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Keyword "ceramic frit glass"
Decorative safety glass Decorative safety glass

  Decorative safety glass is a kind of secure decorative artistic glass. It is made through the processes of printing tempering, 3D painted print, spraying, lacquer showering, pattern embedding, irregular carving, chemical etching, high temperature rolling, etc. It is a kind of specially intensively processed glass, and it can satisfy consumers’ requirements on personality, color and shape by beautifying the appearance styling and surface.


Product Varieties:

  Our decorative safety glass series include ceramic frit tempered glass, paint glass, fog-proof shower glass, ice-patterned safety glass, patterned tempered glass, acid etched glass, furniture glass, carved glass, digital printing glass, painting embedded artistic glass, silvered mirror safety glass, etc.

  The products can be widely used in hotels, malls, hotels, office buildings, entertainment venues and home decorative items, such as doors and windows, bay windows, window sills, interior partitions, office furniture, desktops, tea tables, shower rooms, glass curtain walls, storefront signs, cylindrical surface decoration, etc.

Production Capacity:

Max. Size: 4500mm×2440mm
Min. Size: 300mm×600mm
Thickness: 2-25mm
The specification on orders is negotiable

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