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Keyword "drink cups"
Disposable Cup (with Dome Lid) Disposable Cup (with Dome Lid)
They can go from the refrigerator to the microwave to the dishwasher without fear
of damage. Microlite containers are also resistant to fats and oils. These containers
and lids are available in 6 color custom print.The lid buckles well with
the cup.

1-Overall Size (outer dia. x inner dia. x h): 88.5*54*127mm (cup), 90*40mm (ball
2- Item Weight: 
10g (cup), 3.5g (Lid)
3- Material: Food grade material PP.
4- Printings: Colorful printings available.

1000pcs/CTN, with PE bag (cup), 2000pcs/CTN, with PE bag (ball lid).
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