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Reduce system sand machine vibration method Reduce system sand machine vibration method


<a href=" mpact-crusher.html">Sand making machine</a> in the process of work due to various reasons inevitably, if long-term vibration can cause parts such as screws loose or fall off, this is also our stressed the need for sand making machine equipment is one of the reasons for preventive maintenance. So how to reduce the sand making machine vibration?

1, the spiral steel wire rope vibration isolation. Wire rope as damping elements, with low frequency big damping performance of high frequency variable parameters of the low stiffness, and can effectively reduce the body vibration. Compared with the traditional rubber vibration source, with oil resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, ageing resistance, and the advantages of small volume, vibration isolation effect mainly depends on its nonlinear hysteresis characteristics.

2, hydraulic vibration isolation. Hydraulic supporting system is the traditional rubber bearing and the integration of the structure of hydraulic damping in low frequency range can provide larger damping, the large amplitude vibration of the engine have the effect of rapid attenuation, when high frequency has a low dynamic stiffness, can effectively reduce the vibration and noise of driving indoor.

3, rubber vibration isolation. The traditional elastic support are adopted to decrease the vibration of the engine vibration isolation device has simple structure, low cost, reliable performance. Rubber bearing generally installed on the frame, according to the stress distribution is divided into compression, shear and compression shear composite, etc. -crusher.html

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