

GLOBAL ENERGY COOPERATION, is one of the leading manufacturer, destributor and supplier of wood pellet and have top amd good quality of higher density biological pellet fuel aavailable for exportation.

Wood pellets fuel is higher density biological pellet fuel, which is made of waste sawdust, wood shavings, lath, end cutting, broken lumber core, leftover materials as well as defective and small fire wood after crushing, screening, drying. Our raw materials is better than others, because it is from natural forest in westeast of Cameroon.

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Petrochin Group of Companies is a Joint Partnership Company that has other several sub-companies underneath. It's a diverse company that are expatriates in the different
production and functional level. And current the World fastest Growing Independent Co-private Company.

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   Omaha Group of Companies is a United State based enterprise with chaines of branches in the USA and other countries of the the world.

monicasmithauto [United States]
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wilon Industrial Co., Limited(08/31/2011)

wilon Industrial Co., Limited (www.asialed.co) is a leading design and manufacturing company of world-class solar system and LED products for commercial and residential use.The main products are solar panels,led bulb light,led street,led spot light,led flashlight ct.We are sure that our success rests upon long-term relationships with our customers, employees and partners built on respect, trust and commitment. We envisage solar panel on the roof of every building, LED lamp in the home of everybodybacked up by other micro renewables, supplying clean power and achieving deep cuts in carbon emissions.Right choice is real business.

wilon Industrial Co., Limited [China]
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We are looking for partners willing to enter the Middle East market,
 It does not matter the nature of the work or the goods or the service, if its new product or a restaurant, cafe or a company ... Etc.
We will do a market study of any type before the final agreement.

Alhunaidi [United Arab Emirates]
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Bashneft' ANK OAO is a Russia-based company active within the oil and gas industry. Its principal activities include the extraction, exploration and production of crude oil. The Company sells its products on the domestic market, as well as exports it to such countries as Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary. Bashneft' ANK OAO operates through four branches and one representative office located in Moscow. In addition, the Company has 14 subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

Bashneft' ANK OAO is one of the world’s leading vertically integrated oil & gas companies. Main activities of the Company are exploration and production of oil & gas, production of petroleum products and petrochemicals, and marketing of these outputs. Most of the Company's exploration and production activity is located in Russia, and its main resource base is in Western Siberia. Bashneft' ANK OAOL owns modern refineries, gas processing and petrochemical plants located in Russia, Eastern Europe and near-abroad countries. Most of the Company's production is sold on the international market.Bashneft' ANK OAO petroleum products are sold in Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, near-abroad countries and the USA.
Bashneft' ANK OAO is the second largest goverment owned oil Company worldwide by proven hydrocarbon reserves. The Company has around 1.3% of global oil reserves and 2.3% of global oil production. Bashneft' ANK OAO dominates the Russian energy sector, with almost 19% of total Russian oil production refining.

Bashneft' ANK OAO proven reserves at the beginning of 2007 were 15,715 mln barrels of crude oil and 27,921 bcf of natural gas, totaling 20,369 mln boe.
Bashneft' ANK OAO has an outstanding portfolio of production assets. The main production region for Bashneft' ANK OAO Group is Western Siberia. Bashneft' ANK OAO is carrying out international exploration and production projects in Kazakhstan, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Venezuela, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Iraq.

With putting into operation the Nakhodkinskoye gas field in 2005 the Company started its gas program which targets at a rapid growth of gas production. The key regions for development of Bashneft' ANK OAO gas production are the Bolshekhetskaya Depression, the Northern Caspian and Tsentralno-Astrakhanskoye field in Russia as well as the Kandym – Khauzak – Shady project in Uzbekistan (put into production in 2007) and the Shakh Deniz project in Azerbaijan.

Bashneft' ANK OAO owns significant oil refining capacity both in Russia and abroad. In Russia the company owns four large refineries at Perm, Volgograd, Ukhta and Nizhny Novgorod. Total capacity of Bashneft' ANK OAOL facilities in Russia is 44.5 mln tons of oil per year.Bashneft' ANK OAO also has refineries in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Romania, with total capacity of 14.0 mln tons per year. In 2007 Bashneft' ANK OAO refined 52.16 mln tons of oil at its own refineries, including 42.55 mln tons at its Russian refineries.
At the beginning of 2008 the Company's marketing network encompassed 24 countries, including Russia, the near-abroad and European countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Macedonia, Cyprus, Turkey, Belgium, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, and Slovakia) as well as the USA and includes 197 tank farm facilities with total capacity of 3.11 million cubic meters as well as 6,090 filling stations, including franch

Bashneft Company was established on the basis the Bashkir Petrochemical Integrated Enterprise (Bashneftekhimkombinat) in 1946. In 1975 it was renamed Bashneft Production Association and in 1995 it was called Bashneft Joint-Stock Company. Bashneft is the oldest oil producing facility in Russia; it makes up the basis of the industry in the Republic of Bashkortostan (Bashkiria), and provides one-fifth of the republican budget. Bashneft performs a complete cycle of prospecting for and production of oil and gas and marketing the products of their refining.

It is among the top ten oil producing companies in Russia and develops 140 oil and gas fields in 27 regions of Bashkortostan and also in Tatarstan and Udmurtia. Its annual oil output exceeds 16 million tons.

Its offices, branches and subsidiary enterprises function in big industrial centers of Russia and in the CIS countries. It also cooperates on a long-term basis with major companies of France, Britain, the U.S., Italy, Finland, Canada, Belgium and other countries.

The main stockholder and owner is the Bashkir Open Joint Stock Fuel Company (63.72%)

The authorized capital is 204,800 rubles.

Organizationally, the Bashneft oil company is part of the Bashkir Fuel Company together with other oil refining, petrochemical and power-engineering facilities in the republic. The company has 46 departments, including the Ufaneftekhim, Novoil (Novo-Ufimsky) and Ufimsky oil refineries and also the Ufaorgsintex petrochemical facility. The total output of its refineries reaches 40 million tons of oil annually.

The company's structural elements also are the Tuimazinsky GPZ enterprise, two research and design institutes (Bashnipineft and Bashnefteproekt), a number transport and communication enterprises, two plants manufacturing oil equipment, three departments for oil-well drilling, one geological prospecting office, and about 100 filling stations.The Bashneft employs personnel of about 50,000 people.

We OAO ANK BASHNEFT REFINERYe offer the following product for sale from our reifnery.ONLY SERIOUS BUYER !!REBCO - Russia exportable blend crude oil | SLCO - saudi light crude oil BLCO - bonny light crude oil | Gasoline - gasoline | Asphalt - asfalt / betumen | MAZUT -100, 75, 99, etc. | LPG - liquefied gas of petroleum | LNG - natural gas | Jet fuel - airplaine kerosene | D-2 -Diesel and Products Crude Oil , SLCO Saudi Light Crude Oil , SHCO Saudi Heavy Crude Oil , ILCO Iranian Light Crude Oil , IHCO Iranian Heavy Crude Oil , BLCO Bonny Light Crude Oil , OLCO Oman Light Light Crude Oil , OBCO Oman Blended Crude Oil , BLO Basra Light Crude Oil , KLO Kurkok Light Crude Oil , VLO Venezuelan Light Oil , REBCO Russian Export Blend Crude Oil , Refined Products , Gas Oil "EN-590" , RGD Regular Grade Diesel , PGD Premium Grade Diesel ( HSD ) , SGD Super Grade Diesel , Regular Petrol RON 87 Premium Petrol RON 93 , Unleaded Petrol RON 95 , Super Premium RON 97 , HFO Heating Fuel Oil , HSFO High Sulphur Fuel Oil LSFO Low Sulphur Fuel Oil , Kero Kerosene Bitumen , Base Oil, Mazut M-100

The purpose of this lead is to introduce our Refinery OAO ANK BASHNEFT, which has been a leader in the field of Crude oil and agricultural products exportation  since 1945. We have supply several  organizations in the past and have had a good working relation with all of them, with no complaints from our clients. As a company we offer you services that are of the highest standard and at extremely competitive prices in all our products.

Below are the list of products we offered:
REBCO - Russia exportable blend crude oil | SLCO - saudi light crude oil BLCO -  Gasoline - gasoline | Asphalt - asfalt / betumen | MAZUT -100, 75, 99, etc. | LPG - liquefied gas of petroleum | LNG - natural gas | Jet fuel - airplaine kerosene | D-2 -Diesel and Products Crude Oil , SLCO Saudi Light Crude Oil , SHCO Saudi Heavy Crude Oil , ILCO Iranian Light Crude Oil , IHCO Iranian Heavy Crude Oil , BLCO Bonny Light Crude Oil , OLCO Oman Light Light Crude Oil , OBCO Oman Blended Crude Oil , BLO Basra Light Crude Oil , KLO Kurkok Light Crude Oil , VLO Venezuelan Light Oil , REBCO Russian Export Blend Crude Oil , Refined Products , Gas Oil "EN-590" , RGD Regular Grade Diesel , PGD Premium Grade Diesel ( HSD ) , SGD Super Grade Diesel , Regular Petrol RON 87 Premium Petrol RON 93 , Unleaded Petrol RON 95 , Super Premium RON 97 , HFO Heating Fuel Oil , HSFO High Sulphur Fuel Oil LSFO Low Sulphur Fuel Oil , Kero Kerosene Bitumen , Base Oil, Mazut M-100, BASE OIL AL GRADEDS, UREA, BITUMEN AND ALL OTHER RELATED PRODUCTS.

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Abhumka Herbal Pvt Ltd(05/15/2013)

Abhumka Herbal Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified social enterprise company deeply engrossed in translation of indigenous herbal knowledge of Indian tribesmen into health care products. It is perhaps the only company in both the hemisphere that shares its profit with the tribal community. Tribals have their own system of medication where way of usage of a particular medicinal plant is vital and so processing remains as important as ingredients. Their sacred knowledge for herb is still not known to the outer world. Abhumka has documented and prepared a digital library of 20000 herbal practices till date and still continuing. The legacy of researching nature and traditional herbal knowledge of the Indian tribesmen through modern scientific tools laid the foundation of Abhumka Herbal Pvt Ltd. All our products are manufactured under GMP facility with strict norms of quality control. They are absolutely safe with no side effects. We provide remedy for the issues pertaining to Cholesterol, Obesity, Urinary Stone, Kidney Stone, Diabetes, Stress, Anemia, High blood pressure, Asthma, Acidity, Ulcer, Insomnia, Energy, Vitality, Lactation, Memory, Indigestion, Cough & Cold etc. We facilitate overall Wellbeing with our Functional food and Nutraceuticals as well. Let the good health prevail.

Abhumka Herbal Pvt Ltd [India]
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RG Coal Associates(04/21/2011)


RG Coal Associates can PROVIDE and POTENTIAL BUSINESS in Indonesia Coal businesses.

At the same time, We are inviting to cooperation, develop and operate a new small coal mine in Indonesia with us. If required big area, like coal, Interest parties wish to join us are welcome for further discussion in Singapore.

We ready and able to offer business collaboration with your company or Individual, Its affiliation or its parent company, in MINING SECTORS in and within the mineral location area in Indonesia. Subject to your organization capability, investment size for coal mine business or other related mineral products.

If you not a Coal Exploration& Production Company. NO PROBLEM, If you have a good connection with them. can recommend to us.  Or you also can proposal to join us, start with new small coal mine.


You can write to rgdirect@gmail.com OR Can call me at is no: \"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\" (65) 90033913

RG Coal Associates [Singapore]
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