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Taian Health Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a specialized chemical industry manufacturer and supplier which belongs to Shandong Wan Steel group. Our group is a diversified enterprise group, mainly engaged in Chemical, Steel, machinery, etc.

Taian Health Chemical Co.,Ltd. mainly operates businesses in five sectors---Inorganic salt, Acid, Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates, Organic chemical and Petrochemicals. We can also customize and OEM for the customers. Our products have been passed the SGS,BV and CE certificate. We provide our products worldwide, the main markets are North America, Middle South America, Asia and Africa, etc.

TaianHealthChemical [China]
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Huilitongda [United States]
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BaodingModoPumpCoLtd [China]
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WuxiSairuimetalpowdermanufactureCoLTD [China]
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getchem [China]
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Hebei Shanghan Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd is one of the promising companies in China. Throughout more than 10 years of development, we have been constantly improving our effort to meet the needs of our customers with the best quality and on time delivery. 


Hebei Shanghan serves as one of China’s supplier in Valves, for example, Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Choke Valve, Butterfly Valve, Control Valve, High-temperature Pressure Valve, etc. They are widely used in fields of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power and power station. We adopted standards of API, ANSI, ASME, MSS, BS, DIN, GB etc. Material includes WCB, WC6, WC8, WC9, LGB, LCC, CF8 (304), CF8M (316), CN7M (20# Alloy), 4A (F51), A105, LF2, 1020, 1040, 410, 4130, 4140, 17-4PH, Inconel, Titanium, Monel, etc.


Moreover, we are a manufacturer and trading company of industrial hoses (BOP hose assembly, choke and kill hose, hydraulic hose, steel wire braided hose, steel wire spiral hose, rotary drilling/vibrator hose, etc.) and choke and kill manifold BOP. And we have been certificated for GB, API, GOST, and ISO.

HebeiShanghanImportAndExportTradeColtd [China]
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[Related Keywords: Hebei Shanghan Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd is one of the promising companies in China. Throughout more than 10 years of development, we have been constantly improving our effort to meet the needs of our customers with the best quality and on time delivery. Hebei Shanghan serves as one of China’s supplier in Valves, for example, ball valve, gate valve, check valve, Choke Valve, butterfly valve, control valve, High-temperature Pressure Valve, etc. They are widely used in fields of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power and power station. We adopted standards of API, ANSI, ASME, MSS, BS, DIN, GB etc. Material includes WCB, wc6, WC8, WC9, LGB, LCC, CF8 (304), CF8M (316), CN7M (20# Alloy), 4A (F51), A105, LF2, 1020, 1040, 410, 4130, 4140, 17-4PH, Inconel, titanium, Monel, etc. Moreover, we are a manufacturer and trading company of industrial hoses (BOP hose assembly, choke and kill hose, hydraulic hose, steel wire braided hose, steel wire spiral hose, rotary drilling/vibrator hose, etc.) and choke and kill manifold BOP. And we have been certificated for GB, API, GOST, and ISO. ]

Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical Chemical

ThanapolIntertrade [Thailand]
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Jinan Bocai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, which is located in the capital city of Shandong Province, Jinan, north to the Yellow River and south to the zoo.

Our major products includes raw materials like aluminum paste, aerated aluminum powder and various chemical production equipment.

Aluminum paste is divided into silk silver, metallic sparkle, fine whiteness, imitation plating, high bright sparkle series. Aerated powder GLS65 is the most popular model for aerated concrete and block market, and we can also adjusted the aluminum content according to customer requirements to meet their production needs.

The chemical production equipment contents ball mill, screening machines, filter press, kneading machine, aluminum foil crusher, oven, etc. We can not only provide a single device, but also provide the entire aluminum paste or aerated aluminum powder production line, and make the most reasonable design according to the customer’ working site.

You can also get the full technical service and production formula until you can manufacture the qualified products.


JinanBocaiChemicalTechnology [China]
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Zhuzhou Yuancheng Hezhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. (11/03/2014)

Zhuzhou Yuancheng Hezhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, a branch of "Yuancheng" Group, which is located in Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City-The Economic 

Centre of Changsha Zhuzhou and Xiangtan Cities Group. It is a large high-tech chemical enterprise which specialized in fine chemicals , flavors and fragrances, food additives, 

pharmaceutical raw material and intermediates.  Companies affiliated factory has advanced production equipment and plants, perfect quality assurance and control system, whole 

set of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography/Gas Chromatography/UV Spectrophotometer to conduct effective product analysis and monitoring. Company factory has passed ISO9001 

quality system certification and international KOSHER certification.

Zhuzhou Yuancheng Hezhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. based in chemical industry, lead by food chemical market. Complete e-commerce networks make guarantee for timely 

service to the world customers. To meet the needs of customers, each product is elite, which is recommended and selected by professional and experienced technicals for 

customers. The company has independent import and export rights, products exported to foreign markets with high quality and good service, established good business relationship 

with other countries in Europe, America, Asia, etc. All the staffs will make unremitting efforts to strive for outstanding quality, make excellent brand and service the market 

by first-class products.

Zhuzhou Yuancheng Hezhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. [China]
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WFTOis a company that as a rich foreign sales record since it came into establishment with a lot of grate profit from exported quality products on our website. 

WFTO is a leading industrial and commercial company based in US and Africa. founded in 1975; with a proud record of prompt and 

dependable services

WFTO [Russia]
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Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.(GMP compliant, FDA Approved & ISO 9001-2015 certified co.. ) was incorporated in the year 2003. We are well focused on Iodine chemistry & It revolves around research and manufacturing of Iodine based molecules / APIs / Iodination reaction based bulk drugs.

Infinium has extensive experience in research & development of Iodine derivatives. Our products offer guaranteed performance, high reproducibility, consistent results, and are of the highest purity. We offer a different grade of Iodine derivatives to various industries as per their demand.

Our portfolio includes 200+ Iodine Derivatives and 15+ APIs. We manufacture iodine derivatives for the various industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, sanitation, Agrochemical, Electronics, Nylon production and much more industries for their wide range of industrial applications.

We manufacture a range of Iodine derivatives on the commercial basis in India and supply around the globe. We manufacture the widest range of Iodine derivatives, but on Order to Made basis only. However, we also keep in ready stock many of our well-demanded products.

We are providing Contract Research & Manufacturing Services to the innovator pharmaceutical and biotech companies for their diverse requirements of Iodine based APIs and intermediates to reduce their research time and project cost with our R & D team expertise. You are always welcome with the demand of any new iodine-based compounds. We can develop and supply the same specifically / strictly as per your requirement and final application.

Manufacturing Facility
Manufacturing facility span across 4100 Sq. Mtr. Plot area, located at Gujarat – INDIA. The Manufacturing plant is FDA certified & GMP compliant with capabilities of producing high purity complex Iodine Derivatives for varied applications from Gram to MT scale operations.

Reserach & Development Facility

Our R & D centre has been set up with modern, sophisticated equipment and facilities & managed by a talented pool of scientists and chemists with the passion for innovation. They are expert of devising the end to end solutions including feasibility, optimization, process scrutiny for commercialization and validation activities.

The team is continuously striving for the development of new Iodine Compounds. With over decades of constant R&D and manufacturing experience, now we have a robust portfolio of 200+ Iodine derivatives and 15+ Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. All our products are benchmarked as internationally acceptable standards for demanding applications across varied industries. We offer our clients free sample for R&D, trail use, testing & analysis purpose on request.

Our Customers
We have clients from MSMEs to MNCs working in the field of pharmaceutical, electronics, flavour and fragrances, cosmetics, Agrochemical, Nutraceutical, etc.

Due to our consistent quality, robust product portfolio, reliable service, timely delivery, reasonable pricing, customer friendly approach, today Infinium brand products have achieved a respectable & reliable place in the industry across the globe.

We offer products that are used in wide range of applications across various industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Speciality & Performance Chemical, Neutraceutical, Animal Feed, Agriculture, Biotech, Paints & Coatings, Cosmetics, Sanitation, Electronics, Photographics, Textiles, Solar and much more…
With our technical team expertise and experience, we are providing fully integrated Contract Research and Manufacturing Services for Iodine Derivatives requirement, strictly as per the client’s requirement and final application. We are open to signing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the development of the confidential and rarely available Iodine compound.
Infinium Pharmachem has ISO-9001-2015, 14001-2015, FDA certified & GMP compliant manufacturing plant in Gujarat, INDIA.Our technical team conducts pre-audits and inspection of manufacturing facility.​


  • Excellent Quality & Reasonable Price
  • Constant Innovation of Complex Iodine Compounds
  • The Widest Portfolio of 200+ Iodine Derivatives & 15+ API
  • Gram Scale to Multi Ton scale production capacity
  • Sustainable Products

​Featured Iodine Derivatives

  • 1-Iodo-2-Bromobenzene
  • Imidazolium Iodide
  • Iodobenzene
  • 2-Iodoxybenzoic Acid, Stabilised
  • Zinc Iodide
  • N-Iodosuccinimide
  • 2 Iodobenzoic acid
  • Ammonium Iodide
  • Diiodomethane
  • Tatrabutylammonium Iodide
  • 1-Iodopropane & 2-Iodopropane
  • Chloroiodomethane

​Featured APIs

  • Potassium Iodide (IP, BP, USP, JP,ACS)
  • Sodium Iodide (BP, USP, JP)
  • Povidone Iodine (IP, BP, USP)
  • Iodine (BP, USP)
  • Iodoform (USP)
  • Pralidoxime Iodide
  • Thymol Iodide
  • CSR

​As a responsible Corporate Citizen, Infinium Pharmachem undertakes a number of CSR activities in the larger interest of the community, especially in the area of children’s needs and development, education, environment, and local needs. We are committed as a business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.


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Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd.(03/26/2014)

 Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of water treatment chemicals in China, with sales volume being No. 1 for four years. Taihe focuses on the manufacturing and devotes itself to be the production workshop for global water treatment industry.

Taihe’s turnover reached 115 million US dollars while sales volume 88,000 tons in 2013. Taihe took the lead in continuous mass production of water treatment chemicals in the world, the quality stability and operation safety of which was greatly improved compared with traditional single reactor batch production.

Advanced SAP-ERP & bar code systems are keys to better management on customers’ needs.

Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability are Taihe’s highest priorities.

Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd. [China]
[Related Categories: Water Treatment ]
[Related Keywords: chemical, water treatment, WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL, phosphonate acid, scale and corrosion inhibitor, Chelant, polycarboxylic antiscalant and dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger, reverse osmosis chemical, HEDP, ATMP, PBTCA, EDTMPS, EDTMPA, DTPMPA, PAPE, HPAA, ATMP.Na4, atmp.na5, ATMP.Kx, HEDP.NA2, HEDP.Na4, HEDP.Kx, EDPMP.Na5, dtpmp.na7, PBTCA.Na4, PAA, PAAS, HPMA, MA/AA, AA/AMPS, PCA, PESA, PASP, Poly Salt, Benzalkonium Chloride, TTA, BTA, MBT, BTA.Na, TTA.Na ]
Tianjin Zhaobo Chemical Co., Ltd(02/12/2014)

 Dear Sir/Madam:

We, Tianjin Zhaobo Chemical Co., Ltd is engaged in researching ,producing and exporting plastic additives and dyestuff.


Such as Plastic Fragrance Additive, Plastic Deodorant clarifying agent,other nuleating agent,Optical Brightener, UV Absorbers, Light Stabilizer and Antistatic Agent used for pp,pe,pvc and recycle plastic.

Such as top grade direct dyestuff and pigment used for dyeing plastic,paper, cotton, wool, nylon and leather;

Nucleating Agent     
Clarifying Agent

phthalocyanine blue  BGS

Non-Dust Clarifier 
Optical Brightener         
Additives for Recycle Plastic   
Plastic Deodorant 
Ink Remover
PET Sticker Remover  
Fragrance Additive       
UV Absorbers                
Light Stabilizer 
Lubricating Agent                             
Antistatic Agent                       
Erucamide (Slip Agent) 
Anti-block Agent
Anti-fogging agent    


Our factory will resume production for pigment next month.
We want to cooperate with your side sincerely.


Best regards,
Malinda (Manager)
Shandong Factory: Leling Town, Shandong, China.
Tianjin Factory: Industrial Park, WangwenzhuangTown, Xiqing District, Tianjin, China.
Tel: 86 22 28628077 Fax: 86 22 28628077
Skype: dyestuff-zhaobo

Tianjin Zhaobo Chemical Co., Ltd [China]
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DaXingAnLing Zhongbei Northland Bio-Chem Industrical Co., Ltd(01/17/2014)

Welcome to DaXingAnLing  Zhongbei Northland Bio-Chem Industry Co., Ltd a global chemical providers since 2002. We are specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing active ingredients with high bio-activity and safety, serving the nutritional supplements and functional food ,cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


Honored with the title of No. 1 Strong Foreign Trade Enterprises by Heilongjiang Provencial Government.
Warehouses located in the US;
Strong sourcing capability of working with over 100 manufacturers in China;
GMP standard workshops for natural pigment, traditional drug extracts, chemical-synthetic , Auxiliary workshops under 13000 square metres
Quality assurance system;
In-house and third party laboratories;
R & D laboratory with 27 technical persons.Production with 164 workers
Passed through ISO9001

All the products we produce and sell are of good quality and new technology.We shall bring into full play our advantages to provide excellent and all-round service for our customers by right of our integrated service capability, abiding by the principle of pursuing  Sincerity, Credit, Safety and Nicety.

DaXingAnLing Zhongbei Northland Bio-Chem Industrical Co., Ltd [China]
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YiXing SunChem Co.,Ltd.(10/11/2013)

  about  Yixing SUNCHEM Co. Ltd. is located in the Zhangzhu town industry area, was established in October 2000, which covers an area of more than 15000m2, It is a professional iron oxide  development company. Our annual production capacity is 10,000 tons for iron oxide pigment. With a strong development and technical research level, and high quality,we have won a good business reputation at home and abroad.
  Yixing SUNCHEM Co., Ltd., takes science and technology as the lead,innovation as the breakthrough,and quality as foundation We want to put our career into stronger and bigger development strategy. Our business philosophy is "integrity, professionalism, quality and service."

   Quality guarantee
SUNCHEM takes serious attitude to control the product quality. Our company quality testing center has established a high quality product examination and research & development team. We also has DATACOLOR processing tintometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer and other a serious of analytical facilities and instruments.
Based on ISO9001:2000 international quality system, we has formulated a set of complete quality control procedure. Comparing to the standard sample, the ratio of our products is as follow:DE=0.8, tinting strength scope is 100 5%. Each lot of product must pass through the workshop laboratory and the quality testing center dual examinations, in order to guarantee the shade, tinting strength and various physical and chemistry indexes keep pace with the standard sample. 

   1、Paint, Ink, Coating
   Application scope: various kinds of finish coat, primer, printing ink, coating,inside and outside wall coating, powder coating.

   2、Building materials coloration
   Application scope: various kinds of colored cement, encaustic brick, floor tile, encaustic tile, all over the body plate, schindylesis medicinal preparation.floor coating, terrazzo, marble.

   3、Plastic coloration
   Application scope: the plastic track and the athletic field, masterbatch,plastic coloration and blown film the membrane, plastic trough, barrel, shoes material, and shoe sole coloration.

   4、Paper making
   Application scope:the colored packing paper, the cigarette filters tipping paper, the calico paper, the colored cardboard and so on.
   Besides, it also can be applied to Rubber, leather, compound fertilizer, matches, metal polishing, animal fodder, friction material, spinning and weaving, industrial art, cosmetics, and medicine

YiXing SunChem Co.,Ltd. [China]
[Related Categories: Pigment, Pigment ]
[Related Keywords: dye, factory, Color pigment, IRON OXIDES, black oxides, inorganic pigment, pigment, chemical, compound ferric green, ferric oxide, iron oxide yellow, Iron Oxide Red, Iron Oxide Black, iron oxide ]
Noble Source Trading Company Ltd.(06/04/2013)

Noble Source Trading Company Ltd.
Our company has been in the Business in for 18 years.

Noble Source Trading Company Ltd. [United Kingdom]
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Autokem Industry Co., Ltd(05/13/2013)

 AUTOKEM INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is a dedicated manufacturer with professional strength that provides high-quality aerosol and specialty products to customers in automotive, industrial, agriculture business.

Our 1,500 square meters manufacturing plant is equipped with modern machines and equipments. With 5 filling lines, an independent chemical manufacturing facility and a testing lab, we commit to deliver high quality and cost-effective product. 

Autokem Industry Co., Ltd [China]
[Related Categories: Lubricant, Auto Maintenance, Coatings, Paints & Coatings ]
[Related Keywords: chemical, Aerosol Spray, adhesive, coating, Marking Piant, Degreaser, lubricant, Industrial Cleaner, car care ]
Hangzhou Kairui CO.,LTD(04/23/2013)

Our company adheres to the management principle of “Customers’ needs are our root, the high and new technology are our core belief, the world class quality is our tenet and developing together with the customers form all over the world is our ultimate porpose.”

Hangzhou Kairui CO.,LTD [China]
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Wuhan Yuancheng Gongchuang tech co ltd(03/19/2013)


  Wuhan Yuancheng Gongchuang Technology Co.Ltd,a leading supplier of cinnamaldehyde,cinnamicalcohol,
cinnamonitrile,cinnamic acid,bromocinnamaldehyde; amylcinnamaldehyde, l-carnitine,vitaminB1, ethylcinnamate,
cinnamyl acetate,coumarin,benzaldehyde,flavoring&essence etc.....

Wuhan Yuancheng Gongchuang tech co ltd [China]
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 We are registered firm name mascot (Drug selling license holder)We are
the whole seller of all know pharmaceutical and chemical plant food,
leading group of professionals,Our product list is really rich. Our
delivery is fast, discrete and secured.That..for more
Ketamine,lds,heroin,meth,oxy,mdma,coke,weed,fentanyl,xanax,amphetamine,butylone,oxycotin etc



jerry.tex [France]
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