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Buy Wood Transportation Auto Platforms
A Romanian company is looking for producers of wood transportation autoplatforms. Interested companies please contact the foreign partner for further specifications.
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[Related Keywords: buy, wood, transportation, auto, platforms ]
Buy Regulator
We are want to purchase a lot of jet ski regulator. If you have this kind of products, please contact with me, we will order a large quantity.
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[Related Keywords: buy, regulator ]
Buy DC Moter Controller
Patent NO:4626750 Model:12707A-4102 Voltage:24V 250A Serial:0608B-577905 Star switch model:SR302 24V VP-SR401 current rating 175A 24V VP-SR201 current rating 200A DC24V
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[Related Keywords: buy, DC, Moter, controller ]
Buy Trailers, Semitrailers & Tipping Semitrailers
We are a Romanian company, looking for producers of trailers, semitrailers and tipping semitrailers. Interested companies please contact us ASAP if you can supply.
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Trailers,, Semitrailers, &, Tipping ]
Buy Special Truck For Glass Transportation
A Romanian producer of doors, windows and accessories is looking to buy a special truck, for glass transportation. If you are interested in this lead, please contact the applicant company directly.
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, special, TRUCK, for, glass, transportation ]
Buy Trucks Spare Parts
We wish to find a dealer of spare parts for man trucks and odher trucks. Interested companies please send US your offers AT the earliest.
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, trucks, spare, Parts ]
Buy Tyre
Below is our requirement of truck tyres 1) we want to buy one container of 29.5-29 L5S 36Ply min 1100-20 18/10PR Timber King pattern or equivalent. 1200-24 20/24PR Timber King pattern or equivalent. 1400-20 20 PR Crane tires 1400R25 177E crane tires, highway, high mead pattern 1600R25 177E crane tires, highway, high mead pattern 2400R35 Michelin or Bridgestone 875/65R29 Ultra large ADT tires 35/65R35 slicks 2700R49 Michelin / Bridgestone 40.00X57 Belshina 1 33.25R29 4 35/65R33 L-5 smooths
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Tyre ]
Buy Used Truck Tires
Looking for used truck tires 1000r20,1100r20,1200r20,11r22.5,12r22.5,315/80r22.5,295/80r22.5
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, USED, TRUCK, tires ]
Buy Truck Body Exchange System
We look for a supplier of load exchanging systems for trucks. With this system you easy can change body on the truck. We look forward to your reply.
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, TRUCK, body, exchange, System ]
Buy Euro 4 Engine For Light Truck
We are doing a big project for export light truck to EU, we need engine with Euro 4 approved (we need for gasoline and diesel) from 1000cc to 3500cc for use on the light truck. The yearly quantity is going to be 6000pcs. Please feel free to contact us if you have the Euro 4 engine.
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Euro, 4, engine, for, light, TRUCK ]
Buy Truck Cab Isuzu Single Cabin Chassis Cab-500 Units
Our customer in iraq needs cif-basrah / gulf port-via dubai-isuzu 4x2, light duty forward control, left hand drive, 2 plus 1=3 seaters, single cabin chassis cab with a / c-6 tonne, GCC specs, 2007 model, white colour, warranty-2 years or 50, 000 kms, 4 cyl. , 120hp, without rear cargo body, -please contact with genuine offer and payment terms
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, TRUCK, cab, Isuzu, single, Cabin, Chassis, Cab-500, units ]
Buy Truck Tyres
We want to buy brand-new truck tyres only don't offer us any second hand item. Below item is our inquiry 1) 41.25/70-39 new tyre(bias or radial) 2) 41.25/70x39 major brand names, any quantity. Radial. Brand new. 3) 24.00r35 bridgestone e4 new tyre only
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, TRUCK, Tyres ]
Buy Lorries / Trucks
We are looking to rent (for minimum 6 months) about 100 units of lorries / trucks, to attache our trailers and to use for activity projects in European Union. Interested companies please contact us for details.
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Lorries, /, trucks ]
Buy Tatra Truck Parts For T3B-928-10/484
We need tatra truck spare parts for engine No. T3B-928-10/484 urgently. Such as: steering gearbox, injection pump, air drier, gear pump, propeller shaft, brake cylinder, brake spring, air cleaner, clutch cover, clutch plate, clutch booster. If you can supply, please contact us quickly.
[Related Categories: Truck & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Tatra, TRUCK, Parts, for, T3B-928-10/484 ]
Buy Ocean Freight For FCL Shipment From China To Europe
Have you cargo from China to Europe?Here we need yr kind support.This month we provide competitive ocean freight for FCL(full container load) shipment from China (Dalian,Qingdao,Shanghai,Shenzhen) to Europe(Pireaus,Birmingham,Copenhagen,Gothenburg,Lisbon,Liverpool,Stockholm). At the same time,we provide professional inland transportation,custom clearance,inspection,fumigation,export licence,and so on.
[Related Categories: Transportation Product Agents ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Ocean, freight, for, FCL, SHIPMENT, from, China, TO, Europe ]
Buy Elevator
We are planning to purchase Elevators of different types (Monospace, Hydraulic Types, with 800kg, 600kg, 300kg load) for our ongoing projects in Libya. Total quantity is 13 elevators. Other requirements: - electric doors - stainless steel cabins - intercom and emergency button - floor to be stainless steel in Goods lifts and with space for a granite slab for public lifts - there will not be any machine rooms on the roof (temperature, access, dust problems) - optional: battery backup for parking of lift on lower floor in case of power cut - quotation: to be on CIF Tripoli basis and including installation - client will provide accommodation and meals - guarantee is to be specified by the seller - maintenance is to be discussed later on
[Related Categories: Elevators & Funicular Cars ]
[Related Keywords: buy, elevator ]
Buy Foldable Electric Bicycle
Want to buy electric bicycles urgently Under 20kg Foldable easily Must have ce certificate FOB shanghai or nin bo 150/unit Pls if you can supply it, send me the specifications and with the pictures and different models for my choice. This is very urgent and quanity is more than 3000 units.
[Related Categories: Electric Bicycle ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Foldable, Electric, Bicycle ]
Buy Very Cheap Baisc Normal Electric Bicycles
we are in urgently need of very cheap and normal basic electric bicycles. the initial order quantity will be 20000 units if all are well. the suppliers must can meet the below requirments: 1. can have the strong capacity of making 20000 units within 3 month 2.the e-bikes must be simple and normal ones with an extra battery bonded with it to make the driving range to be 100km+ 3. can mee the price FOB USD120 4. can have the load capacity of 120kg+ we are looking for 3-4 diffenent designs and will require smapes firstly to test. only makers who can meet the above requirments can contact me imme reagrds johnson
[Related Categories: Electric Bicycle ]
[Related Keywords: buy, very, cheap, Baisc, Normal, Electric, bicycles ]
Buy Electric Bicycles
We are in urgently need of 500 units of the electric bicycles. pls supplier must meet the standard of the followings.can provide the certificate of teh followings: 1. The bikes are built conforming to British Standard BS6102-1:1992 2. The bikes and chargers conform to required CE standard and carry a visible CE mark. 3. The bikes conform to 73/23/EEC Low voltage directive. 4. The bikes conform to 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive. 5. The bikes conform to Electrically assisted Pedal Cycles Regulation 1983- Statutory instrument (SI 1983 No 1168) 6. The bikes conform to The pedal cycles construction and use Regulation 1983 - statutory instrument (SI 1983 No 1176) 7. The bikes conform to Directive 2002/24/EC definition of electric pedal cycles. Must provide us the above certificate . Others will forget , do not contact us this is urgently
[Related Categories: Electric Bicycle ]
[Related Keywords: buy, Electric, bicycles ]
Buy Used Shipping Container
We are i/e company in hong kong and looking for various types of used shipping containers
[Related Categories: Container ]
[Related Keywords: buy, USED, shipping, Container ]
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