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Keyword "aluminum sulphate"
hebei yihao chemicals co.,ltd(10/27/2010)


Dear  Friend
How have you been recently?Hope fine and happy toghether with your family!
We take this opportunity to introduce our-self that Hebei Yihao Chemicals CO.,LTD , is one of the popular and leader of chemicals manufacturer in China.We could offer you Inorganic , Organic , and Pigment & Dyestuff as under list. We are exporting these goods world-wide due to our quality and standard and best services . Our prices are very competitive on international basis.
Below is our product list,if you have any inquiry,please feel free to contact with me:
Pigment & dyestuff
2.Carbon Black
3.Chrome Green   
4.Titanium Dioxide (Anatase /Rutile )
5.Iron oxide(Red/Yellow/Black/Brown)
Organic chemical products
1.Acetic Acid (food and indrusty grade)
2.Oxalic Acid
3.Formic Acid 
4.Stearic Acid
5.Sulfonic Acid
6.Ethyl Acetate
8.phosphoric acid (food and indrusty grade)
Inorganic chemical products
1.Soda Ash
2.Zinc Oxide
3.caustic soda
4.copper oxide
5.Copper sulphate
6.Potassium Silicate
7.Sodium Formate 
8.trisodium phosphate9Calcium Chloride
10.Sodium Bicarbonate
11.Aluminium Sulphate
12.Sodium Metabisulphate 
13.Sodium Tripolyphosphate
14.Sodium Hexametaphosphate 
15.Fast-dissloved Sodium Silicate
16.Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC)
17.Calcium Carbonate
Welcome your order,and hope establish long and lasting busienss relationship with you!
Best Regards,
Marketing department Manager
Hebei Yihao Chemical Co.,ltd

hebei yihao chemicals co.,ltd [China]
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Tianjin Zhonghe Xintai Chemical Co., Ltd(11/05/2010)
Tianjin Zhonghe Xintai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional modern enterprise of scientific research, production and sales. Our company has set up a good enterprise image by correct market positioning and business management idea and gained credibility and recognition of the general customers. We, Tianjin Zhonghe Xintai Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly exports Carbon Black, Zinc Oxide, Caustic Soda, Lithopone, Sodium Tripolyphosphate etc. organic and inorganic chemical materials. The company's business involves painting, leather, construction materials, textile etc.
Tianjin Zhonghe Xintai Chemical Co., Ltd [China]
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