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Keyword "anthracite coal"
 Energy Energy

 We are a Bellary( Karnataka) based company, representing coal exporter from Turkey,  Head Office 619 NEW YORK AVENUE, CLAYMONT, DELAWARE ”19703 USA who is supplying Energy Coal &  Anthracite coal to Indian & International Clients. we are presently dealing with top companies like Essar steels in India.


We can supply all types of Grades From Single Mine with Excellent Quality as we have excellent reputation in Industries, please find our attached specification chart and let us know your target price and the discharge port.


We are ready to supply .


MOQ:-- 10,000 mts & Above  per month


Discharge port:- Any port


Load port :- CIS ( Former soviet union)

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Offer Anthracite Coal Offer Anthracite Coal

re: anthracite coal, chile origin, Kcal 6000 Min (70-80%) 40, 000 Mt monthly, Kcal 7000 Min (80-90%) 60, 000 Mt monthly

We work for mine owners under contract (as sellers mandate). we are able to negotiate price and terms to work for you and larger quantities may be available with advance notice.

We assist both seller and buyer at their instruction and will work to contract and in maintaining contract; assisting with negotiating, languages and communication and more to the satisfaction of all for the purpose of successful contracts.

Delivery: FOB
Distance to port: 1 kilometer
Maximum ship capacity for port: 30, 000 to 35, 000 metric tons
Loading rate: 3 to 4 days
Price and terms: negotiable

Anthracite Coal (stone), Chile Origin
1. CF-70% Coal (70% - 80%) Range
Cz-(8-15%) Maximum
Mv-(8-15%) Maximum
kilocalories - 6000 min
Moisture - (5%) Maximum
Sulfur - (0.5%)
Phosphorus - (0.05%)

40, 000 metric tons a month

2. Coal 80% over Cf-(80% - 90%) Range
Cz-(0-8%) Maximum
Mv-(0-8%) Maximum
kilocalories - 7000 min
Moisture - (5%) Maximum
Sulfur - (0.2%)
Phosphorus - (0.05%)

60, 000 metric tons a month

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

await your reply and best regards,
_________________________________________________________ ___Conditions of Sale

All sales by the Owner to the Purchaser will generally be EXW meaning the Owner delivers when placing the goods at the disposal of the Purchaser at the named place, not cleared for export and not loaded on any collecting vehicle. Sales by Owner on terms other then EXW will be made to Purchaser only after express written permission including any restrictions and requirements collectively agreed to in writing.

Sales by Owner will be for the use or consumption by the Purchaser and not primarily for speculation or investment purposes.

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Sell Anthracite Coal Sell Anthracite Coal
FC: 85%
ASH: 9%
V.M.: 16%
CV: 7750 CAL
SIZE: 30-50 MM
If you need these products, please feel free to contact us, Thank you!
[Related Categories: Coal ]
[Related Keywords: anthracite coal ]