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 Activated Alumina ball Activated Alumina ball

 This kind of product is X-ρ form active aluminum oxide dryer.Its appearance is white spheric particle with strong adsorptive capacity of moisture,its drying depth(dew point)can be below-70°C under certain operating and regenerating conditions.It is a high efficiency dryer for drying micro amount water.This product is widely used as dryer in gas phase,liquid phase and auto-instrument wind drying of petrochemical,textile and oxygen-making industries,PSA in air-seperation etc..Due to high heat-adsorption quantity of single molecular adsorbing layer,so,it is very suitable for the use of heat-free regeneration device.

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 Alumina Ceramic Saddle 50mm Alumina Ceramic Saddle 50mm

1. Product Introduction

Ceramic Intalox Saddle has exce llent acid resistance and heat resist ance. It can resist to corrosion  ;of various inorganic acids, organic  ;acids and organic solvents except h ydrofluoric acid, and can be used&nb sp;in high or low temperature condit ions, which have been used wid ely. This product can be used in the drying col umns, absorbing columns, cooling towers,& nbsp;scrubbing towers and acetifier colum ns in chemical industry, metallurgy&nbs p;industry, coal gas industry, oxygen&nbs p;producing industry, etc.


2. Chemical Composition




> 92%









3. Physical Properties

Bulk density (kg/m3)


Quantity, (pieces)


 Void space (%)


Surface area (m2/m3)


Specific gravity (g/cm3)


Water absorption (%)


Acid resistance (%)


Max operating temp.


Moh\'s hardness (scale)


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  Wear-resistance Alumina Ball Wear-resistance Alumina Ball


Application: It is mainly used for non-metal mineral products extra refining, it is ideal grinding media for stirring grinding, sand grinder and vibration grinding. And it is widely applied in ceramics, paint, ink coatings,dyes, rubber and power industries.
1. High density and hardness, impact resistance, low loss rate, smooth surface and no contamination to products.
2. Fine chemical stability, anti-corrosion..
3.Under condition of appropriate ball size ration, it can achieve high grinding efficiency with material results D2μm.
4.High performance and low price.
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 Wear-resistance Alumina Products. Wear-resistance Alumina Products.


The wear-resistance alumina products such as lining plates, alumina brick, alumina liner, alumina lining, alumina crucible are dry-compacted and burned at the temperature of 1500-1650. As special type wear-resistance ceramics,their Rockwell Hardness is HRA80-90, only inferior to that of the diamond.
The products are featured by high wear-resistance, anti-impact and easy construction, etc. Theoretically, they are 260times as wear-rsistance as manganese steel and 170 times chrome steel. Based on this, the service life of equipment can be effectively improved.
Application: material transfer equipment, inside and outside surface of powder separating equipment on iron & steel works, thermal and power plants, coals and cements industries, etc.
The products have characteristics with wear-resisance, shock-resistance, corrosion-resistance, enduring high temperature, easy to construction and so on. They are ideal surface wear-resistance materials for conveyor equipment of electricity, metallurgy, coal, petroleum,cement, chemical engineering, mechanical industry material(such as clinker, coal dust, mine finemeal, coal, gangue,cement etc)
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ceramic ball ceramic ball


1. Great hardness
The wear-resistant ceramics we produce enjoy a Rockwell hardness of HRA80-90, second only to diamond and far ahead of wear-resistant or stainless steel in abrasion resistance.
2. Excellent wear-resistant performance
Our ceramics are almost 266 times of manganese steels and 171.5 times of high chromium cast iron in wear resistance.
According to our follow-up surveys on customers over the past decade, our ceramics can help extend the service life of machines over ten times longer.
3. Light weight
Our wear-resistant ceramics enjoy a density of 3.5g/cm3, only half about steel and can significantly reduce equipment load.
4. Extensive applicable range
Our wear-resistant ceramics have been widely applied in various types of mechanical equipments used for transporting, pulverizing and dust control system.
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Sell Perforated Ceramic Ball Sell Perforated Ceramic Ball

Perforated ceramic ball is developed on the basis of inert ceramic ball. It has an adequate mechanical strength, good chemical and thermal stability as the normal inert ceramic ball, further more, it has larger surface area and free void which directly make the dispersion and flux of the fluids increased, and bring down the resistance of the system resulting from the perforated holes on the ball. As a new efficient catalyst support and covering material, it has been widely used in oil refineries, chemical, fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection.

Main Performance





Remarks: bulk density data is for the reference only, not as the acceptance standard.
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Sell Inert Alumina Ceramic Ball Sell Inert Alumina Ceramic Ball

Inert alumina ceramic ball is widely used in many fields, such as petroleum, chemical engineering, fertilizer, environmental industry, etc. Being the covering and supporting material and tower packing for catalyst in the reactor, the ceramic ball has features of high intensity, high chemical stability and thermal stability, it withstands high temperature and pressure during the process, and also resists the corrosion from the acid, alkali and other organic solvent. The leading effects of ceramic ball are to increase the distributing spots of gas or liquid, also support and protect the activated catalyst from the rushing of the gas and liquid inside of the reactor.

Physical Properties 


Chemical Composition  


Variety of Inert Alumina Ceramic Ball

In terms of Al2O3 contents, Inert alumina ceramic ball can be divided into 17 varieties, from 25% and with a gap of 5%.



1. Al2O3 and SiO2 contents ≥92%

2. Al2O3 and SiO2 two ingredients contents may request by the customer.

3. bulk density data is for the reference only, not as the acceptance standard.



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Sell Inert Ceramic Ball Sell Inert Ceramic Ball

Our DTC series are generally used for catalyst bed support for oil refining, petrochemical and natural gas applications. The product is often used in the temperature range of 100°C to 500°C. Most of desulphurization systems in oil refineries use this kind ceramic ball. It is a standard item for the desulphurization process. Products of these specifications are produced from high quality chemical–porcelain clay, which has excellent stability, high crushing strength and resistance to thermal shock.

In addition to our DTC Inert Balls, we also produce other shapes such as full cylinders, hollow cylinders and prisms as supporting and covering layers for contact masses in reactors according to customers’ specific requirements for different application.


  Ceramic Suppot Ball High Alumina Ball
Chemical Composition    
Al2O3 >17.0% >99.3%
SiO2 <75.0% <0.30%
Fe2O3 <1.00%  
TiO2 <1.00%  
CaO <0.50%  
MgO <0.50%  
Na2O <2.00%  
K2O <2.50%  
Pysical Analysis    
Bulk Density 1210 ~ 1430 kg/m3 2100 ~ 2330 kg/m3
Operating Temperature >985°C >1680°C
Water Adsorption <0.5% <1.5%
Mohs Hardness >6.5 >8.0
Size Crushing Strength Crushing Strength
  Kg/particle KN/particle Kg/particle KN/particle
1/8" (3mm) >28 >0.28 >203 >2.0
1/4" (6mm) >55 >0.54 >459 >4.5
3/8" (9mm) >110 >1.08 >530 >5.2
1/2" (13mm) >170 >1.67 >877 >8.6
3/4" (19mm) >430 >4.21 >1220 >12
1" (25mm) >635 >6.22 >1630 >16
1.5" (38mm) >910 >8.92 >2340 <23
2" (50mm) >1000 >9.8 >3460 >34
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Sell Alumina Balls Sell Alumina Balls

Alumina ball is high grade milling media made by advanced cool isostatic  pressing  technology and fired at high temperature.

With overwhelming merits in higher density, more regular shape, easily classifying & assorting, superior grinding efficiencies & competitive price prior to natural cobblestones & conventional grinding media, Kingway Alumina Grinding Media are excellent for grinding processing of ceramic bodies & glaze materials in tile industries & surface polishing of the ceramic bearing applicant.

Alumina Grinding Media has been approved to be suitable to tile manufctories and  got good feedback from customers.

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Sell Inert alumina ball(ceramic ball,grinding ball,fireproof ball) Sell Inert alumina ball(ceramic ball,grinding ball,fireproof ball)
Inert alumina ball is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, natural gas, and environmental protection industries etc. its main functions are to accelerate the distribution of gas or liquid, and support or protect the active catalyst. They have stronger resistance to high temperature and high pressure, lower ratio of the moisture absorbing, more stable chemical properties, capable of enduring the corrosion of acid, alkali, and organic solvent. other ceramic ball include: Refractory ceramic ball,Heat storage ceramic ball,Alumina grinding ball.
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Sell Alumina ball Sell Alumina ball
We produce alumina ball of ¦µ2-60mm,which includes rolling shaped and isostatic pressing shaped.
Equiped with advanced ultra-fine grinding machine, grain-made machine, auto-shaped machine and baking machine.Our output is 3000T every year.
Main performance index:
Al3O2 content©ƒ92%
wearing consumption:©‚0.08¡ë(¦µ2-15), ©‚0.2¡ë(¦µ20-60)
The product is of low consumption,high hardness,good corrosion-resistance, which is widely used in ceramics,refractory,fireproof,chemical,nonmetal,ect.
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