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Keyword "aluminum scrap"
Noor Metal International Co.,(P).Ltd(06/11/2014)

Noor Metal International Co is one of the main leading exporter and importer of all kinds of Non-Ferrous Metals In Iran and Middle East.

Noor Metal is established by Mr. Hokmollah Noori in 1975 year.

At the moment, Noor Metal Intentional Co has 3 warehouses in Tehran and Qom and a building for marketing ,exports and imports purposes with motivated and responsible staff.

Noor Metal International provides primary and secondary Copper Ingots, Pure / Refined Lead Ingots with 99.98 and 99.985% Pb purities, Antimony Lead Ingots with various SB content, Remelted Lead Ingots with 97 and 98% Pb content, Primary Zinc Ingots with grades 99.95% , 99.96% and 99.97% Zn, Stainless Steel Scrap with series 300 specially ( 304 and 316 ).

Noor Metal International Co.,(P).Ltd [Iran]
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 RichWorld (China)Group Co., Limited, main products all kinds of metal ingot, raw materials. At the same time exports all kinds of ferro alloys to new production to steel mills, foundries, smelters, refineries. Recycled all kinds of aluminum scrap, copper scrap, HMS1&2. It can product all kinds of aluminum ingot. 

We specialized with ferrosilicon and other related products. We understand our customers, we care about the future of our business. We want to ensure that you get our good service, not only high quality and speedy delivery. 
Our management concept is: "specialty, high reputation and reliability", we focus on metal field to provide you world first-class product and service. Our company has developed rapidly since our establishment in 2009. Our products have been exported to many countries worldwide, such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, US, Denmark, Singapore, Philippines, morn than 100 countries...

RichWorld(China)GroupCO.,Limited [China]
[Related Categories: Ferroalloy & Products, Ingot, Non-ferrous Metal, Wire Mesh, Non-metallic Mineral Deposit ]
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SITA Ewaste and scrap Ltd(12/12/2012)

SITA Ewaste and scrap Ltd is a uk based scrap seller,we have lots of Aluminum scrap,copper scrap,cpu scrap,plastic scrap,waste paper,ewaste,nylon fishnet for sale and we give you good quality and quarranty for your money

SITA Ewaste and scrap Ltd [United Kingdom]
[Related Categories: Non-ferrous Metal, Other Metals & Metal Products ]
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we are a reputable, legit and registered company and we are in the business of exporting recyclable materials to other countries

[Related Categories: Non-ferrous Metal Products ]
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TOPAK LIMITED(07/08/2011)

We at topak limited uk are a duly registerd and licensed company dealing in all types of waste materials for recycling.

We are owners of our scrap yard and have the ability to meet any volume demanded as our facilities is spead round the UK.

TOPAK LIMITED [United Kingdom]
[Related Categories: Metal Waste, Textile Waste, Waste Paper, Others ]
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Kameido Sendirian Berhad(06/02/2011)

Kameido sdn bhd deals in all types of aluminum products,aluminum scrap,copper scrap,metal scrap,iron scrap,steel scrap and zorba scrap.Currently we have 400mt aluminum ingot 99.7% available for sale to serious buyers around the globe.For more details call +60166109985.


Kameido Sendirian Berhad [Malaysia]
[Related Categories: Environment Product Agents, Iron & Steel, Non-ferrous Metal Products ]
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NTO Limited(05/31/2011)

We export various scrap materials from LIBERIA including HMS1/2, USED RAILS, USED TIRE, BATTERY SCRAP, ALUMINUM SCRAP, COPPER SCRAP, COMPUTER SCRAP AND USED MOBILE PHONE AND SCRAP . Also trade in HMS from ACROSS THE GLOBE. We are end seller and yard owner and we shall appreciate that you are a direct buyers.

NTO Limited [Liberia]
[Related Categories: Iron & Steel ]
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Delmonte Metals Ltd(02/03/2011)

We are a Cameroonian based company and we have been in business since 2006. We deal in all types of metal scrap and scrap we deal in includes: Copper scrap, Aluminum Scrap, Iron and steel scrap and ingots. For more details and information about our company, contact us.

Delmonte Metals Ltd [Cameroon]
[Related Categories: Iron & Steel, Non-ferrous Metal, Ingot ]
[Related Keywords: copper scrap, aluminum scrap, iron and steel scrap ]