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Keyword "biodiesel from vegetable oils"
Biodiesel Plant Biodiesel Plant

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GlobeCore GmbH can offer turn-key projects and processing line for BIODIESEL production.

Biodiesel plants (reactors) have productivity from 4000 to 16000 L/H, receiving of biodiesel is possible from any types of vegetable oils and animal fats.

Besides on these biodiesel installations receiving the BIODIESEL from the over roasted oil, the BIODIESEL from algas and fusa is possible.

The complex on production of the biodiesel is intended for interesterification of vegetable oil or animal fat, (other oils and fats) by high-disperse mixing with the catalyst and further dry cleaning of the BIODIESEL to compliance to the European EN 14214 standards and the American ASTM standards.

The unique technology allows producing biodiesel without continuous change-over of options from any kind of vegetable oil, and also animal fats. All units of a complex on production of the biodiesel are made in explosion-proof execution, from stainless steel.

Used accessories of such world leaders as “Danfoss”, “SIEMENS”, “Festo”, “Willo”, “Bartec”, “Cortem”, “Wika”, “Blackmer”, “ABB”, “Shneider Electric”, “Ent”, “GRUNDFOS

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