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Central Fresh Water Cooler Unit Central Fresh Water Cooler Unit

Central F.W. Cooler Unit
All machineries just starting up in the Engine Room(E/R) naturally emit heat. To absorb the
emitted heat, fresh water circulates surroundings of those machineries in the E/R. As the fresh water temperature goes up, sea water takes the role of cooling down its temperature. This cooling unit with pipes, valves and other accessories is called Central Fresh Water Cooler Unit. To prevent cooler from corrosion by the highly corrosive sea water, titanium plate (general thickness is 0.5mm), which has an excellent corrosion resistance feature, is normally used for Central Fresh Water Cooler. A Central Fresh Water Cooler Unit generally consists of 2 or 3 sets of cooler.


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Cooling Machine Cooling Machine

Production Capacity: 2–36 t/h

Main motor: 15–132 kw

Weight: 28–237 t

Installation obliquity: 3–5 %

Cooling Machine Introduction:

Cooling machine also can be called cooler, is one of the most important equipments in rotary kiln system; it makes clinker produced by rotary kiln get sufficient heat exchange with the air, and cools the temperature of clinker from 1000-1200℃ to 200 ℃, and improves clinker quality and grindability. The air used to cooling materials is stored into the kiln as a secondary circulating air, for improving the thermal efficiency of furnace.


C ooling Machine Features:

1. Cooling machine can cool clinker with temperature of 1000-1200℃ to clinker with temperature of 200 ℃

2. The air used to cooling materials is completely stored into the kiln as a secondary circulating air to improve thermal efficiency of furnace.


Cooling Machine Working Principle:

Clinker with high temperature goes into the cooler through the feeding device, and the cooler will rotate to drive the materials to conduct heat exchange with the air, and with the constant rotation of the kiln according to the designed inclination and rotating speed, the materials will also periodically roll and move forward inside the kiln, so that the raw materials are send from the feeding end to the discharging end and cooled to below 200℃ in the time period when the materials go through the rotary kiln.


Technical Datas of Cooling Machine

Main Reducer Main Motor 
Φ1.5×15 2~3 3~5 ZQ500 15 28
Φ1.5×20 3~4 3~5 ZQ500 15 35
Φ1. 8×18 4~6 3~5 ZQ500 18.5 47
Φ2.0×22 7~8.5 3~5 ZQ500 22 61
Φ2.2×18 7~8.5 3~5 ZQ500 22 64
Φ 2.2×22 8~10 3~5 ZQ650 30 73
Φ2.4×24 12~15 3~5 ZS125 45 98
Φ2.5×25 15~20 3~5 ZS125 55 110
Φ2.8×28 16~22 3~5 ZL100 55 130
Φ3.0×30 20~25 3~5 ZL115 75 169
Φ3.2×36 28~32 3~5 ZL115 90 200
Φ3.3×40 32~36 3~5 ZI130 132 237





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Combined oil Cooler Combined oil Cooler

Some times, in order to save the cooler space and compact the overall design dimensions, different coolers are design and amounted together. For example:
- Oil cooler + intercooler assembly
  It can be applied on construction machinery and portable compressor.
- Oil cooler + intercooler + water tank assembly
  It can be applied on construction machinery, gen set and portable compressor.
- Oil cooler + aftercooler assembly
  It can be applied on stationary compressor.

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Sell quick cooler for beer Sell quick cooler for beer


1.         It just needs 7 hours that the temperature of the fermenting liquid falls down to -1 centidegree. The beer age can reduce 6 days at most. And the output can increase 20% without adding fermenters. The effect will be excellent especially in summer.
2.         It decreases 9% of the electricity expending. That is, it decreases the beer cost.
3.         It is controlled automatically and the temperature control precision is 0.25 centidegree.
4.         During the beer is being rotated, the pipes and quick cooler is being puffed N2 or CO2 , which can reduce the contract of the beer and air. So it can decreases the O2 absorbing at the biggest limit.
5.         The sharp cooling, that the beer temperature falls down to -1 centidegree in a short time, can divide some turbid things from the beer. It is benefit for keep the beer fresh and taste.
6.         The plate heat exchanger of the ammonia cooling system is controlled by Danfoss ammonia automatic control system, which has triple safeguard and keep it away from icing up.
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SPEED      ;4000+10%RPM
VOLTAGE    ; 12V
SUPPORT CPU;P4 Northwood
        &n bsp;   2.4GHZ
        &n bsp;   P4 Celeron2.4GHZ
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Evaporative Air Conditioning-Centrifugal Evaporative Air Conditioning-Centrifugal


 Model: AZL50-LC32A(down discharge)
       & ;nbs p;   AZL50-LX32A(side discharge)
       & ;nbs p;   AZL50-LS32A(top discharge)
Wind Volume at 0 pa(m³/h): 50000/30000
Wind Pressure(Pa):500/222
Power(kw):13.0/5.0   & ;nbs p;           ; ;  
Voltage(V): 380 50/60HZ
Rated Currency(A):30.1/11.8
Fan Type: Centrifugal
Dimension of unit(mm):2085*2105*1930
et Weight(Kg):1080
Wind Speed: 3-phase & 2-Speed
Water Lack Protection
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Portable Evaporative Air Con Portable Evaporative Air Con

Model:AZL02-ZY13A/B< /p>


< p>< p>< p class="MsoNormal" align="left" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt; text-align: left; mso-pagination: widow-orphan">Remote control






Rated Currency(A):0.40

Motor Type:Single-phase,3-speed



Dropper Dimenstion(mm) :L*W 357*330

Net Weight(±3kgs):12

Operation Weight(kg):37


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Evaporative Air Conditioning Evaporative Air Conditioning

Model: Evaporative Air Cooler-AZL18-ZS10B
Wind Volume at 0 Pa:18000 m³/h;

Wind Pressure(Pa):190


Voltage(V): 220 50/60Hz

Rated Currency(A):5.6;

Fan Type: Axial

Net Weight(Kg):90

Operation Weight(Kg): 140

Wind Speed: One Speed/ Various Speed
Top discharge,down discharge and side discharge(optional)

Intelligent network control(Optional)

Auto Cleaning

Water Lack Protection


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Palida Cool-Exchanger Palida Cool-Exchanger

PALIDA COOL-EXCHANGER is a specialized mutli-purpose cooling & heating unit.

The PALIDA COOL-Exchanger can be supplied is 4 versions:

- air-application cooling & drying only
- air-application heating, cooling & drying
- liquid-application ( for example water ) with cooling only
- liquid-application ( for example water ) with cooling & heating

As shown in the spec-sheet, we supply the system is several capacities.

According RoHS, ODS and CE.

- Enviromental freindly
- Energy saving
- More efficient: allowes cooling & heating on the point of purpose, not like other AIRCOs
- Silent
- Robust operation
- Easy-to-install: tubing can be made of any material the user requests. Heat or cold is guides directly to the point of purpose.
- easy to use & cost saving: the connection between the PALIDA COOL-EXCHANGER and the point of purpose is free to choose.

Safety. Water or air is environmentally more friendly and also less harmfull to plants, humans and animals

PALIDA Cool-exchanger can be used agriculture, cattle-production, industries, storages and all rooms & areas which require a conditioned temperature & humidity climate

An enviromentally friendly and energy saving mutli-purpose cooling & heating unit.

Best quality,most efficient, most environmental friendly, best price

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Chilling plant / Liquid Chillier: Chilling plant / Liquid Chillier:

Wide range of Chilling plant for various application and industries



1.     Range: 1 TR to 100 TR

2.     Low noise

3.     Lower power consumption

4.     Anti freeze protection

5.     Highly precise PT 100 Temperature sensor

6.     Equipped with FRP / S.S. tank

7.     Smarter, simpler, safer & more reliable chilling plant

8.     Flexible modular construction

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wall split air conditioner wall split air conditioner
We, Chunlan Group, have been engaged in producing air conditioners since 1973, which is the earliest one in our China into this field. With 35 years\' rich experience and hard working in this field, we have developed our own full product range in this field. We can produce split ones, window type, floor standing series, portbale air conditioners, commercial ones, ceiling series, dehumidifiers and also duct type air conditioners.

For more about us, you are invited to visit our homepage:xxxxx am sure you can get more about us from this, what is more, you can refer to our catalogues, which I have sent to you after receive your reply.
What\'s more, we have been engaged in international trade for 25 years. Please check that we have accumulated rich experience in the international trade, at the same time we have been enjoying good reputation for our good service nd super high quality products. We have build our solid business relationship with 125 countries all over the world.

Please check that you can find many of ours under our own brands: Chunlan and Starway. Also many others are under OEM, say Natinal, Carrier, Family, 2-cool, top-cool, super general, Nobel. With these super high quality products,
together with rich experience in the field of international trade, we have got many certificates: CE,CB,SASO,MEPs, TUV,SONCEP,ISO CCC, and so on.

So please rest assured that your sincerely friends Will zhang has prepared to give his considerate service together

with super high quality products to make your life more comfortable. Please notice me whether you would also be interested in to build solid long term business relationship with us.
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Cooling Modules Cooling Modules
  • Size 30x30x3.8mm (WxDxH), weight 17g
  • Imax 8.5A, Umax 8.6V, R = 0.85 ohm, 71 couples
  • TEC1-07108 ÄT max. = 68°C, Qmax (ÄT =0) 40.0W
  • TEC1-07108S ÄT max. = 68°C, Qmax (ÄT =0) 34.0W
  • TEC1-07108HT ÄT max. = 65°C, Qmax (ÄT =0) 38.0W .
  • We still have many other items,pls contact us
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    BS-40A can cooler BS-40A can cooler
        Product Show
     showcase >> Item No.: BS-40A
    Item No.: BS-40A
        Product Show

    Item No.:                    BS-40A
    Capacity (L):              40Litres
    Refrigeration:             Compressor, R134a
    Temp.:                       ¡Ü10¡æ
    Input Power:              85W
    N.W.: 18kgs               G.W.: 20KGS
    Unit Size(mm)            ¡é442x820
    Packing Size (mm):     455x455x865
    FCL:                           120/250/375PCS
    Portable and stable
    (3 castor wheels and 3 stable feet)

    40 litres capacity or holds the equivalent

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       BS-198A  TopQ beer cooler beer freezer beer showcase BS-198A TopQ beer cooler beer freezer beer showcase
    Item No:                      BS-198A
    Volume:                       198Litres
    Unit Size:                     920x500x920mm
    Cooling system:           Compressor Fan Cooling system
    Refrigerant:                  R134a
    Temperature Range:    0-10Ž
    Voltage:                       AC200-240V & AC100-125V
    Out Power:                  190W
    Power Consumption:    2Kwh/24h
    Internal lighting            1x15W
    With full glass door
    Glass door: Double layer with Ar gas inside
    No. of shelves:             4PCS
    With Lock & key is available
    Material of Inner body: Aluminum Sheet
    Material of outer body: CRC steel with powder coated
    Carton Size: 975x575x1000mm
    N.W.: 62KGS   G.W.: 70KGS
    FCL QTY: 48pcs/20fFCL  96PCS/40fGP
    Certificate:                   CE,EMC,LVD,CB
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    TopQ  beer cooler  beer fridge beer freezer  beer showcase TopQ beer cooler beer fridge beer freezer beer showcase
    Model No.:                     BS-98A
    Item No:                        BS-98A
    Volume:                         98Litres
    Unit Size:                      535x500x920mm
    Cooling system: Compressor Fan Cooling system
    Refrigerant:                   R134a
    Temperature Range:      0-10Ž
    Voltage:                         AC200-240V & AC100-125V
    Out Power:                    160W
    Power Consumption:      1.4Kwh/24h
    Lighting internal lighting 1x15W
    With full glass door
    Glass door: Double layer with Ar gas inside
    No. of shelves:                 2PCS
    With Lock & key is available
    Material of Inner body: Aluminum Sheet
    Material of outer body: CRC steel with powder coated
    Carton Size:                       610x575x1000mm
    N.W.: 40KGS   G.W.: 48KGS
    FCL QTY: 72pcs/20fFCL  152PCS/40fGP
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    refrigerator (freezer) refrigerator (freezer)

    1.      With transparent hollow glass door;

    2.      With inner set light source;

    3.      Equipped with advertisement light box on the top;

    4.      The door equipped with strong lock;

    5.      With aluminum-alloy inner container to improve refrigerating effect;

    6.      The distance between two racks is freely adjustable;

    7.      With electric shock protection function to guarantee safe;

    8.      Simple control panel design enable you to operate easily;

    9.  With universal leg wheel to be moved easily.

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    Backpack,school bag,Cooler Bag,Shopping Bag Backpack,school bag,Cooler Bag,Shopping Bag
    Fabric:600D polyester with PVC backing +Jacquard
    Reference Price:FOB XIAMEN USD 5.00
    [Related Categories: Bag Making Tools & Machinery ]
    [Related Keywords: backpack, school bag, cooler bag, shopping bag, backpack, school, bag, cooler, bag, shopping, bag ]
    Air Cooler Mould Air Cooler Mould

    Kaiyuan Mould specializing in design and manufacturing plastic molds. we adopt advanced technology of CAD, CAE and CAM to produce high quality molds.


    The plastic mold including,

    -commodity mold

    -Plastic pallet mold

    -Plastic chair mold, table mold

    -Plastic paint pail mold, oil pail mold

    -Plastic container mold, pipe fitting mold

    -Home appliance(TV, Air conditioner, etc)


    [Related Categories: Mould ]
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    CPU TYPE : AMD K8 Athlon 64 3400 + Scoket 754/939/940
    Heat sink Dimension : 77*82*40MM
    DC Fan Dimension :80*80*25MM
    Colour : Black
    Rated speed:2500RPM
    Rated Voltage: 12V DC
    Air Flow :42 CFM
    Noise :24dB(A)
    Bearing type:Sleeve Bearing
    Life:30000 hour
    [Related Categories: Hardware Components ]
    [Related Keywords: axial fan, brushless fan, DC/AC MOTOR, DC BLOWER, ac fan, dc fan, fan, LED, fan, cooler, fan, Brushless, fan, Axial, fan ]
    JH evaporative cooler JH evaporative cooler
    JH evaporative air cooler is the best and cheapest industrial central air conditioning system, provide you the most comfortable cool fresh air at the lost cost.
    Green: no air through water evaporation, environmetal friendly. good for human healthe
    Economical:each JINGHUI cooler can cover 150 m2 cost 1.1kw
    Multi-functional:can be used as humidifier,air purifier,air filter,ventilator,fan
    [Related Categories: Air Treatment & Conditioning ]
    [Related Keywords: evaporative air cooler, cooling, fan, Ventilator, exhaust fan, air conditioner, Evaporative, cooler ]
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