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Dewosoft (Earn While You Learn) Dewosoft (Earn While You Learn)
Specifications: In this highly competitive world of it education, where the growth of it centers have almost mushroomed in any city, education has now become a business with stress on commercialization rather than the standard of what is being taught. In order to gain the market, companies lure students by offering them cheap course, in the name of volume or corporate or special promotional discounts. What they do not tell is that the lesser price they pay invariably leads to, lesser of the subject taught to them. Flaunted by catchy advertising they often misguide the student who, unaware of the subject often falls prey to the best presenter. All those who cannot afford the expensive brands are inadvertently pushed into joining a local institute, who most of the times do not have enough measures, technical skills, or other mandatory features to grant such an education. In such a situation, where the cost denominates the quality, one can imagine how difficult it is to stand by ethics and promote standards of education. Dewsoft came out with an interesting marketing plan bottom line of which was reverse engineering of the student institute relationship. The aim was to promote quality education, maintain our high standards and not get into this fake price war. Give the student what he truly deserves, after all education is what we are left with, when all is gone. We promote education backed by direct selling, something that was never tried before, ever in the world. A student who enrolls using a starter pack of rs.6600/-, has the option to recommend our products and services to others, and thereby make commissions, alternately pays for his higher education which costs far more than he could initially afford. We call this program "earn while you learn" program. Currently "ewul" program boasts of over 35000+ students who are being currently serviced by the company. A fresh sale happens almost every 04 minutes.Dewosoft Other Price Terms: $ 165 / person Payment Terms: T/T,M/T,D/D,CASH
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