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Keyword "continuous frying machine"
Continuous Frying Machine For Peanut|Chickpeas|Broad Beans|Chin Chin Continuous Frying Machine For Peanut|Chickpeas|Broad Beans|Chin Chin

Product information of continuous frying machine:

1.the machine adopts imported high quality stainless steel materials, exquisite workmanship and durable.
2.this machine adopts intelligent digital display temperature controller, convenient and practical.
3. this machine adopts water oil mixing technology, automatic filtration residue, can extend the oil change cycle, greatly reduce the cost of oil.
4.this machine adopts automatic temperature control, without excessive heat and residue, avoiding the increase of acid price and the production of black oil, which greatly reduces the work oil smoke.
5.this machine adopts the partition control temperature to effectively separate the inferior oil.
6. it has overtemperature protection device, which can be used safely.

Brief introduction of oil and water mixed frying technology:

1.the process by limit control, temperature control, scientific use of vegetable oil and animal fat proportion relationship between the leaching of fat meat, Fried foods naturally into vegetable oil, lower oil keeps pure upper-middle-class job like this, the Fried food not only color, aroma and taste are good, clean and beautiful appearance, and improves the product quality, extend shelf life.
2.this machine adopts the method of heating in the middle of the oil layer to control the temperature of the upper and lower layers of oil, effectively alleviates the oxidation degree of the Fried oil and raises the acid price, thus extending the service life of the Fried oil.

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