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Keyword "autoclaved aerated concrete block"
 Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block

 Quick Details

·         Place of Origin: Vietnam

·         Brand Name: Viglacera

·         Model Number: AAC

·         Size: Medium (Height: 380mm - 979mm)

·         Material: Aerated Concrete

·         Type: Ordinary Concrete Blocks

·         Porosity: Solid

Packaging & Delivery

Delivery Detail:

Within 30 days


Lightweight;High compressive strength;Excellent thermal insulation 
Waterproofing, etc. 
Many different sizes 

1. Prominent features of Viglacera\'s AAC:

- Lightweight (density weight from 400-1000kg/m3)

- High compressive strength: AAC is produce in high temperature and high pressure, therefore it meets the requirement of high compressive strength.

- Excellent thermal insulation: AAC block has a very low thermal conductivity and therefore a very high thermal energy efficiency is archived.

- Waterproofing: Aerated concrete internal holes are independent of closed-cell, and can effectively prevent water diffusion.

- Great acoustic insulation: Crude aluminum powder is material making gas, the porous structure of AAC block provides with a high acoustic insulation.

- High fire resistance: AAC block has an extremely high fire rating of at least 4 hours and more.

- Quick construction, saving labor cost, saving time of construction.

- Flexibility application: AAC block can be cut, sawn, drilled, nailed and milled like wood

- Friendly to the environment.


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Building glass, Ceramic, Bathroom... Building glass, Ceramic, Bathroom...

Viglacera is a Group which specializes in producing and trading the Vietnam\'s top interdisciplinary construction materials with sanitary faiences, showers, calcined clay brick and tile and structural glass. In addition, Viglacera is also the most prestige investor in urban infrastructure and industrial zone.


In order to improve quality of products, services, and complete range of products supplied to the market with just one shopping time, all customer requirements for a desired house can be satisfied, Viglacera Trading Joint-Stock Company was established with the focal mission of selling products made by Viglacera, including sanitary faience and shower set, the items receive the primary care from the leadership of the Corporation.

Viglacera Trading Joint Stock Company specializes in providing high-ranking sanitary appliance with famous trade brands: Viglacera, Manaco, Sofa, Eurocea, Gekkon, Moya are popular with home consumers, large construction Companies and foreigners at the moment and in the future.

Basing on"Your satisfactory is our success" motto, Viglacera Trading Joint Stock Company has continued innovating and creating new products with preeminent features to meet the demand of all taste of customers, even if to the most fastidious customers, no matter who and where, in Vietnam or overseas. We were successful in serving to customers from Russia, United Stades, Ukraine, Italia, Taiwan, Bangladesh and specially Japan - the most difficult market in the world.

Our system of guarantee is united all the country. Your reliability and satisfactory in using Viglacera\'s sanitary device shall be as the utmost force for our effort. 

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