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GV4 : The Basic Techniques For Creating Graffiti Art On Walls GV4 : The Basic Techniques For Creating Graffiti Art On Walls
Specifications: Filmmaker Bob Bryan has completed GV4, the ultimate Primer / Tutorial and Step-by- Step Program on Spray Can Art. Most popular amongst Educators, the series has given outsiders a rare glimpse into the outstanding Art and eclectic personalities behind the controversial Graffiti Art Movement.
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3D Turntable - PC-controlled For Creating Animated Image 3D Turntable - PC-controlled For Creating Animated Image
Rotate-Snap, Rotate - Snap, Rotate-Snap. The 3D Turntable package synchronizes and automates the rotation of an object with the image capture capabilities of Photosimile 100,200, Mobile or RC Photoware. Simply set it up once and let it run to completion. Sequences of captured images while the object rotates 360 degrees can be saved separate or combined to create animated GIFs.
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Creating Print Alliances With Your Organization Creating Print Alliances With Your Organization
Specifications: GLPrint, division of Gold Line Group is interested in creating an alliance with your organization by utilizing online printing services. GLPrint is a complete web-to-print solution which utilizes the existing design, IT and web development and print facilities of Gold Line Group to achieve consistent client satisfaction. Expanding on Gold Line 15 years of experience as Canada leading prepaid long distance service provider and manufacturer of phone cards, flyers and posters as P.O.P (Point of Purchase) material printing, is equipped to produce high quality, small quantity print orders. There are several significant benefits incorporated with creating an alliance with for your organization. These benefits include: Creating and maintaining a customized website or web page for your online customers, Offering small quantity orders from as low as 125 pieces with 24 hours turnaround time, discount of up to 30% depending on number of orders placed per month, A value-added incentive option for your customers offering them 5 to 60 minutes of prepaid long distance to the back of their business cards. To further discuss enhancing your company profit margin through creating an alliance further with Gold Line Group Please contact: Maryam Golabgir, Marketing Coordinator at Gold Line Group.
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