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Keyword "car alarm"
electromagnetic parking sensor system electromagnetic parking sensor system

1.Detetion in all directions without dead angle,2.LED 3 clours(green,yellow,red) displays to indicate the distance of  obstacles,3.Totally built-in installation with damage effect to the car appearance,4.The sensor antenna is installde inside the bumper,W/O any drilling

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car alarm system car alarm system

Trigger identify function,Re-arm with locking automatically (optional),Microwave sensor anti-false detected function



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1. Anti-scanning (learning code)
2. Remote control arm / disarm
3. Remote control panic / car detector
4. Remote trunk release output
5. Remote select cut sensor trigger
6. Remote select auto re-locking
7. Universal central door lock
8. Auto locking (foot brake lock)
9. Ignition / engine immobilization
10. Shock sensor trigger zones
13. Self code learning
14. Manual override switch
15. Sensor bypass mode
16. Memory with cut power
17. Select with power lock / pneumatic lock
18. Anti-hijacking function
19. With dome light output
20. Support location triggered by authorized cell phone
21. Support alarm and remote monitor
22. Support check location by SMS and internet
23. Locate the locator holder by the mobile phone via SMS (short messaging system)
24. Support single location and continuous tracking
25. Support 4 frequency GSM 850/900/1800MHz (optional)
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GPS Car Tracking System (S3543) GPS Car Tracking System (S3543)

The GPS car tracking system, S3543 is a new GSM GPS Car alarm system.
The GPS car tracking system with SMS Report Position function;
The GPS car tracking system with 850/900/1800/1900MHz;
The GPS car tracking system with fence alert function;
The GPS car tracking system with speed limited function.

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GSM/GPS car alarm GSM/GPS car alarm

Functions and Features

1. Apply to protect all type of cars, trucks, taxi, jeeps as well as other automobiles.

2. With Chinese/English/Russian/Czech/Spanish/ Turkish voice reminder

3. Friendly human voice reminder. The user needn\' t memorize any command to

operate the system..

4. Remote open/close car door and trunk release.

5. Remote arm/disarm

6. Any trigger will auto-dial the preset phone No. and send SMS.

7. Enquiry the status of your car by any phone.

8. No distance limit to control your cars by any phone or SMS.

9. Remote police alert/monitor/oil cut-off/power off/voice frightening.

10. Can activate/deactive car running.

11. Can prohibit/permit telephone alarm.

12. With hidden emergency button, it can send help signal quietly.

13. With backup battery.

14. With hicker memory and safety reminder.

15. Can start car engine and air conditioner by remoter, phone or SMS to create a comfortable driving environment.

16. Car mobile and GSM location

17. Metal case and hopping code remoter.

18. With GPS function.

Basic components

1 Mainframe

1 GSM antenna

2 remote controls

1 GPS antenna

1 dialer

1 shock sensor

1 siren

1 speaker

1 relay

1 emergency help switch

1 LED, 1 microphone

1 bundle of output wire (12 holes)

1 bundle of input wire (10 holes)

1 bundle of input wire (6 holes)

1 bundle of start connection wire (4 holes)

1 operating instruction

1 bundle of fastening wire



*Mainframe& lt; /p>

Working Voltage: 12V

Static Current (with GSM Module): 40mA -60 mA

Arm/Disarm Working Frequency: 400MHz-433HMz

* Input Checking Voltage

Door: 0V

Key: 12V

Foot Brake: 12V

*GSM Module

Frequency: GSM 900MHz/1800MHz/850Mhz/1900Mhz

Voltage of Serial Interface: 2.8V

Stand-by Current: 11-25mA

Static Current: 4mA

* Remote Control

Working Voltage: 12V (1 A27 12V dry battery)

Working Frequency: 400MHz-433HMz

Control Distance: 20-100M

Static Current: 0mA

*Working Conditions


Storage Temp.: -30℃-85℃

Workin g Temp.: -20℃-6\\75℃

Wor king Humidity: 25% — 95%


Storage Temp.: -40℃-100℃

Worki ng Temp.: -20℃-85℃

Workin g Humidity: 25% — 95%

* Size of the Mainframe

145MM *104 MM *36MM

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GSM Car Alarm GSM Car Alarm
4.Trunk release
5.Emergency help
6.Enable/disable shock sensor
7.Siren temporary disable

3.En able/disable shock sensor
4.Active/deactivate immobilizer
5.Check the status of car
6.Broadcast to the driver
7.Listen in the car
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GPS / GSM Car Alarm System GPS / GSM Car Alarm System
1. Remote control
@a. Arm/disarm
@b. Lock/unlock
@c. Car finding
@d. Trunk release
@e. Emergency help
@f. Enable/disable shock sensor
@g. Siren temporary disable
@h. Start/stop engine

2. Phone
@a. Arm/disarm
@b. Lock/unlock
@c. Enable/disable shock sensor
@d. Active/deactivate immobilizer
@e. Check the status of car (latitude, longitude, and car speed and car direction)
@f. Broadcast to the driver
@g. Listen in the car
@I. Remote start/stop engine
@h. Control the car by SMS

Locate by GPS, Send latitude , longtude, velocity and direction to the car owner
Tracking time adjustable
Check the car\'s position by mobile phone , PC , GPS navigation internet
Arm/disarm/check/monitor/talking/enable,engine start/disable engine start by phones
Alarm alret once triggering / shocking / disconnect poser suppoy
Including all featuers and functions of one way or two way car alarm system
Press emergency call button to ask for help

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32 defense zone alarm system 32 defense zone alarm system
  • With digital show(1-32, 91-97) on the panel.
  • Support anti-decode with remote control.
  • Digital LED Defense zone display. Users can know which defense zone is triggered.
  • 32 wireless defense zone display (1 to 32) and 7 wired defense zone display (91-97).
  • Every defense zone can set independently arm, disarm, delay alarm and so on.
  • Have the function of “one-key arm”. User can start “Home arm” or “Out arm” freely by keeping pressing one key on remote control
  • Can set the reminder sound of defense zones. Will remind users of remembering arm the alarm system when going out.
  • It stores 3 groups of monitoring center and 6 groups of user phone numbers to dial out and play the recorded message if there is an alarm.
  • Can arm/disarm with remote control or keypad on the control panel
  • Can arm/disarm/listen-in by calling the host phone number (The phone numbers of control panel).
  • Have the function of reminder for circuitry failure. For example, if telephone line is cut or short, the control panel will alarm.
  • Have in-built backup battery and can continue to work and last for 24 hours when electricity is cut or in failure.
  • With international Ademco Contact ID,can work with the monitoring center.
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    Car alarm Car alarm
      GS-800 provides a solutions for users to achieve the real time tracking based on a PC/SMS solution: for this solution, a GSM modem GP2000C is required to connect with PC. The real time tracking and control of the vehicles is realized by SMS. The tracking center or customer by software or web tracking vehicle

          The GS-800 is a GPS/GSM/SMS vehicle tracking system. It uses the latest SiRF III GPS module and Siemens GSM module. It is an idea design not only for GPS real time tracking, but also a complete GSM alarm controllable by user\'s mobile phone message as well as the RF transmitters. We offer an all-in-one GPS tracking solution, with the tracking software and maps.

  • Ragged, compact metal house, Harsh weather resistant.
  • Standard tracking by: Unit ID, location, speed, time, vehicle status, GPS signal status, etc.
  • Arming and disarming vehicles.
  • Alarm trigger report: door illegally open, vehicle tilted, shocked etc
  • Position request. Support user’s one time request or timing request.
  • Onscreen software control the vehicle by cutting oil and power.
  • Emergency button to send SOS and rescue help to tracking center.
  • Current speed request.
  • Over speeding report.
  • Geo-fencing reports. When vehicles go in/out of pre-set geo-fencing areas.
  • Panic feature to threaten the theft in vehicles.
  • Silent arming and disarming.
  • Silent panic by flashing lamp
  • Remote control the air-conditioning.
  • Remote control the central locking system.
  • Voice monitoring to the in-vehicle status.
  • Tracking and control by 3 options: Onscreen PC software, user’s mobile phone, and RF transmitters.
  • Features setup and configuration by SMS.
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    AA King Pigeon Burglar GSM Car Alarm System(S3533) AA King Pigeon Burglar GSM Car Alarm System(S3533)

    King Pigeon Hi-Tech.Co.,Ltd, the biggest GSM Alarm CE Approved OEM supplier, including GSM Home alarm, GSM Car alarm, GSM GPS Vehicle car alarm systems, support SMS Commands. http://


    The S3533 is our new GSM Car security alarm system, with GSM communication technology and easily operations and basic as well as competitive price. It\'s very suitable to car owners all over the world.


    E-mail: GSMalarm(at)

    MSN: GSMalarm(at)


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    Tracking alarm system, Wireless alarm, Intelligent alarm system, Surveillance system

    Real-time safety device, security alarm, Wireless security, Protection product

    Burglar alarm, King Alarm systems, GSM Alarm Solutions, GSM GPS Tracking Solutions

    Fire alarm, Gas alarm, Smoke alarm, Auto alarm, intruder alarm, burglar alarm

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    Code-Hopping Car Burglar Alarm Code-Hopping Car Burglar Alarm

    Category: Car Burglar Alarm

    Model: 898

    Brand: MASBC


     1. Intelligent Code-Hopping

    2. Double color LED dynamic display.

    3. Optional the automatic rise windows.

    4. Automatic washing / repairing mode.

    5. Has the function that open the car trunk.

    6. Remote control the car.

    7. Adjustable the sensitive vibration sensors.

    8. Power-down and memory functions.

    9. Automatic close the door lock in the parking.

    10. The car door unclose warning function.

    Specific character:

     It has 2.5 billion groups codes change in random, making sent codes each time are irregular changes, and all of them are unique and do not repetitive. The remote control code that have used once, no longer can be identified next time. It can avoid the thief decipher using a decoder.




    Note: The products will come into the market soon, please pay attention.  

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