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Keyword "demoisturizer"
 LUBE 10 LUBE 10

Parts cleaner, multi-function lubricant and economical slight rust dissolver.


         ; Cleans & dissolves: slight rust, old glue, stickers, paints, asphalt, tar on car body, spare parts, mechanical parts, etc.

         ; Eliminates moisture, prevents electrical contact/short circuit (spark plugs, cables, dynamo)

         ; Anti Rust Lubricant with light anti-rust & anti-corrosion

         ; Fast penetration: loosens tight bolts, lubricates door hinges, locks, cable mech­anisms, brakes, clutches, seat springs, shock absorbers, bicycle/motorcycle chains, etc.


How to use:

1.      Shake can before use

2.      Spray directly to desired parts

3.      Repeat as necessary for maximum results

4.      Can be used while engine is running

5.      Repeat spraying once every 5-6 weeks for routine cleaning & maintenance


Suitable to clean parts from slight rust, deposits and dirt stuck in used lu­bricant, before lubricating with SLICKER/SLICK WAX (Primo\'s ultimate modern lubricant spray with Nano Ionic Bond Technology).


Packaging& lt; /strong>: Aerosol Can 400 mL

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