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The advantage of vertical roller mill d The advantage of vertical roller mill d

Grinding is an important process of cement production link, it not only determines the unit power consumption of the cement production, but also has a very important influences on the cement performance. For a long time, cement grinding is done in ball mill, ball mill has simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and management; Strong adaptability for the material, can continuous production, large production capacity; Big crushing ratio, easy to adjust the fineness of finished product, etc. However, its energy effective utilization rate of only 2% to 2%, for the most part the rest into heat energy and consumption, economic benefit is not the best. In recent years, the traditional grinding machine upgrade, and adopted the new classifier closed circuit system, cement craft grinding technology therefore also got rapid development. Especially the application of vertical roller mill operation, greatly reduced slag cement grinding energy consumption and improve the grinding efficiency.

1, high grinding efficiency. Vertical mill material bed grinding principle of grinding material, 30% lower than the ball mill system. (ball mill sound energy and heat energy consumption)

2, simple process flow, saves the infrastructure investment. Vertical mill separator, USES the hot flue gas conveying material, don't need a classifier and winding machine, the grinding dust gas directly into powder collection, so the vertical mill system process simple, low failure rate, high availability, compact layout, construction area of 70% of the ball mill, architectural space for ball mill of 50-60%.

3, drying ability. LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill, hot gas conveying material will be used in the grinding water larger materials (such as coal, slag, etc.) when can control the inlet air temperature, make the products reach the final moisture content, vertical mill can be 12-15% of the water drying materials; Even dry ball mill, is only for 3-4% of the water drying materials.

4, small metal abrasion. Because there is no direct contact with the metal in the operation of vertical mill, wear small, limestone unit abrasion is commonly 4 to 6 g/ton, ball mill is as high as 500 g/ton. When mineral grinding white effect on the whiteness of ball mill, much smaller than.

5, low noise, less dust. Vertical mill at work, mill sound soft, generally at about 80 decibels. No direct contact with the roller with a millstone, noise lower than ball mill about 20 to 25 decibels. Under negative pressure, the vertical mill adopts whole sealing, system operation, less dust, clean environment.

6, product homogenization degree is high. Vertical mill in the qualified products can be separated in time, to avoid the grinding, uniform end product size; And the ball mill from crushing. Vertical mill grinding adjusting the rotational speed and roller pressure, wind speed of the separator is very convenient, is convenient to adjust the product fineness.

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