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We Alpha Defence & Security Co., is developing cutting edge equipment in order to counter against various dangerous tasks and illegal conducts which threats safety of the national security. 

Attack by terrorists, criminals, cranks or pranksters, to cause death, injury, damage or inconvenience for the purposes furthering of political ends, publicity, revenge, extortion or mischief. 

We are supplying homeland security gears for Military, Police , EOD Squads and Rescue Forces to achieve fruitful out comes and protect the citizen national wide.

AlphaDefence [Korea]
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Executive Protection Specialists(10/31/2012)


Executive Protection Specialists

Our company specializes in providing body guard for very important persons or dignitaries visiting or living in North America or South America. 

Executive Protection Specialists will provide training to suitable individuals in the areas of executive protection, tactics, firearms, and hand-to-hand defense.  Our employees are all former police or military trained.

In addition, Executive Protection Specialists is a licensed dealer in firearms, ammunition, and tactical gear.

Executive Protection Specialists [United States]
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We LOTUS wish to express our wholehearted gratitude to our loyal customers who have given their everlasting support. On the behalf of the company, We would like to thanks each of you for concerning. In spite of the drastically changed/changing business environments in both domestic and overseas markets, LOTUS has marked matchless growth recently. We will continue our effort to upgrade the quality and function of our products in order to provide a renewed satisfaction and services to our honorable customers. LOTUS is receiving a worldwide attention. With a future-oriented innovative thinking, creativity the best technology and huge business capability, many conglomerates already want to co-operate with LOTUS international in their business field. Once again, we sincerely thank you for your loyal support and wish you and your family the best of the health and life full of fondest hopes and dreams. We are confident that you will remain our partner and friend.

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